Creepy Family in a White Van

Creepy Family in a White Van

I grew up in a small foothill town just south of Tahoe where this whole mess happened. It was a few years back but I think about it frequently. I’m a fairly tall girl on the thinner side. I’ve always been convinced that my height was a factor in deterring creepy people from bothering me. I used to run through a smaller sub neighborhood within my mom’s neighborhood frequently I was about 17 when this happened.

I was about 10 minutes into my run not exhausted luckily when this began. I saw an all white van driving near me when I enter the neighborhood. I had headphones in so I wasn’t aware that it had been following me for a great deal of time. Another 10 minutes past I looked back and I could still see the van but this time it was parked. I got kind of creeped out at this point but I figured it would be best to turn directly and stare at them making sure they knew I saw them. I don’t know why it seems like the best option for time but I had been told in a self defense class before to make eye contact and stand your ground so I guess that’s what I tried to do.

I could see a young guy maybe in his mid to late twenties driving the van but I couldn’t quite see who was in the passenger seat at the time but someone was definitely there. I felt like I had been staring them down for at least a couple minutes and none of us were moving. Then the passenger side door opens and out steps a BEAUTIFUL young blonde woman. She couldn’t have been older than 30. She just kind of stood there staring at me and beckoned with her hand for me to come towards her. Smiling the whole time.

After she beckons and I don’t respond, she opens the sliding back door of the van and 2 young children step out. They looked like they easily could’ve been these peoples real children I’m not sure. They were all blonde and white and looks very similar. Maybe between the ages of 5 and 7 one boy and one girl.

Once the kids came out of the van I had an initial feeling of relief thinking maybe it was just a family who is readjusting their situation in the van and I was thinking something more sinister than it was. I had been a nanny for a while at this point and new kids could be fussy.

Once I could actually see the kids faces and see the empty vacant look in their eyes my panic quickly returned. The woman tried to take the hand of the youngest girl and she ripped her hand away. I don’t know if the woman could see my facial expression change or me start to turn to run away. But she FULL CHARGE ran for me!!!! Like a Olympic track star i swear. I was freaking out I just turned and sprinted away as fast as I could. She ran after me for a block or two honestly much farther than I had expected. When I turn back I could see the van full force driving towards me with her still on foot making ground on me. She looked like a quiet home maker the fact that this lady could run like a BEAST still haunts me to this day.

I ended up hopping the fence of a nearby neighbors house that had a dog I was chummy with. I hid behind the fence and I could hear them get out of the van and approach it. At this point I was so terrified there’s no way I was looking up to see them again. My neighbor dog friend thankfully saved the day and started barking like a crazy dog which I think scared them off. As insane as these people seemed I guess they didn’t want to deal with that.

I’ve told this situation to several people including the police all of whom say I’m probably just misreading a situation where someone wanted “directions” ha ya right. Abductions are something that basically never happens in our small town so I guess that accounts for the skepticism. One of the cops even said I didn’t fit the “meek body type” people usually troll for to kidnap.

Regardless of what anyone says I know what happened and I’ve never been able to forget it. By far one of the most intense situations of my life. Crazy creeper family let’s never meet again.

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