A Deep Web Leatherface

A Deep Web Leatherface

A Deep Web Leatherface

Personally, I have never gone on the deep web.  My girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend however seemed to be obsessed.  She has told me about some of the stuff he would show her.  He bought his drugs on the deep web and spent most of his free time browsing the sites.

One of the sites she told me about was a storefront that sold clothing and other items made completely from … human flesh.  I am not kidding and she swears it was real and she saw it.

They made belts, purses, wallets, shoes, gloves and all sorts of decorations.  They even had a full length coat for sale.  It cost something like $24,000 dollars.  All of the stuff was extremely expensive.  Who would buy that?  I wouldn’t even be able to sleep at night if I knew there was anything made out of human flesh in my apartment whatsoever, much less pay money for it.

She said there were also several “how to” videos on the site.  How to skin a human and then cure the skin.  They said human skin was a superior form of leather and it should be used more often.  I say they are inhuman freaks and her ex-boyfriend was no better for looking at this type of crap.

Other how to videos included recipes and tips for cooking human flesh.  Organs that were good to eat could be harvested and turned into actual meals.  She said it mostly looked like steak.  They called human flesh “long pig” or something like that she thought.  Visitors often asked what human meat tasted like.  Comments on the site said human meat tasted more like pork or veal than beef.  How disgusting are people?

She said there was an article about some Japanese artist who served dinner guests a feast of deep fried human genitals!  Google it if you don’t believe me.  I don’t know if the guests even knew it or not but that man should be fed to sharks!

The site also sold books about cannibalism.  One was really old and entitled “Jungle Ways.” I’m not sure how far her ex went with this crap, but I made her throw away a suspicious key ring he gave her made out of leather.  She swore it was just leather but I’m not so sure.


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