Basketball Creeps

Basketball Creeps

Well this my true scary story. It happened when i was 7 years old. Let me begin telling you there was this creepy house by us that was across from my backyard. A family moved in around October and they were kind of creepy as well but for the most part they minded their own business so it was okay.

Until about a month later in November I was out jumping on the trampoline my Grandpa got for me on my seventh birthday. My mom was outside watching me and everything was okay. My mom had to go inside for just a minute or two, and when she did two young African American males stepped out of the bushes. I hadn’t noticed them there before. One was tall and the other was shorter. The short one was carrying a basketball.

Now I loved playing basketball at school so that kind of interested me. However, I had also been learning about stranger danger and safety at school during this time as well. The fact that this was in the early evening and it was getting dark added to the creep factor. I knew they weren’t playing basketball and the way they came out of the bushes when my mom left set my danger sensors off.

They were coming closer to me without saying anything. I started to get scared but I couldn’t run for some reason. I just stood there. Suddenly my mom opens the back door and yells out my name. Both of the guys took off running like crazy.

It was about a week later and the creepy family in house from across our backyard suddenly left. They just picked up and moved after only being there for about a month. We did report what happened to the police when we found out that two African American males tried to actually snatch another little girl in our neighborhood.

Here is the creepy thing. It turned out that the two guys were part of the family that suddenly moved out and the police said they were probably watching me the whole time they were there. As far as I know, they were never caught.

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