Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker Part 2

Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker Part 2

Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker Part 2


Hello I am back,


A lot has happened since we last spoke.  Within the last six months since you posted the first “Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker” video, an array of new encryption bills are making their way through congress and now other developed countries are following the “American” machines  pressing the need to know everything about you. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the era of individuality and personal privacy will soon be dead, and so will people like me.  Maybe not physically, but we will be lost in the new metaphysical parameters that are now being social engineered by the government, media, the tv shows and movies you watch through fear.  Let me ask a question directly to the individual listening.  How many terrorists have we stopped or could have been stopped because of encryption? the correct answer is none.  Telegram messaging service is not an end to end encryption it’s a man in the middle encryption.  This being not a true encryption because their servers encrypt your message allowing the company to look at your information.  Most terrorist these days that were caught have been caught through physical evidence and believe it or not, Twitter…..  Attacking encryption will put all your hard earned life at risk and out in the open and it will not save you from terrorism,  it’s actually a step backwards.  The war of privacy has started and we cannot keep our heads in the sand anymore.  But let me be fair to these new laws trying to be passed, they only apply to you and me. As we have seen time and time again in such scandals as the Panama papers, these laws don’t apply to the wealthy. It is legal for them to evade taxes but not for us, among many other laws and special privileges for the elite and the faceless. As they take more and more money out of our pockets and our children’s education, we forget about inflation and other economic impacts, our paychecks do not rise, instead our pay remains in the limbo and in some cases even decreases or outsourced.  Their greed and power has become a way of our life to work around the few that control all.  Further evidence of my last story that it does lead to the top.  Our own self preservation is being mutilated one bit at a time until the dawn of darkness.

Now I do not condone you hack and you will not learn to be a deep web hacker within my writings, I do this on purpose,  you must use your own talents what ever they might be to show the world you do not stand with these laws. We need to preserve our right to privacy.

Nature is also under attack. We all have have experienced the changes in weather patterns and seen the direct impact on nature. California drought anyone? There needs to be an ideological change in how these laws are written. Firstly money should not influence the way we govern our lives. Money is important but what is more important money or the life experiences that define you?? At what cost?  Would you die for this?? I would.  If you take anything away from this story please let it be what my father once told me.  “Money is the common mans currency, while knowledge is the empowered mans currency. ”

Thank you friends and Midnight Fears. Now here is the second part to my story.

Rain filled the air that Wednesday night near the coast guard station in Newcastle, New Hampshire as I thought of what my father told me.  I have only one card left to play I thought.  They have infected all my devices with a virus similar to stuxnet (the Iranian virus that shut down their nuclear project in the late 90s)  I cannot link anything to my previous life, or they will find me.   You might not think that would be to hard with social media accounts  but it’s far more than the basic bitch, this virus looks at similarities of source codes, cross references,  geolocates and unmasks the device. They almost got me last time when I thought I was safe.


Let’s go back to when  It all started back up after my 12th move and 8th identity change when I thought I was safe.  I found myself in a small town of golden, British Columbia, Canada, one of the most beautiful places in the world I thought and great skiing 😉 It was January, I picked up smoking cigarettes after San Fransisco and been chain smoking ever since, and since I have stopped smoking the purple urple, I needed to be sharper if I wanted to survive. They left me alone for the most part but always felt I had a pressing eye on me and they toyed with me more and more as time went on. The more and more I tried to loose them with my identity changes their toying became more and more odd and violent.  If they didn’t like what I was doing,  I’d come home from work to see my computer in the oven and my apartment destroyed, then I would move.  I was getting close to something I could feel it.  So I changed my protocol when it came to dealing with them.  I had to be secret all the time I had setup a dummie computer that had a lousy md5 encryption key for them to see but it was an elaborate bait for them.  I had another computer that I did all my true work on that was offline for the majority of the time, just writing new unique programs and a new algorithmic encryption.  I felt this time I moved it would be different how wrong I was but  Life did get better for the time being.  I had a new life it seemed, with a girl that I came to love. She did not know of my previous life nor my secret computer or where I kept it.  To her I was just another normal guy.  The only thing left from my old life was my vanguard the biggest “dog” you could think of.


