Welcome to MidnightFears.com

Here we will retell and post any and all stories of the supernatural, paranormal, weird, scary, and terrifying.  It is preferred the stories are true and mostly they are or claimed to be by the poster, but good creepy pasta stories are acceptable as well.

These stories are submitted to us or posted on the internet on sites like reddit.com.  We do not verify each of the stories that claim to be true but operate on good faith and trust the poster.

Feel free to submit your own spooky stories to info@midnightfears.com.  We would love to hear your stories.  You may also feel free to post stories on midnightfears.com, subject to approval your posts will usually show within a week.

To be able to post on our site, first sign up as a subscriber.  Then email us that you would like to become a contributor.  Wait for approval.  After you have been approved, you may begin to submit posts.  Note that each of your posts will still need to be approved manually by an admin.  Your post may even be featured in an upcoming Youtube video!

Thank you for finding us, and remember to…

sleep well!


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