Almost Caught

Almost Caught

Growing up my dad would often take me fishing along the rivers, streams and lakes of western Pa. I would get bored quickly whether I was catching fish or not. I guess you could say I was fished out at the time. The older I got, the longer and further I was allowed away from him and I would go on what I referred to as “journeys”. I loved to explore whatever places were not already discovered by me. I’d go to the top of a hill or follow a trail or journey around the lake we were at that day on foot, stuff like that. More often than not whatever waterway we were near there was/were abandon buildings/houses and whatnot. I would go all through them to see what was there if anything or hopefully find something I would¬† consider cool or useful. A couple times I found some very dirty magazines both literally and figuratively speaking, hehe. Found a few spots where people partied (beer/liqueur and typical garbage). Found left behind pictures, toys, time cards, hard hats, clothing, furniture etc everything usually too old or broke. Saw a few (2) pentagrams and burnt candles on floors of 2 houses through the years. Made sure to keep my distance from those places. Never found anything very exciting.

At one point my dad went fishing down Kellys Station (lock # 6) all the time. I would always try to talk him into fishing above the dam a ways where a little stream flowed into the Allegheny river and there was an abandon business of some kind. Think it was an old brick yard. Had a rusted holey 8 foot fence with what was left of barbed wire at the top that went around the perimeter of the abandon establishment. Everything was made of yellow brick. It was a big place 5-6 buildings that were warehouse sized with multiple floors 2-5 pending on the building and there was a tall smoke stack. One of the buildings was only half there like they started to demo it and said fuck it half way through. My dad would always stress to not go in the buildings cause they may not be structurally sound, especially that one. I said “yes dad” and off I went sneaking through the places making sure my dad didn’t see me enter. I never went to far into any of them so as to make sure I could here my dad yell for me when he wanted me to check in.

Always so curious as to what was in the rest of all those yellow brick buildings, when I was old enough to drive I went on a journey myself to see what was in them. It was the dog days of summer in the early 90s during the middle of the day so I could see easier and had less need of a flash light (I had 1). I drove along the RR tracks for a mile or 2, pulled up and parked in front of the old security gate. I entered through the security office door. I went through the smallest of the buildings first. It was just offices, locker rooms and rest rooms. Next I went into a way bigger building which had 5 floors, an elevator shaft (with doors ajar) at one end of the building that was pretty big (I’d say 10ft L, 20 ft W, 10 ft Ht), multiple stairwells (some crumbling apart at spots), an office of sorts on each level. I went through every level. They were all the same. No walls (besides offices) on the inside, just cement support beams like you would find in a parking garage. At this point all I had found was a handful of porn magz (xxx shit) back in the office building. Now I decided to see what was in the building that was half demolished. It was the same as the last building but only half there. Looked around the first floor, then the next and so on. It was neat (but very dumb),on each floor I walked over to the edge where the building was cut in half. A great view overlooking the river and overlooking where you would park if going here (Didn’t even cross my mind at the time.). Got to the top floor and was walking over to the edge when I saw a sleeping bag. “Hmmm” I thought to myself “I wonder what that’s doing here.” As I walked closer my mind was slowly putting together what I was looking at. It looked like it had 1 large dark spot (2ft in diameter roughly) with a bunch of spattered dark spots of …something. I was still getting closer looking at the sleeping bag puzzled. Now closer, wondering what the hell is on the sleeping bag, I see a little (yellow) teddy bear thats covered in the same dried dark brown substance. Having seen a lot of crime scene pics I am now starting to realize what it is. As i’m staring at the dried shit on the floor and all over the place around the s.bag it reminds me of the puddle of blood thats left after you dress a deer. Now looking at the scene with this thought there was easily enough dried blood splattered around and soaked into the sleeping bag to constitute a killing of… something (no body just blood). The whole walking up to and realizing what I saw seemed to have taken about 1 minute. I left as fast as I could now knowing what I saw. Needless to say I did not venture into the other buildings. I immediately went over my friends house. He and another were chillin’ there. I told them what I had saw and implored them to come along, they agreed.


From the time I left to the time I returned with 2 friends was about an hour, maybe less. Before coming back we all grabbed something from my friends house for protection (2 bats and a knife) just in case. We make our way up to the top floor, i’m telling them again what I was doing on the way over to the sleeping bag. There were a few pillars in the way so you couldn’t immediately see where the sleeping bag was laying/lying (whatever).¬† As we get to the point in the room where I know i could see it. *It wasn’t there*!!! I’m thinking what the fuck? where is it? AS we were still walking over towards where it had been. Then I get the thought Oh shit someone was here while I was gone and took/moved it. I literally almost shit my pants, stopped grabbed my friends forcefully by the arms and said “LETS GO”. They saw the fear in my eyes and came along saying “whats up man? whud you see?” I did not answer. My friends never got close enough to see all the dried blood spatters on the floor. I explained to them in the car on the way back that the sleeping bag and teddy bear were gone/not there now and it freaked me the fuck out. We talked about it and came to the conclusion that he/she/they were staying in the building they did because of the view/vantage point. You could see and/or hear anyone coming before they knew you were there. Since I saw the sleeping bag we thought that meant the person(s) didn’t know I was there or couldn’t get to their shit without being seen until after I left since it wasn’t there when I/we came back. We thought he definitely saw at least my car, maybe me and maybe all of us. Both times there I never heard anything that made me think someone was creeping. I was shaken up for months over thee event. Every time I heard a weird noise I was ready to defend myself, I lived by a Steel Mill so there were weird noises all the time. I told my parents of what happened. They never showed that they were scared or bothered by my story in any way. Anyways we never reported it, nothing became of it and the buildings have been demolished for the past 20 years or so. When I go fishing around that area I still get a bit creeped out to this day. I read (past tense) about serial killers frequently even before that happened, still do. With that I thought the teddy bear was maybe a trophy? why else would he/they take it. I understand taking the sleeping bag, though covered in blood. What do you listeners think?

Submitted by Macky D

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