Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker

Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker

Confessions of a Deep Web Hacker

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I would first like to tell you about myself.  I am or was a hacker, whether I am still active or not is irrelevant.  The World Wide Web is not a place where we rest, we barely ever come to the surface.  Mainly I browse through networks, maybe copying a file here or there.  I am not as malicious as I used to be.  And you do not have to worry about me but maybe this story.

First off as I’ve stated earlier I am not malicious anymore, so that being stated I want to let everyone know how to safely connect to the onion router (tor). To keep things simple, this is for the common person with no criminal intent, not for hackers or any criminal so keep that in mind.

First of do NOT use a windows os!!!  I don’t know how or why people still do this.  The reason for this is there is something called local leakage which is caused by Java or any Microsoft based script.  Any sniffer can pick this up.  Secondly, use whonix (tails works ok too but not as good). Put the os and tor on a flash drive and boot from the flash.  And third this is how most get dox’d uninstall all webcam drives and programs within your Microsoft os.  If I can get into your webcam on and take a ss and your owned.  Google images reverse search now I have your fb, Twitter, ect all social media.  I am not on social media mainly for this reason.  Lastly do NOT get a vpn, get a ssh tunnel much more secure at the moment with all the malware and sigint surrounding the Vpn networks, and you cannot trust any U.S. Based Vpn some even say any vpn provider with the U.S. Coalitions territory.

//in the beginning//  ****names and times have been changed to protect identities*****

I started off learning about programs and script writing when Counter Strike 1.0 came out back in the late 90s.  I would sell config.cfg for the game based off the clients hardware to optimize the performance of the game.  A worthless 10 bucks and I’ll write the best .cfg to optimize the game.   Now I won’t tell you how old I was but I was in my teens.  I received an invite one day after school inviting me to a group called the kewl kidz krew or the kkk(the name of the group changes every month or so but for all intent and purpose we will refer to them as the kewl kidz krew) within an embedded irc network.

It was a wide array of people from all different countries and different perspectives on everything.  Though they all had one goal in common,  to share knowledge and skill it was a collective of extremely bright people.  Now I personal am not the brightest,  I am as to retain and solve mathematical information and equations like a pro but I couldn’t write a fucking sentence to save my life,  funny how are brains work right?? Any way this group taught me everything and were always willing to help.  There was a lot of mutual respect among each other.  Before tor it was a complete pain in the fucking ass to connect to networks that couldn’t be obtained by indexers such as Google or Bing.  So yes, I know how to search without it but on December 20th 2012 that all changed with the public release of the onion router.  At this point I was a malicious little fuck that felt like the world was against me,  I do not condone any of my actions, and hate to think I was as big of a little shit or troll online as I was, truly scaring kids.  I can say with some certainty that one or two of the deep web stories of people getting hacked was probably us.  Just to troll though we were teens haha not murderers.  And for those stories with murderers are mostly bs I mean it’s possible, but mostly they were trolls looking for a good scare.

First off if your thinking of going deep, the hidden wiki won’t allow this.  It will allow you to get into the surface of the deepweb.  Nothing more if you want to go further.  So first I started my search as I did most days after work, compiling my own networks that are not on the hidden wiki. I was going through a network log just to try and see how secure this network actually was (I was looking into how to shell an onion site.).  The log was encrypted, which is pretty standard but the funny thing was, it was an old encryption…… Idiots I thought… Well to this day I still don’t know who was the cat and who was the mouse.

I shared my finding with the kewl kidz krew and one of my friends that I had grown to trust, we shell call him “impulse” said he could decide the encryption for me.  I could have done this, but why would I when someone else will right?

The next day I came home and there it was, all different links ips actions associated with the ips.  Everything!  There was one ip that stuck out like a soar thumb, it was right there.  We all discussed why this ip frequently visited the site.  Well it was a proxy, go figure, but impulse said he’d be able to get the actual ip.  Ok, I said lets see who it is.

