A Deep Web Warning

A Deep Web Warning

A Deep Web Warning

Dear Midnight Fears,

I am writing this email to you in hopes that you will get this information out to the public.  I know how crazy this may sound to you, but please bare with me as I explain.

There has been this big popularity boom about the deep web and so many people are now exploring it.  Please tell them to STOP!  This is not a place that is to be toyed with.

It is a fact that the Deep Web is a haven for criminals, hackers, identity thieves, weirdo child porn freaks, murderers, drug dealers and hitmen to name just a few, but I am here to tell you that there is even more to it than very bad people.

There is something else that people need to know about the deep web, it is almost as if it is alive.  Maybe not so much alive, as conscious.  Things could happen to you after visiting these sites.  I don’t know if it acts as a portal or gateway for evil to enter our world but something sinister is occurring beyond the normal bad guy stuff.

I have a friend who basically lost his mind after exploring the Deep Web.  He still won’t say what he saw, but his girlfriend said he wouldn’t eat, talk or do anything for like two days.  He finally returned to work and began to act somewhat normal, but whenever we ask him about it, he turns pale white, begins to sweat and just clams up.  He will not tell anyone what he had experienced.

I don’t know what the draw is or how this deep web pulls people to it.  It’s almost like it summons you and you know its a bad place but this thought in the back of your head keeps telling you to visit and look around.  I know because this happened to me.

I downloaded the browser and found the Hidden Wiki.  At first it was just stupid things like porn and drugs.  Lots of illegal stuff was everywhere, counterfeit money to fake passports.  I shut it off unimpressed, but I kept thinking about it and went back almost everyday after work.  I would sign on and keep looking around.  I don’t know what I was looking for but I kept looking.

Most of the sites seemed to be just random numbers and letters for the address, so you can’t remember them unless you copy it or write it down.  They also change often.  I became almost obsessed and perhaps even addicted to browsing around the Deep Web.  All the while I had this sick bad feeling in my stomach that I should not be doing this.  It was an internal struggle.  I was like someone addicted to drugs or alcohol who couldn’t quit.  I would tell myself, “I am not going to go online tonight.”  But I always did.

Anyway, one night I found what I was looking for, or rather it found me.  I was looking around when a window popped up, an old DOS looking window and the word, “Hello” was typed.  I closed the window and it popped up again.  This time it typed, “That was rude Jeremy.”  I was really taken back.  How did this person know my name?  I didn’t respond and it continued typing, ” Is everyone that rude in Elmwood Park?”  The town I live in is Elmwood Park.  I am totally terrified now.  I thought the browser I was using was completely anonymous.  I say to myself, “Oh crap,” under my breath.  The window types, “You shouldn’t swear.”  My heart went straight to my throat when I realized it could hear me.  I almost immediately covered my camera with my finger and it said in response, “Lol, I can still see you Jeremy.”  I tried to close the window but there was no “x” to shut it down this time.  I see a form begin to materialize on screen.  It was a picture of this thing, before it could completely come into focus, I immediately shut my laptop and began to unplug it to totally cut the power.  I hear a voice come from the speaker when I was shutting my computer down, warning me “Don’t come back.”  The voice wasn’t human.

The next day I got the courage to power on my laptop and I uninstalled the browser.  I never went back to the Deep Web.  I don’t know what that thing was, but I really don’t think it was human.  Strange things happened after this.  I won’t tell you what they were because this email is already too long and you will just think I must be insane, but I finally realized what I was looking for, a warning to not mess around on the Deep Web anymore, and I got it.

Please tell people to NOT go there, nothing good can come from it.


Jeremy M.

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