Crimson V…Do you see what I see now?

Crimson V…Do you see what I see now?

Hello Hello Hello Midnight Fears and your all to wonderful fans. As I am seated here in this bucket seat of my newly rental I am leaned back enjoying the afternoon rain upon the sun roof. I guess one would then call it a rain bonnet? Excuse my pun, but you see my happiness still continues as does my journey.

Once more let us re-make all the story so far, as some, may not understand how dastardly revenge porn people are, and this one, has a new element for you. The pinkmeth crowd are out for me Midnight, and yet clueless, and I get off on it.

You must understand, that once anyone sends suggestive images they no longer have domain, or any images, for that matter, read the terms and conditions, as too few will, but I have read and re-read them plenty.

My darling sister Marsha made this mistake. She sent them to her soon after, divorced husband. From there he shared them to the revenge porn site pinkmeth. The emotional blackmail was so intense it wore her down, then when it went to her real life she ended hers. Get the understanding complete Midnight, once a person has been trolled, their lives can be completely ruined. Nobody hires a person who puts nudes out, it’s easier to get off for murder sadly. Your friends, your co-workers, as well as your family want no guilt by association. Your town and it’s members stare and offer nothing. Like a cancer ignored it spreads, and finally my sister, took her life. I will tell you a secret the crimson letters on my white hat, yea, they’re written in her blood. I lifted her finger as she laid there on the floor in a pool of it, and wrote the letters, C.V. Now Midnight, let’s begin this recent adventure.

This, guy, “Whos/Your/Daddy/Me”, as he calls himself, loves girls to dress as little girls. He told Marsha to make several short videos of herself dressed as a little girl in pigtails and look in the camera and just say, “Daddy” over and over. She did or she was at risk of having all her data shared with our cousins on the other side of town. Of course he, as well as others released everything anyway. The only outfit she had which matched close was an old costume from a musical made back by a huge production company of the time. I am sure you know the one, it had small persons in the cast.

I guess he fancied himself an internet wizard.

He held down the average job, just a blue collar guy, and working along his daily grinding dead end job he must have spent hours thinking how since his life was going no where why should the lives of others? HUH! Life is truly what you make of it Midnight.

Once more I tell you, I don’t hate these men, hate is based on reaction with no plan. I am a vigilante, and one must be creative, and calculated in order for true change to occur. Again, I ask only your listeners to share my short tales, for them there’s no risk, for me however, surly the future remains to be seen.

Getting back on track…Whos/Your/Daddy/Me found me seated just outside in the social area of his plant. I was wearing a paper hair net to let him think I worked there. I was holding my phone upwards, as so many girls do to get just that right angle. I puckered my mouth as silly females seem to think those make for cute photos. I was laughing and scrolling through the fake vanity when he came up.

Whos/Your/Daddy/Me spoke, “So are you new?” “Only by way of the job big guy!” as I giggled and shook my finger in a come set down way. As he set the thick plastic mold smell on his  coveralls made me a bit dizzy. “When do you get off?” he asked “HAHA if you mean the job in about an hour, if ‘ya’ mean anything else h a r d to say big Daddy.” He covered his shame with his hands but I knew just that word would do the trick, and it do worked it’s magic. I am never failed by amazement how easy it is to get inside their heads. “Yea before this jay oh bee I was dancing just to make ends meet, OH you won’t tell on me will you sweetie?” I said almost like a silly empty headed school girl. As he leaned forward, his warm breath whispered, “why would I want to do that little girl?”

I know if I don’t put a stop to these low pieces of true scum they’ll each start moving their lives from behind a screen to the real world. I could feel Marsha embracing the moment of our moment of true triumph.

“Little!? Oh I don’t know about little.” I pointed down to my back side. “You know I can meet up later and we can discuss this more”, he said as the whistle blew.  I once more put my index finger to my lips, “Yea let’s drink a few beers at your place and just go all sort of crazy hehehe” As he scribbled his where abouts on my paper hat I watched him run back through the steel double doors.

After he was back on his line and I knew there was no chance he would come back out I ran to the car and ran the g.p.s. system to his address. These bachelors always have a spare key I thought, just where I needed to find out in less than one hour.

The place was a sad dump, the side walk had crack, the siding was rusted, and yard looked dead. For a brief second I felt pity. I found the key in a fake rock on the cemented tiny porch with tarnished fencing about. I went in, and the place was just as sad inside as out. Pizza boxes, empty and half empty beer bottles made the place just ripe with air.  The only room that looked kept up on was his small office space. His desk top was foolishly still on? That was stupid. Then I saw why, due to image upon image downloading from his pinkmeth sickos, as I’m sure nice gifts from his on line mates. Stacks of printed envelopes with addresses like a business class we all ready to be stuffed and mail. I had to breath deeply to control myself. I couldn’t really risk removing or touching much yet.

I went back out side, fluffed my hair. Put them in little braids, and unzip my hoodie just at the start of my cleavage. I watched in my rear view as he pulled up behind me. “So did you have any trouble?” I cut his sentence off short, “Not yet but I am willing.” we both laughed. “Maybe I’m an old fashioned guy,” He smiled, “But let me blindfold you and carry ya in little one.” “I wanna grab my bag Big MAN.” I knew it was because the only other room I hadn’t a chance to view was his bed room. He blindfolded me and my bag was on my legs, true enough he was damn strong, and that worried me just a bit.

I was right I felt myself bounce on a mattress and he took off the blind fold, as I thought, it was the second only tidy room in the house. “Now about those beers?” I joked “Can I have one?” “Are you sure you’re old enough?”, his lips made me sick. “Shouldn’t I be, old enough I mean?” “noooo don’t be” he leaned in as I slowly laid backwards, ; “call me d a d d y and maybe I will give you something with a little foamy head.”

“Are we still talking about beer, Daddy?” I got all flushed intentionally.  “No, we’re not little girl.”

My hands fumbled to reach for my bag. I took out an orange plastic jump rope I’d gotten from a cheap thrift store.

“I tell you Daddy I’ll skip rope and each time I miss you can tell me what Daddy wants for my punishment.” “Do it girl! Let’s see you shake what Daddy’s given you.” he spoke and his voice sounded like a prayer had been answered.

Can you take a picture of me looking so cute Daddy, and I handed him my phone. He smiled as I assured him I would be glad to email them to him.

I jumped, he snapped.

“My Daddy’s not YOUR Daddy, but he was hanging out clothes, MY Daddy hit YOUR Daddy square in the nose!” I chanted as I hopped the plastic. “What color of blood was shed? Red! Crimson RED.”

I tossed the rope about his neck when I missed the beat. I pulled him in close I said, “Oh ever play that one game where ya almost pass out during the special moment Daddy? Do it for me I bet it’s exciting!” Whos/Your/Daddy/Me was far to happy to oblige me. I Started snapping pictures one after another as the went right to pinkmeth, his neck and hands clearly what he was doing.

He started turning blue, I am out for revenge not murder! I let go and made certain he was just at the moment of passing out as I dawned my white knit blood stained CV hat, “Marsha, sends her regards freak.” In his slumber I ran to the office space, grabbed the letters, envelopes, and and set his pc to factory reset with a post it on the screen, “Thanks Daddy I have fun! C.V.!”

Ah The rain’s stopped Midnight, time to drive on.

Bye for now XOXO

Crimson Vigilante

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