About two and a half weeks went by,  at this point I honestly was working on other things.  But I received a message. Impulse had gotten the ip.  I sat up for hours, waiting for my chance to scare who ever was behind this ip.  I tried to dox the ip, nothing came up not even an isp provider sooooo I know he’s got a vpn hardware anonymizer that simply plugs into one of your router ports and redirects you around your isp provider.  How do I know this?  I have one too.  You cannot purchase them,  anonabox and similar pieces of hardware on the market are frauds don’t waste your money, just research it and make your own.

I waited almost all night for the fucker to connect.  He never connected, I would have started off with the usual stuff, opening his cd tray and turning off his monitor.  A msg though popped up on the network that was not encrypted with a time stamp of a second ago.  It read “are you enjoying our mock network?”  I ran a network protocol tool similar to shark wire.  At this point impulse was helping me.  There was a submask within the mock network that seemed to be remotely accessing the mock network.  Impulse got another friend in on the action who truly could help us if anyone could.

A second message appeared, as we were tearing apart the network.  “There is no point in going any further,  you will find nothing” and for two hours we didn’t find anything, and there were no more msgs. At this point it was close to 6 am and I had to go to work.

When I came home, I grabbed the mail and the turned on the tv and played with the dog (I cannot specify the breed because it is illegal in most states, and yes I am from the United States). It is a big dog that is half wild 😉 My vanguard :). After dinner I went through my mail,  there was one envelope with no return or stamps….  Someone put this in my mailbox.  Maybe a rsvp for a birthday party I thought as I tore open the envelope.  At first I thought it was empty but when I looked down in my lap there was a small piece of paper, like the ones in fortune cookies you find at Chinese restaurants.  It had a string of numbers, I didn’t know what they represented at first.  I tried inputting the string of numbers and letters into the onion router, and nothing.  Then I tried converting them.  It looked to me like some sort of hexadecimal string of numbers, nothing in deci., text, rot13 , nothing.

I msg’ impulse about it, he didn’t respond for several mins which isn’t like him.  He was pretty freaked out, I could tell because he was misspelling everything.  He said his friend the other night hasn’t been online.  Well I thought it’s only been one day.  Then he replied I got the string in my mail too, but I also got a Polaroid picture.  I never saw the Polaroid.  But he described it as a picture of a mutilated girl…..  He said he knew the friend he brought in to help us was a girl, and there was a time stamp on the Polaroid…..   But with his note it stated not to look any further, and to only use the instructions given to us, he knew what we were searching for and he/she could help as long as we followed the instructions.   He also stated that they do not play well with others.  Impulse said that the number wasn’t an onion, he said he couldn’t believe I’ve forgotten so fast.  It was a string of cmd s like we used before tor.

We talked it over for about a week,  we realized at this point we were on our own and shouldn’t bring someone else into this with everything that was going on.  And I was not fully convinced as Impulse that this was legit, prolly just some other troll. I finally convinced impulse to do it, but he said he would only do it if we met in person and if we did it together, almost like a LAN party.  At this point I really knew he was freaked out.  He is known for mining Bitcoin and other currencies, so as far as money went there wasn’t an issue.  We agreed to meet in San Francisco at a cafe called “Joes” off 20th something and Geary

I had some fake ids and flew into San Francisco no problem.  I didn’t have a picture of Impulse or even a real name.  I walked to the front of joes cafe, it had a big window looking in.  It was crowded as all hell.  I sat there staring for 5mins it seemed like, when I hear a voice call out my alias. A skinny kid like me approached he was about a few inches shorter than me.  He explained that he had been paranoid for so long.  Being the stoner I was at the time, I told him to chill and smoke a spliff in the park.  I found some easy, San Fran, what can I say?  Thanks to the tenderloin right??  It calmed him down greatly.

We started later that night when impulse seemed to be a little more loose and determined not to let this dick wipe win.  I told him they prolly did it through a layer 7 Ddos attack on his friend’s network and then sent you that, to scare you.  This made sense, with layer 7’s your network is at the control of the ddoser.  This thought put his mind at ease. I only wish it were true….