My vanguard that January early morning started barking, now that’s odd, my drive way was 1 mile off an old dirt road and the closest house was ten miles away.  Maybe a bear I thought.  I didn’t put anymore time or effort into this thought until later that day when I started thinking about my life in general.  it dawned on me the date was the anniversary of impulse’s disappearance and that awful night in San Francisco.  I knew I was a threat to them but how much of a threat?  And the fact that my dummie computer had a bot writing generic source code while I chopped wood down the street for a worthless 12/hr, I thought maybe they suspected something.  I would look into this further tonight before my girl got home from work.  I left to split wood at work.


I pulled in the driveway later that night a little after dusk which was around 6:30ish mountain time in the winter :).  All the lights were off.  I normally didn’t leave the lights off but on occasion when my mind was to busy I forgot. I walked up the steps my vanguard didn’t come to greet me which was odd I know I know left her out.  When I got to the sliding door I heard a crunch.  I could tell I was stepping on glass from the sound.  My over head light was broken, smashed it seemed I could see the outline.  Panic set in, instinct, I ran down to my car grabbed a flashlight and a knife.  I knew I had to get to my gun in the house but that meant continuing into the dark and now unfamiliar house.  I slowly walked around the back of the house to a sliding door and slowly opened it.  I tried to turn on the light before stepping in but it seemed there was no power to the old backwoods house.  I stepped inside I could hear a sound coming from my kitchen I avoided it for the time being as I went to the basement where I had a hidden door leading to a back room.  This is where I kept all my “secret things” and where my gun was.  The lock seemed to have been tampered with but not broke.  At this point I knew someone had been here maybe just missed them.  I stepped inside my secret sanctuary everything was where is belonged I grabbed the gun a .45 hk tactical pistol with a threaded barrel and suppressor that I scored during the height of the Silk Road which seemed like centuries ago now.  I locked up the sanctuary again.  I was now on my way to deal with that sound,  I was terrified.  I came to the kitchen where he sound was coming from, there was a light on the counter.  It was a phone,  I stared at it as it kept calling and calling.  I finally picked it up, I heard the a man’s laughter as I picked up the call. I felt sick to my stomach instantly.  He said “a dog’s leash will only go as long as the operators will allow.” And then that laughter, the laughter was familiar, I know this voice.  It took me a couple of seconds then I realized, The man from Florida was calling me.  I was throwing up in the sink by now and sickness went further than my stomach it was now increasingly taking over my body.  As I slowly looked up between throwing up my eyes caught headlights in my drive way.  The laughter was still coming from the phone with weird static.  I felt something not sickness now but anger sweeping across my body. Now this was different for me I am not an angry person, I can’t honestly say I have ever felt true animosity in my life but I did now.  I had enough, I grabbed the phone and my gun slide leaving the knife on the counter and opened the slider of my front door and that’s when the high beams of the car turned on.  My biggest lose was hanging in front of me, my vanguard, had been…. Torn open and hung from a tree.  The laughter I could hear in the phone grew louder.  The car sped away, I cut her down, threw away the unfamiliar  phone that was left for me and brought her to the family room and sobbed.  I found myself just staring at my phone a few moment later something didn’t seem right the glare of my phone lite the room up just slightly.  The lights seemed so surreal in this moment of lose. My mind wondered then I noticed something in the fireplace glass in front of me.  I saw my outline in the semi dark fireplace glass but I also saw another outline behind the couch I was sitting on.  I froze, when you were a kid did you ever pull the sheets over your head at night hoping whatever in your room went away,  but your mind just made it worsening true terror set in??  I hadn’t felt this feeling so long.  It was a man. Tall, suit, and what seemed to be a pillow case over his head. I sat for a second frozen then I gave into fear and calmness came over me.  I leaned forward struck up a cigarette knowing he was just staring at the back of my head.  He allowed sit in silence for a moment then “Drop the gun” I heard. I did, then figure came out from the shadows and sat across from me after picking up the gun on the table.  He was still within arms reach, “throw your phone by the fireplace” the voice commanded and I did.  Nothing was going through my mind no matter how hard I tried but hopelessness did not come instead the anger grew every time I looked at my vanguard. He went to open his mouth thats when the anger took control and I flick the cigarette in his face an swung.  Maybe it was the wood chopping but I hit him with so much might he flew backward off his chair.  I knew he underestimated me thinking I was the scrawny nerd from San Fransisco.  I got on top of him and beat him unconscious.  Blood flowed out of his wounds like the Hoover dam opening. He fought it for a second then a motionless body laid before me.  He was still breathing. I spent the rest of the night sobbing with my vanguard held tight in my arms.


