Casting Out Demons and Evil Spirits

Casting Out Demons and Evil Spirits

Casting Out Demons and Evil Spirits

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Anointing oil still is relevant and should be used by Christians today.  It has many uses and its utilization is very biblical.  The name “Christ” actually means “anointed one.”

Anointing oil may be used to anoint anything that is sick.  Just a drip of anointing oil on the forefinger can be touched to the forehead of a sick individual to ask for healing from God in the name of Jesus Christ.  Always repent for all of your sins before using the oil.  Be sure to honestly repent and ask forgiveness of our Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ’s name.  This step will cleanse you of your sins and make yourself more worthy of asking the Father for His favor.  Then simply say something like, ” Heavenly Father, I ask that You please heal this individual in the name of Jesus Christ, if this be Your will Father.  Thank you and Amen.”  We should always pray for His will, if it is not His will, we don’t want it anyway.  If it is God’s will, it will be done.

Anointing oil is also very useful for casting out demons, evil spirits or anything negative.  You can anoint the forehead of a possessed person and order the demons out in the name of Jesus Christ.  They will leave, at least for now, but if the individual is not filled with the Holy Spirit afterwards the evil spirits will return.

Anointing oil is also used for anointing your home or business.  Again just place a drop of the anointing oil on the tip of your forefinger and touch the doorpost of your home and order all evil out in the name of Jesus Christ.  Order them back to the abyss and not to return.  Ask God to not allow anything evil to enter.  It is not necessary to anoint all the doors to the house, but you can if you want.  It won’t hurt.  you can simply touch the door post with the anointing oil and pray something like, ” Heavenly Father, please anoint this house by Your power.  I believe in You and Your Word.  I use this anointing oil in obedience to You father.  By the authority you have given us over all of our enemies, in the name of your one and only son, Jesus Christ cast out any evil spirits, demons and anything negative out of this house and back to the abyss where they belong.  Let nothing negative to cross this threshold.  I pray this in Jesus Christ’s precious name.  Amen and thank yopu Father.  This should be done whenever you feel it is needed.  Evil spirits can return and will try.  they can piggyback on someone you invite into your house or perhaps even gain entry when you are weak and sin.

There is nothing mystical or magical about holy anointing oil.  It holds no special abilities or powers in and of itself.  We use anointing oil in obedience to God.  When you use anointing oil, you are showing obedience by following God’s Word and your knowledge of the scriptures.  It is God who does the healing or casts out the demons.  It is His power that accomplishes the desired effect.  We must always to remember to give Him all the credit and glory.  Anointing oil must always be used in the name of Jesus Christ.  Always make sure to say, “in the name of Jesus Christ” when using anointing oil or your efforts will be for not.

Anointing oil is nothing more than olive oil.  It can be purchased in any major grocery store.  Just be sure to get 100% pure virgin olive oil.  Take a small amount out and place in a smaller bottle or vial.  Then pray to God to please bless the anointing oil in the name of Jesus Christ, that you are following his word and make be to thank Him.  The prayer may be simple, something like, “Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You please bless this oil as holy anointing oil, the oil of our people.  I do this in obedience to You and Your perfect Word.  I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our one and only Savior.  Thank you Father.  Amen.”  That is it!  The anointing oil is now ready to be used.  You don’t need a priest, minister, rabbi or any other man of the cloth, any Christian can do this because it is not you, but God who does these things.


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