Creepy Pasta – The Time I Got Robbed (GRAPHIC)

Creepy Pasta – The Time I Got Robbed (GRAPHIC)

The Time I Got Robbed (GRAPHIC)

This is a little about myself first before we start : Hello Midnight Fears, you may not be aware but I am a good fan, if you make a  video you may call me Mr. Joe or Joe would be fine. I’m new to the internet so please don’t be annoyed if I send you this twice by accident because i’m  not sure if a space in an email matters or not. So as I said I’ve only had internet for 3 months now and I’ve watched your videos because my friend told me about you and told me I could send a story to you, I had no scary stories until a week or 2 ago so let’s get started, SHALL WE?

Now I looked this up and it is legal to kill a man in your house if he is an unwanted guest and I am a person who is very protective, I don’t have any kids or family in my city, I will NOT say my city in my email for reasons that people would understand. So it was 9:00 PM in my house and I was about to get ready for bed, oh yes did I mention I am 31 years old. So I was getting ready for bed but I wanted to play a game my friend told me on the phone called World of Warcraft, I was curious because I love Video Games.

So I was kind of sick so I was gonna take a sick day tomorrow so I could get better and possible play this game. So i’m a man who also has guns and knives, because my city is pretty bad. So I was playing this game leveling when I had the radio on in my living room. I was playing this game for hours on end trying and trying to level but I kept hearing bangs but they were faded bangs so I was not very interested in these bangs I thought because I was tired, it was all in my head.

So I reached level 30 after 3 hours, it was midnight and I was thirsty, so as I walk down the hallway I thought I saw someone but was dark so figured it was just a shadow. I walk past it not thinking about it. I realize the radio was still on so  I turned it off before going in the kitchen, RIGHT when I turn it if I heard 3 loud footsteps I started saying to myself this is getting annoying I might wanna go to bed. BUT then I start realize , the bangs, the shadow, the footsteps… I’M GETTING ROBBED I was thinking in my head I go in my room get the XDM 9MM out under my pillow which was my closest weapon, well other than a dull kitchen knife.

I made a terrible move and went out in the open when I knew there were multiple people in my household and I went in the living room the one were I saw the shadow. I knew if these faggots had a knife or something I could beat the living SHIT out of them in close quarters combat as I was a strong individual. So as I went in there turned on the light…

One person screamed “DROP THE FUCKING GUN,” as he had a gun in his hand and as I slowly was putting it on the ground as he looked behind for one second seeing if  his other buds were coming I dropped fully on the ground and show both of his feet and I had a silencer so I was not going to expect the police or people coming to my house, or his little buds or as I call them, victims to be showing up right away because it was silence as a mouse, but not his screams, as I shot him he tried to shoot back before he would fall straight to the ground. So it didn’t hit me but without his silencer it left me deaf for a few seconds as I never once shot a gun without one, well one I did.

So I was trying to listen for the victims to arrive. As they arrived, one with a gun and the other with the biggest bags in his hands since black trash bags. As I saw the once with the gun come up first I shot him in the kneecap and the other once I said hey buddy since you have no gun you want a slow and painful death or a gunshot in the head. He said “SHOOT” I quickly strafed to my left and shot both men in the kneecaps again and took all there guns while holding the gun to the one with the bag. As I did this he charged at me I took his throat and banged his head against my TV which was not stolen, and said “ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION slow….. or shot,” he said shot, so I shot him in the hand and said oh MAN stop making a fucking mess you 3 filthy faggots.

I went got rope tied them 3 up also fixing their bleeding mess on the carpet. So as they suffer more I went with 2 guns in my hands, the third one I put on the top shelf of my closet knowing they cant stand up and reach it if they get untied. So I went and looked in my 4 bedroom 2 bath house and looked for more people as a smart move in my opinion. I found no one, not even in my basement so I come back to the living room and say do you like fun guys? They shake their heads in a slow movement as they’re in pain knowing their FUCKED!

I drag them to my room that still had World of Warcraft on the computer I said this is fun for everyone but what I’m gonna do to you guys is only fun for one of us, and then I winked while dragging them to the basement I push them down the basement stairs which is about 20 steps. I go and find all my other weapons which now I call my, torture weapon now. Sorry I spoiled what I was gonna do to them but I just wanted to make the name clear.

When I got the tools and went down into the basement I realized the rope was loose, haha good one but you’re not escaping that easy victims as I screamed loudly. I took my fists and beat the shit out of the first one I caught unconscious, as well for the other two of you, you guys will be having some fun little play times. One said “Tea party fun?” he asked sarcastically. I said “okay smart ass,” I took some bar soap put it under the sink to get soft and said open your mouth smart ass. He did so I put half of it in his mouth and said chew don’t swallow. He did I said yea get it in your mouth and taste it, I said like a psycho serial killer. he almost looked like he was going to die, so I said spit it out, and he did so and I said stick out your tongue as I was looking in my toolbox.

Ahh there we go, he looked confused and stuck his tongue back in his mouth I said one sec buddy let me untie your arm and play punchies for first cut I untied him he punched me like ten times as I sat there with no face expression.

MY TURN I punch him clean in the nose and twisted it. You cheat I cheat my friend. I tied his arm back and said tongue please he put it out and I slit his tongue and duck taped his mouth and smeared his blood from him nose all over his face and spat on him. I realized I forgot to make the rope tighter when I realized it was loose, I did so and slit this man’s legs in every single spot. I turned my head slowly at the 3rd guy he said ill give you money if you let me go I said hmm how much he said 100 grand I said that’s it? His eyes grew with fear as I grabbed my whip I used on my ex Girl Friend when we used to have sex I whipped his legs, arms, then untied him quickly tied the 2 back together and said okay lets go for a walk around my house.

He followed and tried punching me clean in the face when he got untied. He was the buffest one there so I showed a small sign I was hurt while my nose was bleeding. He thought he had won but I pulled his arm and he still followed I gave him a guide and said nice house? He nodded well we went outside and said that’s gonna be the last house you’ll ever see his eyes grew in FEAR as I said you get 2 free punches.. MAKE THEM COUNT he punched me in the nose then the groin.

I stood there screaming in agony because he did make me bleed out the nose again and the dick just hurt, he tried to run, but his hair was long because I took their masks off after I got them in the basement and I grabbed his hair and put it over my shoulder and flipped him over my shoulder by the hair and his scalp almost came out of his skull but he was in so much pain he died of pain after I punched him 3 times in the chest. He died and I cut all of his fingers off of his right and and made a necklace out of it and went to the 2nd one that wasn’t asleep from the ouch I made and I was getting exited so I said left hand now, so I put gasoline on it and burned it for 7 seconds.

I then cut the fingers off and made a matching order of fingers and burned fingers. I left the unconscious one to starve so as I said to this day he’s in there awake and screaming every single day so yesterday I picked up some burger king and went down there and saw he was still alive after 3 weeks so I gave him 3 burgers then I whipped him with my whip after untying him, he is forced to only eat once a week until he starves to death but I decided to for today I would set him on FIRE and watch him burn on the concrete floor but I put him out thinking I would let him starve while being burned. Everyday he will have a new body part burned for 5 to 15 seconds and will only eat once every 2 weeks.

Submitted by: Mr. Joe

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