The morning came fast and I soon heard the birds chirping, my girl never came home I realized. But it didn’t matter at this point I had to move again without her. I searched the motionless body that was still breathing lightly and found a spray can smaller then normal.  I went to my room to pack,  my clothing was scatter I pick up a shirt.  It smelled funny.  All my clothing did,  my mind finally kicked in, the spray can was a dispersal method for isotopes, I’ve only read about this never heard of it being used.  That’s how they’ve tracked me I realized paranoia maybe but I will not make anymore mistakes, I thought.  then I stripped the motionless body and put on the suit.  I knew this might be he only thing in the whole house that might be clean.  I tied the man up to a tree out in back of the house. Then curiosity came over me I knew they were good but how good??  I went to the sanctuary in the basement. I have cameras and start going through the footage. Most just went dead with nothing useful on them but one camera wasn’t found,  I had a wildlife camera on a tree out back mainly for the Bears but doesn’t stay on unless motion is picked up by the sensors. What I saw made the anger build more and more.  My girl slaughtering my vanguard a person that she and I trusted. I stared at the wall for a hours realizing they had the power to take everything away, then I snapped out of it when the door slammed upstairs.  I calmly put on the pillow mask and walked up stairs,  it was my girl “is it done?” She asked as we stared at the blood in the living room.  I nodded, she looked away a laughed poured out of her face and I slowly took off the pillow case.  When she turned around her face went white, I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to tree out back. I cut the back of her knees open so she couldn’t get away.  She pleaded and lied she had nothing to do with it she screamed, I wasn’t listening I was to busy chaining her up.  I start to walk away when I turned around and walked back and said “light comes and goes and so will you life”.  She ask ” are you going to kill me” I didn’t respond but walked to an old shed on the property.  I grabbed a can of female Wolf pheromones.  I calmly walked back and said ” no I am no monster such as you.  I will let my vanguards brothers and sister have their revenge tonight”. I poured all the pheromones on her and the motionless unconscious body.  I walked away repeating the word “tick tock they will be hungry tonight” she yelled” they know you’ll never give up and you will end up like impulse, an experiment”.  I spit on her and I went in the house I check my router there was a strange device in it I grabbed it.  Then went to my dummie computer and put the strange device in the usb,  the computer froze for a second then acted normal.  It was suppose to be offline but what was ever on the usb was sending data packets I could disable the wifi or turn off the computer.  I ran to my main computer same thing shit I thought.  I back everything up so I grabbed what was necessary, an external hard drive and some of my “girls” credentials and left.


I drove straight Calgary that night and check into the four points hotel never looking back.  That’s when I connected back to the “deep” for the first time since San Fransisco. I traffic all my info through the tor node for anonymity as always.  The clear web was to risky.   I first went to my “girl’s” so called works website.  Startling enough it was a real company with real employees.  So with a few tricks and maybe some xss commands I found an exploit. Granting me admin log in credentials.  I searched the php data base for all employees. Nothing…  She did not work for this company. I had nothing to go on, I deleted the logs and shadow files of my presence and changed the site’s dns to direct the traffic through a virtual network that I could monitor so I could see if anyone thought they could catch me there.


It wasn’t long,  another user instantly gained admin privileges.  Red flag****. And here was my chance, I allowed the user to look through the logs and data base but what he didn’t know that I added a file.  One thing about countering an enemy is to not interrupt him while he’s making a mistake, I believe Napoleon said it best.  The file was a crypto virus that could be read by the end user and would also send me information back about the network.  Though they did not have an IP address,  after some time of thinking I realized they must be on a dark fiber network.  Dark fiber networks are closed in networks kinda like in a corporation’s facility but spans across the globe and they are off the grid like the deep web.


