A Deep Web Pedophile

A Deep Web Pedophile

So Midnight Fears let me start by saying right off the bat, I don’t like you. You seem like a self-righteous prick who would look down on somebody like me, although I am far superior to you in almost every way. I have more status and money then you will ever have in your whole life, so fuck you. I could tell your personality by the way you read your stories. Well, I hope this one pisses you off and there is nothing you can do about it.

I am someone you would call a pedophile. That’s right, sneer and scoff all you want. I will still do whatever I please. I use the deep web regularly as it is a dream come true for people like me. I love the free porn and posted much myself. I have made real friends and have received helpful tips from deep web sites and forums. There is so much content dedicated to people like myself.

Sure, there is some crazy shit out there, but nothing like in the videos. Those are all just fake stories. For me though, the deep web is truly a candy store. If you ever been on even the hidden wiki, you would have noticed all the child porn. You know why? It is because there are so many of us. You may not know it but we are all around you. We are your neighbors, relatives and friends. We are teachers, bankers, doctors, and mailmen. We are everywhere. My wife runs a successful local daycare chain in our area, mostly in affluent neighborhoods. Great for me right?

You and maybe even some of your viewers may be disgusted by this practice, but guess what? Soon, it will be accepted. It may not be tomorrow, but soon enough you will be made to accept it. You already normalized gay marriage and transgender rights. Think about how those were looked down on even 30 years ago. Guess what is next to become so called “normal?” ┬áThat’s right, it’s called the domino effect, moron. We have backed the gay community for years because we know they pave the way for us.

I long for the day when someone like you will be ostracized for not accepting me. Mark my words, that day will come. People are too stupid and easily manipulated. I don’t call you sheep, I call you cows. You are nothing but a herd of cattle grazing and taking up space. I am a bull. I am important. I matter and therefore, so do my desires. Read that on your little channel. I dare you!

Submitted by: Bull among cows


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