We follow the string of cmds throwing it through all kinds of networks until we found it.  Right where they wanted us to be. Now impulse ,I will say came from an outstanding computer science college in the city of Cambridge Ma.  He studied mainly general computer programming and algorithm based programming, and was one of the best I might add.  Which is something I don’t think they saw coming.  He encrypted everything to the point that if our computer went into sleep mode, it would still encrypt every aspect of what was on our machines.  So gg.

Upon the final cmd, it prompted us with a directory that contained message boards and all kinds of videos as well.  We searched through a lot of it.  It seemed to be a collection of knowledge, like our group but they were far more advanced than I could ever imagine being.  They had stuff from math problems, to networking, to killings…. It was a masterpiece of information.  Wtf is this I thought.  They had everything from a collection of different cults but one stood out, I will leave it unamed.  It was a cult we found out after digging for another 20 mins or so, that seemed to be all over this network.  We tried searching them on our phone so we didn’t bump into the .coms on tor (rookie mistake).  Nothing. There is absolutely nothing on them on the World Wide Web.

Hmmmm, interesting I thought because with all the coverage of the deep web I figured something must arise from this,  but goose egg.  I returned to the directory seeing a brand new msg posted less then a minute ago

“I see you followed the obligation you had to your friend,  this is us.  Would you like to look deeper?”

We did not respond and about another 10mins or so, another msg popped up on the board, “This is starting to get really annoying”

I thought fuck this guy, I’m dropping a worm and I’m gunna have ur ass by dawn.  But impulse was already on it.  He dropped a string of worms that I have never seen before.  It was masked so well.  We drank a beer sitting and waiting, until another msg popped up,

“This is all we needed from you”

Our computers locked, I couldn’t even move the mouse.  We pulled the ethernet cables and packed up the equipment so fast and got out of there faster than anyone else could have, I swear.  We didn’t even bother to check out of our hotel, we just went straight to another.  We were freaked out.  Was that the government or something?  How the fuck did they do that?   We tried to get as much sleep as possible.  All I could think about was how much damage did they cause,  I mean they could have destroyed my hackbot network, I’d be screwed.  Years of work down the drain.

The next morning, I promised a friend from my high school I’d meet up with him. I left impulse asleep in the hotel.  He knew I’d be back after I met my friend.  I told him about it the night before.  I met my buddy “Tom” for breakfast.  We talked about high school and all the shit we used to get into.  We were weird as fuck in an innocent laughable way,  and I felt like myself again, but then I realized it had been three hours already.  So, “Tom” and I went to go get impulse.  We opened the door and there was absolutely nothing in the room, not even impulse.  I was confused.  I called impulse multiple times,  my computer was gone and I was pissed.  I7 2.8quad 32 gig mem, and it was a laptop I built myself.  You can imagine how much that was.  Fuck I thought.

I kept sending messages to his phone. “Where did you go”; “are you ok?”;”where are you”;”if you stole my shit you are fucking dead”. About after 5mins of this, I got a text from an unfamiliar number.  The mysterious text only contained one word,


“Tom” was not good with computers, but he was a drug dealer and a pot grower who always carried, but I do not. Tom was very calm with the whole situation after I told him what happened in a nutshell, he stated there was nothing to fear anymore.

This struck me as odd;  I didn’t know Tom after high school he moved here after he was 18, so we never hung out in person (he was my best friend in high school.) I only shot the occasional email to him of a funny video or gif I came across, he looked the same too.

I looked at him and he had a weird stare but he was a weird guy, nothing to be suspicious about, until I noticed that Tom was pressing a button in his hand.  I didn’t know what it did from looking at it, but I had an idea. I told Tom I’d be right back.  i wanted to check with the office to see if impulse checked out.  He didn’t want me to go, but I told him to pick me up in front of the office because we didn’t need to be here anymore.

