A Celebrity’s Demon

A Celebrity’s Demon

A Celebrity’s Demon

I have many true scary stories to tell, but this one is strange because it involves my favorite singer/actress.

I have always loved a certain singer and actress <name has been edited out>.  Ever since her early days as an actress on a popular cable channel.

I once read that she had some true scary stories of her own.  She was once in a cemetery somewhere and took a picture with her phone.  She said that three demonic faces showed up in the picture!  She tried to send it to someone and an error message came up that the file was too big at 666 megabytes or whatever.  Then she claimed that one night she saw a black fog or something floating in her room.  I don’t remember her exact words but this is the gist of what she said.  It kind of made me feel closer to her because of my own scary stories.  It made me feel as if I wasn’t crazy since scary things happened to her to and they were true.

Now I don’t know why, but for a second or two I wished to have the same experiences as her.  It wasn’t even two weeks later that I woke up one evening and I saw a black fog floating in the corner of my bedroom.  I watched it intently as it floated to the bottom of my bed.  I was so scared that I pulled the covers over my head like a little kid.  I didn’t want to scream and wake up my parents so I just hoped it would go away.

When I pulled the sheet down to peek, I expected it to be gone.  It was true that it no longer was at the foot of the bed.  Instead of being where it was, much to my surprise, it was right next to me, standing by the side of the bed!

It now took more of a human shape.  It was almost as tall as the ceiling and huge.  It was pitch black.  I could see its black shape even though the room was dark, it was way more dark than the room.  The worst thing was it now had eyes.  They were red and looking right down on me!  I was too scared to scream.  I cried and instinctively prayed for help.  It suddenly gave a growl as if in pain and dissipated.  Even though I was not particularly religious before this, prayer worked!

If I ever meet my favorite singer I will tell her about how praying in Jesus name worked for me.

-Sandy M.

MidnightFears Edit:  Here is a link to a similar celebrity’s experience.  This may or may not be the celebrity the author is referencing in the story.  The link is to an interview which appeared in Complex magazine on November 5th, 2013.

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