A Botched Kidnapping?

A Botched Kidnapping?

A Botched Kidnapping?

My true scary story happened years ago.  I was only 8 at the time.  It is possible that it really was nothing.  My mom and dad say it was nothing, but I am not so sure.

I was with my parents in a grocery store.  I went and looked at the toys while they gathered groceries.  I was looking at the candy when a man offered to buy me some.  I politely said “no thank you.”  I was told not to accept candy from strangers.

Then while my parents were checking out I was looking at the gumball machines and the riding horse.  I went back to my parents as they were finishing up.  I took my dad’s hand and started to leave out the door.

Then I hear my dad’s voice call my name.  I turned around and saw my dad coming.  I had took the hand of that same stranger who wanted to buy me the candy.  He apologized to my father and they just laughed at this man’s “mistake.”

I would have just walked out and left with this man if my dad was just a few seconds late in noticing I was gone.  My parents say it was just a mistake and he probably thought i was just one of his kids.

As we left, I saw the guy into a white van with no windows.  He did not have any children with him in the store.  I still get the feeling that this guy was up to no good back then, but everyone else says I am just being paranoid.

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