Christmas Kidnapper

Christmas Kidnapper

This happened yesterday at a major retail store between 2 & 3pm on Wednesday the 16th, 2015. Let me give you a little background information. I’m 5’4, 112 pound mother of 2. My daughter 6 and my son 1. We just moved back to California from Washington in November because my boyfriend was getting out of the military.

Anyways my boyfriend’s parents sent our kids a $80 gift card to a well known retail store. I decided to take them when my daughter got out of school. (Wednesday’s are half days at her school) so we head down to the store. It was a nightmare because the whole place was under construction from the parking lot to the inside.

We finally get inside with my son in the cart and my daughter next me. We look at the toys, shoes, etc. my daughter says that she wants to get a purse. So we start looking for them.

We ended up in the woman’s clothing area. Let me explain this area. It looks like they shoved everything into the corner, that whole area was under construction. There was areas that you could easily get in and out of. There was 2 young girls in that area too. My daughter and I are laughing at the silly Christmas sweaters.

I noticed a man about my age standing in the row behind us. White guy about 5’10 180+ pounds, shaved head and a blonde goatee. I thought to myself how clueless this guy was. So we continue to look at different stuff when I notice the guy was fallowing us. The 2 young girls left so it was just me, my 2 kids and this man.

He starts pacing back-and-forth and takes his sweater off and puts it over his arms. He had full tattoo sleeves black and grey on both arms. On his left arm it looked like he had flames going up his arm. I noticed because I am also covered in tattoos.

So I grab my daughter and start walking away, then he starts walking behind us. My blood ran cold when I heard his camera go off a few times. I turn around and see his phone pointed directly at my daughter. I was getting freaked out now. When I looked again he had his sweater open to where it looked like he was going to bag her with it and run.

I gave him a dirty look and start walking fast with a grip on my daughters arm. I kept looking behind me and he was still following us. I started weaving in and out of the aisles to lose him. I eventually found a worker and told her what happened. She grabs another worker and I tell her the same thing. I paid for my stuff and left. I made sure no one followed me to my car.

As soon as I got home I called the store and spoke to the manager and she said that they were aware of the situation. They knew what happened and she already looked at the surveillance footage. She said the guy started following us as soon as we stepped into the store, she even could tell the exact moment that he took a picture because how I turned around and booked it out of there.

I called the police and made a police report. I was such an easy target because of the small girl and I have two small children one standing next to me and one in the cart he could’ve easily taken her out the side that was under construction. What would I do then? I couldn’t leave my son in the middle of the store and chase after my daughter. If I took my son with me, he would have gotten away easily. So many questions and what if’s.

The scary part is they couldn’t find him in the store after that. I wish there was a way I could get the video. I’m just happy that my daughter is safe. It makes me sick to think if I just let her out of my sight for one second how different that outcome could’ve been.

Submitted by K.K.

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