Black Eyed Children

Black Eyed Children

Black Eyed Children

We live in the South Eastern United States.  This past summer something peculiar happened.  My husband and I have been fighting off and on for almost an entire year.  Sometimes it is petty and sometimes it is bad, real bad.

Our children are mostly unaware as we are able to remain civil to each other around them at least.  Since we have been fighting the house just seems heavy and dark in some ways.  I don’t know how to describe it.  sometimes I feel like I am underwater and have difficulty breathing.  I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the next part of this story but I somehow think it may be important.

One day about two months ago it was very hot.  The kind of heat that makes you want to blast the air conditioning and sit in front of a fan.  My husband took the kids to a friends house for a swim in their pool.  I stayed home.

It was the middle of the afternoon when the doorbell rang.  I looked out the side window and saw two boys around nine or ten.  I figured they were selling something or offering to do lawn work so I opened the door.  I have never seen these two before so I felt they were not from around our neighborhood.

Both of them were looking down when I opened the door.  They did give me that creepy felling right from the start.  They looked almost like twins but one was larger than the other.  They both had jet black hair styled the same way.  Wet and brushed back.  Their hair was shiny and looked almost like it was greased or something.  Both were very pale, not tan like my children get in the summer.  They were also dressed in black.  They had black shorts and black buttoned down shirts with short sleeves.  Who would dress their kids in black when it was so hot outside?

I answered the door and cheerfully said, “Hello there.”  They both raised their heads to look at me and I swear I almost fainted.  Their eyes were black!  No white, no iris and pupils, just pure solid black.  I was really taken back and became very scared when I saw this.

The bigger one spoke.  He was very polite and spoke in a meek low tone.  He said, “Please miss, may we come in to use your phone?”  I didn’t answer his question and responded with a question of my own, “why are you in trouble?”  I don’t know why I asked that, but that is what came out of my mouth.

They looked at each other and the older one said, “We need to come in to use your phone.  Please let us in.”  I responded, ” Where are your parents?  Do you live around here?”  The older one just said, ” Please let us in, we won’t hurt you.”  That really scared me.  I didn’t believe him.  I truly believe they wanted to hurt me.  I don’t know why, it was just a feeling I had.

I told them, “I don’t think so.  There is a convenience store down the street.  It is less than a ten minute walk.”  The kid quickly snapped, “No!  We must enter!”  That took me back because not only did he quasi shout this time after being so mild mannered before but what kid speaks like that?  What did he mean he must enter?  It was just freaky.

I said I was sorry and shut and locked the door.  I heard him say in his meek voice again, “Please Miss we are cold and need to come in only for a moment.”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  They were cold!?  It was over 90 degrees outside and they had to come in because they were cold?  I didn’t answer them.  They stood outside for a few minutes before walking away very slowly.  They went the opposite way of the convenience store.  I watched them walk out of sight.  They did not go to any of the neighbor’s houses and kept their heads down the whole time they walked away.

I wished I would have offered to call someone for them, but I didn’t think of that at the time.  I wonder what they would have said.  It seemed like the only thing they really wanted was to get into the house.  I don’t know if i was being paranoid, but like I said, my intuition was to say no and not let them inside the house.

I know many of you will say, “You are a horrible person not helping those little kids!”  Perhaps you are right, but I just didn’t feel right about it.

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