A Stranger in the Wind

A Stranger in the Wind

Approximately twenty years ago (1995?) my childhood was perfect, or as close as you can get. To be honest, I was spoiled rotten rugrat. It’s was Summer time, and my parents decided to take my brother and I to the park along with our neighbor and his two kids; Eric and Misty. We were all pretty close.

While attending the park, my brother and Eric were scheming together, searching for a proper way to have [our] parents say “Yes” for our neighbors to spend the night. It was a success. At this point in time, everything is silky smooth. Both Eric and Misty said that they will come over to our house when we all got home, and after they get their toothbrush and their pajamas. My mom told them, “Just come on in. You don’t have to knock.” They both said okay.

Once we got home, my father got a phonecall from a close friend, who asked if he would like to have coffee with him. My father said “Yes” and left. So, as he’s gone, it was just me, my older brother, and our Mom. We were all sitting in the living room watching a magic program on television.

Moments later we hear a subtle, friendly knock on our front door. My mother, assuming it was Eric and Misty, said, “Come in”! Nothing happened. Once again, my mother says it louder, “Come in!” thinking she didn’t say the words loud enough the first go around. Still, nothing. All three of us are starting to get rightfully confused and paranoid, and for the third time, my mother attempts to utter, “Come in”! Again, Eric and Misty never emerged through the front door.

Suddenly, another knock on the door took place. Out of annoyance my mother decided to hastily walk to the door to see what was happening. Being a little child and very curious as well, I tagged along. What is the worst that could happen? We found out. Almost.

As my mother opens the main door, we both saw a man on our porch. This … Person … was dressed in a black ski-mask, camo jacket, cargo pants, and black military style boots. Adding to his getup was a handgun that was pointing directly at my mother. In his pocket there was rope, as well as a knife in a holster. Panicking, my mother instinctively pushed me aside to where I wasn’t visible, protecting me. My older brother was on the couch in a fetal position with blankets covering him; also being in complete and utter shock.

The next thing we know, this degenerate POS got startled and took off running like Usain Bolt and jumping our chain-link fence without any hesitation. The stranger makes a left which leads to the back-door and other houses. My mom hurries to the other door to see if it’s locked and looks out the window that’s structured inside of it, and she saw him sprinting through various yards of our neighbors in order to escape.

That … well; was that. Very soon afterwards my mother called the police who dispatched a few cops to our residence. She then browsed through our phonebook for the number to the restaurant my dad was attending. He quickly got home, even before the cops. The local police took our statements and assured us that we would be okay and are going to routinely drive throughout the neighborhood to be on guard.

Twenty years later, we still don’t have any answers on who this Person is, and better yet, why? What’s weird is that the neighbor and his kids moved just a few months later and I’ve never heard from them again. A part of me thinks that the father of the kid’s was involved, but there wasn’t anything definitive to prove that. Overall, it was just a strange night that I’ll never forget.

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