Crazy Thanksgiving Night

Crazy Thanksgiving Night

So I’m a male nurse at a large hospital in San Francisco, I work in the ER and as is custom Thanksgiving night it was very busy.

Now my wife is also a nurse for the same hospital she works in labor and delivery. Between babies being born left and right and the people coming into the ER we hadn’t had a chance to take a break together as we try to do every shift.

So when she called I figured it was to say she wanted to meet up for a bite to eat in the cafeteria. When I answered I heard in the background a male voice screaming profanities in the background and my wife (who is fluent in Spanish) trying to calm this guy down. She told me their pager wasn’t working and they needed security stat.

I quickly hung up called for security told my fellow nurses what was going on and ran for labor and delivery,worried sick about my wife. When I ran almost square smack dab into this visibly angry man.

He wasn’t huge but bro definitely worked out and not at the gym, he was covered in prison tattoos and he was obviously a banger. I work out regularly but I knew this guy could kick my ass. He looked at me, gave me this sick grin and started heading towards me, sprouting off in Spanish.

I don’t speak fluent Spanish but what I could understand scared the living shit out of me, I’m backing up as fast as I can. I start buzzing the door to the ER frantically for them to let me in. This guys literally a foot away from me and the door opens and I’m pulled into safety by a doctor. Gang banger punches the door a few times, makes a dragging sign across his throat while grinning at us both.

Next thing I know the police rush into the corridor he’s in and it takes two security officers and two cops to subdue this dude. I finally make it to my wife who thankfully was shaken up but unhurt. She explained to me what happened.

A young girl only fourteen came in, high fever, vomiting, distended belly. The banger claimed he was her brother and they needed to cut her open to get her baby, they did an ultrasound and to their horror they realized she wasn’t pregnant she had bags of drugs in her stomach. It’s very common for drug mules to bring over young women from Mexico carrying drugs that way.

Home boy freaked out when they informed him his “sister” needed emergency surgery. And no he wasn’t getting his drugs. Thankfully the girl survived but the sad thing is she will be going to most likely be deported once she recovers.

So gangbanger who wants to kill me lets never meet again

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