Crazy Drunk Man

Crazy Drunk Man

I posted this in creepy encounters, but in this situation, it might fit here too..

Hey y’all.  Forgive me as I’m writing on my phone if anything is messed up and may have spelling errors as autocorrect hates me..

Ok a lil back story. This was 1992/1993.  I was 18, just graduated from HS and recently got married to my ex. husband (yeah I know,  dumb as hell but that’s a whole other story)  anyways I was working at a convenience store,  one that specializes in ice-cream as its main focus. I worked my way up from ice-cream clerk to assistant manager.   I had started my shift at 3pm and had to close the store at midnight but typically didn’t finish til 1-1:30 am.  I had some paper work to do, clean,  stock,  etc. The clerk that was supposed to close with me had an emergency so I was stuck doing the whole shift by myself.

It was a fairly steady stream of customers during the afternoon and everything went great.  Forward to about 8pm. The customers started slowing down so  I was able  to do some of my work. Then this man stumbles in about 8pm and went straight to the beer cave.  I could smell the alcohol on him as he walked by me.  He was about 6’3″ tall, dressed in a tuxedo.  I made smalltalk with him,  as it was just he and I in the store.  He told me he was at a wedding reception down the road and they ran out of beer. I made my way to the register and waited.  I knew I had to refuse the sale because he was already inebriated.

Anyways he gets to the register and places the alcohol on the counter.  I grabbed the cases and started putting it bedside me,  behind the counter.  ( that was our policy) and I said to the man “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t sell you this as you seem very intoxicated.” Within seconds he started screaming yelling and threatening me that he was going to hurt and torture me. Towards the end of the rant one of my regulars walked inand the crazy drunk man left my store. But before he left he said very loudly “I’ll see you when you close the store bitch” the customer that walked in stayed with me until the sheriff’s office arrived. They took a report and looked at the video footage and noted the car make/ model and what he looked like.

I finish my shift, start cleaning and mopping. I notice a car pull into the lot but stay at the far end, running, but lights off. So i keep on moping, not paying no mind to the car. I go to take the trash out, lock the door behind me (policy again) and realize the car is still there and I could see that it was the tuxedo man from earlier in the evening. I about pissed my pants! Threw the garbage onto the dumpster and literally ran to the store, unlocked it, ran inside and locked out again. I went to the back and got the phone and called the sheriff’s office and told them that the guy was outside with his car running. They was there within mere minutes. (Very small town)

I stood in the store watching them approach his car, get him out of the car and slap the cuffs on him. He told the police that he was mad at me and gonna “take care of me”. They searched his car and found duct tape, zip ties, a loaded gun and a shovel. The police told me he was beyond drunk, 2x legal limit.

I was scared for weeks after. After that, the manager made sure there was 2 people on at all times.

Don’t know what happened to him after his arrest.

So crazy, drunk, tuxedo wearing man, I def don’t wanna meet again..

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