A Ride With Graham

A Ride With Graham

Hello, this story occurred around 2002 when I was about 6 or 7 in Colorado near a huge part where mountains are, which was close to the border where the city and the forest meet

I changed the names so no one could know who me or my family is. I just don’t sit comfortable with this event

I was at my dads house waiting for my step-dad to pick me up to take me to my moms house. My parents were divorced and my mom was at work so she asked my step dad if it was okay to pick me up. My dad couldn’t take me because he was going to a meeting for work, right after I get picked up . As I was waiting, I was listening to music and just day dreaming. Eventually, my step dad, Graham, appeared at the front door. I could him out of the blinds that were opens and he seemed different from what he usually looked like. His eyes were red and he looked extremely tired. I didn’t think much of it and just focused on the music I was listening to. My dad opens the door after the bell rang. He gave me a weird look as if he didn’t want graham to take me to my moms. Although he seemed like he wasn’t too worried. I was all ready to go and my bags were packed near the front door. My dad said his goodbyes and I hugged him. I love my dad and he would do anything for me no matter what. After I told this story to him 13 years later, he would have beat this guy senseless. Now this is where it starts.

We got in the car and he immediately started asking me questions about my week. I told him that nothing much happened although I was excited about the two new dogs my mom bought for me. He kept asking me questions and I eventually got really annoyed cause they were just really stupid questions. Like “so, any girls at school that you like?”, “how far have you been with a girl?” “Have you ever kissed a girl?” I got weirded out and told him that I just wanted to listen to music. After that he finally left me alone. The drive was long because we were going pretty slow. I got pretty tired and was drifting asleep, but the music that I was listening to kept making me wake up to where I wasn’t tired. Graham kept staring at me with a weird look. His face was red and looked bizarre. I was scared as fuck. I’ve never seen that kind of look on someone’s face. This was scary as SHIT. He saw that I was startled and creepily giggled. “What the heck” I though as I shook off the whole event. This car ride was taking forever I soon realized. After five minutes I told him that I needed to pee. He looked pretty mad. He told me that we will stop in a minute. After waiting for what felt like forever, and looking out the window for places to go pee, I realized that we were out in the middle of nowhere. A lot of trees were all around my surroundings and I saw a field with a really scary house that looked like it was haunted. The perimeter of the house was surrounded by huge trees and barbed wire fences.I asked Graham where we were going. He was silence. I got really scared and red flags were flaring up in my head. “What the hell”, where is he taking me? “Get out and take a piss” he said as he got out of the car and opened my door. I asked him to take me somewhere else to go to the bathroom because I felt really uncomfortable and extremely scared that he was going to do something to me. “No” he kept saying as I begged and begged him. After a while I realized he wasn’t going to take me somewhere else. So I did my business. While I was peeing I felt so uncomfortable and looked back to see if he was looking at me. Well, he was. His hands were in his pants looking like they were moving in an up and down motion. His face looked as if he finally achieved something that he’s been trying to forever. I felt violated and so scared. “What was he doing?” Like I said I was a little kid who was only 6 or 7. After I was done, graham, said “follow me”. “Where are we going to go?” I was petrified because we were literally in the middle of no where.He tried to get passed the barbed wire that was surrounding the huge field and the creepy house. He couldn’t. I was still standing where I peed and didn’t want to move. “Get over here” he said in a strong voice. I still didn’t move because I didn’t know where he was going to take me. “Get over here, NOW” his voice got louder. “NOW” he said as loud as he could, his eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his eye socket, his face was almost as red as a tomato, and a huge vain was pooping out of his neck like it was trying to escape. I could feel my pulse beating in my ears, blocking out all the sound around me except my breath. I knew something was wrong. I thought I was going to die. No, I new I was going to die. He walked up to me, pushing me to the barbed wire fence. “Try to get through” he told me as he went to his car to open up the trunk. I was going to try and run away, but there was no where I could run, the barbed wire fence was entirely impossible to get through and there was no where to go because of the dead end I could only run the way that we came in.  But graham could find me easily because he had a car and it was still day light out. “What are you doing!” I screamed. Graham just looked at me while shutting the trunk of the car. He walked over to me and I saw a pair of some weird looking pliers. He walked over to the fence, only focusing on me. He pushed me closer to the fence and started to cut it. He kept cutting the fence for what felt like forever as I was lost in my feeling of dread that crept out of the pit of my stomach. He finally made a whole out of the fence and pushes me through while being right behind me. Immediately after he pushes me, I spot the creepy house through the huge barricade of trees. I screamed as loud as I could, trying to get someone’s attention. No one. Graham, has both of his hands on my shoulders guiding me thought the trees. I tried to run away but he was extremely strong compared to me. After getting through the trees he keeps moving me and we finally made it to the creepy house. “This is cool right?” He said to me and I was trying to shut my eyes cause the house looked so scary. “LOOK AT IT!” He screamed at me. I opened my eyes to see that Graham was smiling and going up to the doorstep to open the door. He jiggled the door nob and couldn’t open the door. After that, he put his weight on the door and pushed as hard as he could, as if he knew how to open the door. The door flew open and immediately after opening the door, I saw blood stains and the ground was annihilated with leaves and clothes.  This was scary as shit. My knees were wobbling and I was shaking so much. I couldn’t keep myself together. I heard someone scream. It was the most dreadful and screechiest thing I’ve ever heard. Graham looked as if he’d lost a million dollars. “Come with me” he said in a soft voice and he ran back to the car pushing me to his side. He put me in the front seat and explained everything in the car. “I was just trying to scare you, I didn’t know there was a person in the car” he tried to say without me knowing that he was lying. I knew he was lying “why didn’t you call the cops then?” I asked. He pulled his phone out with the noise level at the top, he dialed 911, I could hear the three ” beep, beep, beep” as he presses the numbers. I knew he turned his phone off because I heard that too, then he started talking into the phone saying that he was going to report a scream in the forest where we had been. I knew he wasn’t taking to anyone on the phone because his phone was totally black and turned off “Why am I still in the car with him” I asked myself over and over. What felt like a day, which was only 20 minutes, we arrived at my moms house. I didn’t once make eye contact with Graham because I still had no idea what happened.

I waited until my mom got home, and told her everything. My mom was drunk And though I was trying to joke around with her because Graham was a good guy who everyone liked and thought was friendly. She got a hold of Graham and e told her that he took me to a “haunted house” and tried to scare me, also that several hours before he picked me up, painted part of the walls red so it looked like blood. So, my mom laughed it off and I was left in the dust. Several years later I ponder and ask myself “what would have happened if I stayed at that house?” “what was that scream?” Etc, this event was weird and I didn’t understand why Graham took me there.

After my mom and Graham got a divorce, several years later, Graham died of a overdose of drugs. Later we also found out that he was almost charged with raping a girl but then died.

When I told my dad what happened he asked me why I never told him. I said that I just shook it all off and thought that Graham was just trying to scare me. If anything ever happens to you like this, run, try your best to get away. Luckily I wasn’t hurt or anything by this stupid, STUPID event.

Submitted by: T. J.

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