A Sweet Girl and the Three Pigs – Deep Web Stories

A Sweet Girl and the Three Pigs – Deep Web Stories

A Sweet Girl and the Three Pigs

I have heard all the deep web stories and decided to check it out anyway.  Now I’m in my late thirties so I wasn’t really familiar with TOR or hidden wiki or anything like that.  I had to watch some YouTube instructional videos to just make it into the deep web.

It was relatively easy.  Before long I was browsing around.  I thought there would be some secret software or downloads I needed, but no.  It was just a browser.  All the regular sites are accessible like Google, Amazon or YouTube.  It just allowed me to go to the onion sites as well.

I looked around for hours.  The illegal stuff for sale was easy to find.  Drugs, porn, stolen stuff was plentiful and easily accessed.  I did not see anybody getting killed or tortured though.  I was a little afraid that I might stumble onto something that I didn’t want to see.  After awhile I was totally bored and a little disappointed to be honest.  I’m not sure what I expected, but it was a huge let down.

Then I came across this site about bullying.  It had a ton of videos to watch, more than you could see in one sitting.  They were horrible.  Some were from the USA and others were from Europe and Russia, all over the world.

One featured three girls bullying another girl.  The three bullies were typical punks and the girl they were bullying was the sweet innocent kind.  The nice girl was in a pretty dress and the other three were dressed like pigs.  A fourth, whom you never saw held the camera.  They were by a brick building and they had the nice girl up against a wall.  The boss girl was getting in her face and poking her, flicking her hair and taunting her.  The good girl just turned her head back and forth and said nothing in return.

Then the bully slapped her across the face really hard.  The nice girl didn’t do anything.  She then hit her in the head.  The other girls were laughing and egging the boss on.  Before long she was punching the poor girl and beginning to draw blood from the nose and mouth.  I figured that would stop them, seeing the blood and all, but no.  The sight of blood just encouraged those three.

Those three pigs all started in on the girl.  Punching and kicking her in a frenzy.  She went down to the ground and covered up.  One of the bullies got a choke chain like you put on a dog for training and a metal leash from her bag, she came prepared.  She put the choke chain over the sweet girl’s head and hung the other part onto something protruding from the wall, essentially hanging the girl.  The poor girl had to stand on her tip toes in order not to suffocate.  They then continued to yell at her and beat her.  I was grateful there was no sound.

The boss girl took of her belt and and began to whip the poor victim.  She was crying by this time.  She must have hit her 20 or 30 times.  I have never hit a girl before but if I were there, I’d have punched that girl right in the face!

The video was almost 20 minutes long and the majority of it was them beating this girl.  I felt so bad for her and couldn’t help but to think that is somebody’s daughter.  I just couldn’t believe how cruel those girls were.  I’m not sure something like this could have ever happened 50 years ago.  It makes me wonder how bad things will get in the future.

One of the worst things was the comments below the video.  I expected people to be pissed off, but instead, they were happy!  Some made disgusting comments like. “I wish they tore off her dress,” or “This is such a turn on,”  and “where is the happy ending?”  Whatever that means.

Mind you this was just one of several videos.  I could tell you about more of them if you want.  I didn’t see any death videos but what I saw made me question my faith in humanity and future generations.  If young girls can be that cruel, then probably all those other stories about killing people on videos could be true as well.

I was effected by the deep web in that sense.  I feel as if this world is getting worse and giving birth to things like the deep web where people take pleasure in other’s pain is just another sign that we are going in the wrong direction.  God help us all.


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