Almost Abducted – TWICE

Almost Abducted – TWICE

**** Legal stuff – I know of and consent to my stories being told on youtube.*****

*** I wish to stay anonymous, so just list me as  “Anonymous Mom” Thanks ***

Hi Midnight Fears, I just wanted to say I enjoy your channel and believe that reading the stories about near abductions is a wonderful educational tool for the general population.  I consider it a public service and genuinely want to say thank you for doing it.

I’d also like to make a quick response to the pedophile in your Disturbing Deep Web Stories – Sexual Fetishes – Viewer Submissions Volume 6 . He is actually one of the reasons I felt compelled to share my two abduction attempt stories.

To the insufferable pedophile, you are not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us. I honestly hope Anonymous finds you and doxes you. You cause irreparable harm to the children you defile and potentially help to create psychopaths in your quest for your sick self gratification. Just remember that the damage you cause might end up being your undoing. I have included a link of a video you might want to watch so that you better understand why one of them may show up one day to gut you like a fish. There is no amount of money or clout that will save you from the fate they may end up exacting on you and you clearly have earned every minute of it.

Now on to my two stories.

This happened back when I was about 3 years old. My parents had gotten divorced and my mom and I ended up moving into an apartment. A man, who is now my step dad moved in with us. Well, they both loved playing tennis and would use the tennis courts at the apartment complex on the weekends. I, of course, had no interest so I would just kinda walk around the outside of the court and play by myself but would always stay close by.

So one day, I was playing with this big beach ball and it had rolled out into the parking lot. When I went to retrieve it, there was this older man standing around the parking lot. He looked to be about 60 and was wearing the standard 1970’s kinda sports outfit (this was in 1978 BTW). I’d say he was about 5’11 and around 160 lbs. I didn’t think much of him at first.

He then proceeds to walk over to me and ask me where my parents were, to which I pointed to the tennis court. He then crouched down, so that he was at eye level with me, and asked me if I liked Barbies because he had a bunch of Barbies at his house. I then asked him something to the effect of why would you have Barbies at your house as a grown man, to which he replied his niece would spend a lot of time over there. He then said he had puppies at his house too. I told him I didn’t like dogs so he quickly changed it to he had kitties at his house. Even at 3 I called him out on this inconsistency.

Well, he kept talking up how fun it would be if I came with him to play at his house.  I at this point, was ready to go off with him believing it was going to be this fun day of playing at his house with his niece there. I remember telling him distinctly that I had to tell my mom where I was going. At this point I should explain that my mom always made it very clear that I better never make her worry or I was going to have hell to pay. My mom didn’t beat me or anything like that but if I made her worry because I didn’t tell her what I was doing, I got one hell of a spanking and I knew this. She always came through on her word when it came to that.

Anyway, he keeps trying to reassure me that I didn’t need to tell my mom and it would be fine. I told him no, I have to tell my mom or else.  Well, he started to get annoyed and grabbed my arm to try and pull me but didn’t want to cause a scene because there was other people around in the parking lot. I then did that classic kid squat down and pulled away and insisted that I tell my mom. He finally relented and I went to tell my mom really quick that this man wanted to take me back to his house to play Barbies and with kitties.

My mom turned white as a ghost and asked where he was and I pointed him out. My step dad spotted him and then, without a word, just started chasing after him. Well, my mom took me home and called the police. Sadly my step dad wasn’t able to catch up with him. He was too far away, almost to the end of the parking lot, when my step dad started chasing after him. I think he would have ripped him apart if he would have gotten a hold of him.

I want other parents to know their tactics and how some of them operate. You need to make sure your kids are aware of these tricks.

Now on to my second story.

When I was in middle school there was this child abductor on the loose that the school had even sent home a flyer for parents to be aware of this guy. The flyer advised parents that until he was caught, don’t let your kids wait at the school bus stop alone, take precautionary measures and so forth.

Well I remember this one day, I was out riding my bike around the neighborhood and saw this older vehicle that kept showing up on every street I would walk down. I knew this wasn’t a regular vehicle for the neighborhood since I spent so much time in general riding around on my bike. He started to try to get closer to me and was really creeping me out. I kept riding around trying to get away from him. He then proceeded to drive up on me and open the driver’s door and actually made an attempt grab me off of my bike while he was still driving. Well, I got away fast and tore out of there to my house.

I got home and told my mom and she called the police. I gave my statement and his description matched the guy they were looking for from the flyer the school had sent home.

Anyway, since I was just concerned about getting home when he attempted to grab me I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that he had seen where I lived. Well, later that night when I went to call my cat in for the evening, she was no where around ,which I thought was strange. So my mom and I went out front and started looking around and calling for her.  We kept hearing her meow, but couldn’t see or find the cat.

Well it turned out, this sick pedo was holding my cat and hiding in the bushes to try and lure me over with the sounds of the cat meowing. Fortunately my mom realized this and saw him, to which she promptly took me into the house and called the police again.

This guy was eventually caught, but not on this night. Again, just like with the first story, make sure your kids are aware of these tactics. I hope this helps other parents teach their children how to not be victims of these demented predators.

Submitted by: An Anonymous Mom

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