My phone rang I didn’t know why I still had it that was a mistake, I thought I was done with mistakes I thought.  I picked it up a familiar voice was on the other end. I thought…. No it couldn’t be,  it sounded like impulse.  Though his voice spattered out weakness and despration.  He said ” don’t speak,  they’ve been torturing me for years trying to figure out who you are. I didn’t say anything to them because honestly I don’t even know your name.  They dropped me off last month at the airport near you.  You should get rid of that phone if I can find you so can they.  Can we meet? Talk to me through protonmail here’s my address” and the phone went dead.  I left the hotel and left the phone.  I got a hold of him through the encrypted mail service he wanted to meet in an open lot near the airport.  I told him 9pm when it’s dark.  I had to prepare….


I parked in parking garage adjacent from the open lot we agreed to meet at early.  I had given a homeless man 20$ and a phone to put near the light in the open lot.  There was nothing there besides some rumble and a lonely street light where the phone was placed. Around 8:55pm a figure stumbled out of the darkness and stood under the light.  That’s when I called the phone that was placed at the light by the homeless man.  He picked up,  I asked for him to take a selfie and send it to me.  He did,  without disclosing to much about myself,  I studied cryptology and photogrammetry in college.  I with ease can look at a photo and tell you distances, characteristics,  fakes,  and if there are hidden messages in the photo with a few programs.  He sent me the selfie,  it seemed to be legit but I wasn’t ready to call back I knew they were near,  studying the face of an old friend.  His face was worn like leather, some parts of his face looked dead and decaying.  That’s when I saw his jaw line,  it seemed like a surgical cut on the outside of his face.  I snapped a picture on my new phone of the “impulse” down in the open lot and ran the image through a program to tell me heights and distances.  According to the program he stood 6’3″ I had no images of impulse to compare to but I knew he was shorter then me and I’m not 6’3″.  I knew this was not impulse I drove away.  Later that night I called the phone back he picked up and asked “where are you -?”     I said ” it doesn’t matter, what do you want” silence…. then “haha well, since you’ve asked your a threat to us,  there are databases on the deep web that you shouldn’t have looked at and your encryption well…  They did not allow use to see everything you saw.  So we will get you sooner or later just come out and play” I asked “where was impulse?”  He was my only true friend I don’t have many with my life style only fake ones I cannot be myself around. He asked “do you like my face?? I took it from him so pretty.” Then his voice turned laughter kicked in.  I asked ” what is with you guys and this god awful cackle?   Did you guys never hit puberty?” He responded “no, puberty no no no.  We are the faceless, we control everything the nonsense laws, the economic hit men, the banks, the countries and you! We the faceless are your boss , your friends, mothers, fathers we are all interconnected and we’ve been trying to have absolute control ever since the Roman and English empire.  We are the syndicate.”

That’s when I had enough and hung up the phone.


I will never forget my father, and all his wisdom, he was much wiser then me.  As I am written this Now I wait in the rain at the coast guard station in new castle, New Hampshire thinking of my fathers best life lesson. The man in the parking lot said they were all interconnected.  And here lays my last card.  My guess, no not a guess it has to be they use the dark fiber networks to relay info and since there is no way of me breaking into that I must cut open the underwater cables that connect the networks of the world at the coast guard station and encrypt all of the dark fiber networks.  Encryption has protected me this far and now I shall use it as an offensive tool.  Once cut the tubing and I expose the cables I will encrypt every dark fiber network in the globe with my new algorithmic encryption, rendering them a motionless boat.  And there’s nothing they can do, they will be exposed because I am forcing them up from the dark into our ball park.  I have become more worn and less playful, though my true self still lingers here and there, I will continue to fight.   Maybe just maybe you shall hear of me again or maybe my Twitter will become inactive.  Twitter is all have left connecting me with you, find me.  The future has so many paths I just hope I pick the right one, my path.


Deepest love,


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