I strolled into the office lobby casually.  Tom was already in front, staring through the glass.  I didn’t ask the receptionist a damn thing.  I walked into the bathroom, walked back out and ran.  I ran and ran for what seemed like all day.  I didn’t know what to do.  I eventually arrived at a place called deadman’s drop in the golden gate state park.  I checked my phone, 1 new msg from Tom.

“I see you have figured out we are everywhere”

I eventually got out of San Fran and moved to Vancouver, but that didn’t last long, I have changed identities 3 times now and seems like they are toying with me.

I looked into my friend Tom one day from a public wifi, what I saw scared the fucking shit out of me.  My friend Tom died in a car crash right after high school.  I never knew this because of my lifestyle and the fact we moved.  For weeks I had a constant shiver going down my back.  Who the hell have I been emailing for the last 8 fucking years then……. Makes no sense at all.  About a year later I have found peace finally and went to go visit an ex of mine down in Sarasota, Florida.  I was there for just the weekend.

I woke up one morning early, I can never sleep past 7:30 am no matter what.  My ex was fast asleep.  I decided to go for a walk and get some coffee for me and her. I sat down at the cafe and admired all the happy people.  I love this about people, happiness.  I realized in that moment that I was truly a piece of shit for some of the things I have done.  But as I’ve stated earlier I have found peace.

Suddenly, a man sat at my table.  He was a little older with greying hair and a tattered shirt which looked a little out of place.  He grabbed my ex’s coffee and said “thanks I didn’t know you knew I was coming.”  I said excuse me wtf are you doing?  He shhhh’d me and let out a small giggle, like a child. He then said let me explain.

He explained what we found that night in San Fran was a very famous site, a site that is a myth.  And they wish it to stay that way.  He said this site has been called is Mariana’s web, though it has never been established as Mariana’s web, it was dubbed that by the public, not by the users. And it’s name and routing changes almost every minute.  We happened to be given a string of cmds to get in the back door.  Which have changed since.  He said the unamed cult was watching me, and that their cult was more powerful than any government because they control the corporations who control the government through special interest groups.  They admired our commitment and our intelligence when it came to problem solving.  He further explained, they gained power through intelligence gathering but also in other more physical forms like red room networking security and other illegal avenues on the deep web.  They were a collective of richest and the most intelligent people on the face of the earth.  He also stated,  “now you know what we are, now forget about us.”  They just wanted to see what we knew and to learn more about this encryption we had on our devices

I told him it was mostly impulse who did the encryption on our computers and he said, “well that’s too bad” as he got up and left.  I say there trying to compute what he meant, but I think I already know as hopefully you do too…….

“Do not go searching for them.  They will rip your lungs and entrails out” that was the threat I got about a month later in an email.

I never heard from impulse ever again, or his friend online. Though there is some evidence he did not make it based off of some obituaries I found.  I do not know who sent the text to me in the hotel that day, I’ve tried to look into it and got nowhere. “Tom” I never heard from again either.

Since all this I have found peace within myself and accept death as best I can because I do not know what will happen in the future.  I will not be returning to to this email and there are many ips attached to this account.  Though I have left you some clues on how to reach me within this email.  Everything you need is in front of you and I will supply with some further evidence if you crave your curiosity, you will find me.

You may use this story or not it does not matter to me.  Or even believe it I don’t care, I haven’t told anyone this story and just need to blow some steam off about it.

P.S. The following is my gift to you because no one else knows what the fuck their doing.  I will keep it simple since you and I do not think alike.

[Some parts have been omitted.]

This information may seem fantastic to you and indeed it is, but I assure you, it is all true.  The clues I have left you within this email may be dissected using common sense.  If you want more, find me.  I have nothing to hide.  I just like to challenge people to a good game of puzzles and….. cryptography??? 😀

[More has been omitted.]

Thank you friends.  I look forward to monitoring your search.  If I’m not already dead, maybe I’ll have an opportunity to connect with you again.  If I wish.

Yours truly,



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