A Friend Indeed – Deep Web Stories

A Friend Indeed – Deep Web Stories

A Friend Indeed

I know of all the deep web stories, but I actually found two snuff films on the deep web with my friends link.  My friend at work gave me a link to put into TOR.  He told me what it was because we had talked about snuff films several times.  Almost every time we saw each other we discussed the topic.  I had looked around before but never found any real ones.

I found a fake snuff film once.  It was a woman tied to a chair.  She said in a very frantic voice, ” Snuff films do not exist.”  Then a gun goes off, her head goes back and blood splatters on the wall behind her.  I quickly determined this was fake because the blood on the wall was thrown upward as it splashed.  It looked like someone threw it out of a bucket.  The film looked kind of real I guess.  It did fool my other friend who I showed it to for awhile until I pointed out the blood splattered on the wall looked like it was thrown from a bucket.

Anyway, back to my friend at work.  We had discussed this subject for a few months from the time he started the job.  After all this time he finally gives me a link.  He never mentioned it before.  I guess I finally earned his trust.  He told me to try this link, so I did.

There were two links on the page.  The first was a young guy who looked to be drugged or something.  He was being dragged across a rocky surface.  They were white rocks like the kind on a rocky road or pass.  Someone was behind him filming with a camera and a large man dressed all in camouflage was dragging the kid by his feet.  His head was leaving a small trail of blood as it was presumably cut by dragging him over the rocks.  This was to be the least of his worries.

The big guy stopped and dropped the kids feet.  He showed a large serrated edged knife to the camera.  The guy was wearing a ninja style mask to cover his face.  He bent over and slit the guys throat.  The body wiggled and writhed while the blood and ultimately his life was drained from his body.  The video ended.

I was hesitant but too curious to not start the second video.  It began with a film of an old guy with a beard talking to the camera.  You can’t hear what he is saying because there is no audio.  He looks to be nervously explaining himself.  He talks and plays with his clothes and hands.  He is wearing a striped button-down shirt and khakis.  He is in a clearing with some trees behind him.

The next scene shows the same big guy dressed in camo walking up to the old guy with the gray beard.  This time the big guy was holding a bat and had a red hat with sunglasses.  I thought it was stupid to be wearing camouflage with a bright red hat that stuck out like a sore thumb.  Before I could finish the thought, the big guy whacked the old man in the head with the bat.  The old guy went straight down to the ground in a second flat.   You couldn’t see what happened next fully and clearly because the big guy was partially blocking the action from the camera with his body.  He pulled out a similar knife to the first video and bent down over the guy.  He grabbed his helpless victim by the hair and presumably slit his throat in a similar fashion.  You saw blood but not the actual throat slit like the first video.

He started working on the old guy then he walked out of picture for a second.  The man may have still been somewhat alive because he was wiggling and flopping around.  The big guy came back with a saw in his hand.  He bent over him and started to saw the man’s head off of his body.  The camera stopped filming here and a cut was obvious.  The next thing you see is the big guy now holding the old man’s head, which was completely severed from his body.  He placed the head on a stump as the camera zoomed in for a close up of the poor old guy’s head.

I had seen the terrorist beheading videos before so I wasn’t too disgusted.  I was more angry than sick.  I knew what I saw was real.  That big guy looked like one hard scary man.  He terrified me and I only saw him on video!

The next time I saw my friend he asked me how I liked the movies.  His remark was so casual it sounded like he was asking if I liked the new episode of some popular TV show.  I commented it was kind of gross.  Then I asked him where he got them.  He smiled and winked then replied that was a secret.  He then became real serious and told me the page with the links was already gone and he warned me not to tell anyone else, or I may end up starring in the third video.  He then smiled and laughed.

As he walked away it dawned on me that he was the camera man!  I quickly thought, “no that is stupid” and he must have been just messing with me.   At least, I hope he was.

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