Body Part Collector

Body Part Collector

I have an unusual hobby. I collect body parts. I have all kinds of human parts in my collection, digits, limbs, ears, eyes, even full specimens. Some of my collection is rather old even ancient, some are more recent.

I get my parts from many different ways. I have been to the deep web and even found sites that offer what I desire. I have bought parts legitimately through stores and auctions. I have also paid to get more recently removed parts from donors. I have even got them on the surface web, including ebay. You have to know how to find them. I have placed ads and utilized Craigslist to find suitable matches.

Mostly I turn to legal means but there has been exceptions. I won’t go into detail about those. You could probably write an entire book about some of my stories. I have paid as low as $50 for a finger off of a willing participant. I even got to remove that one myself. It was glorious, almost sexual for me. The fear that it produced during the anticipation phase. I relished every second of that, even teased him somewhat. The pain that followed was forever memorable for me. How he screamed as I removed the finger. Although it is not much to look at compared to other parts in my collection, it remains one of my favorite trophies.

My dream is to open an oddities store one day. I think I will just have to find the right location. I have other weird cool stuff too. So perhaps one day, my collection will be large enough.

Submitted by: funguy

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