Hello Midnight Fears and Fans of all things frightening…

It’s me CV aka The Crimson Vigilante…

I wanted to thank you for the inspiration to continue to write my mission to you…

For those not following my story, here’s an albeit brief look back. Pink Meth a revenge porn site on the deep web which is rude, crude and with their dastardly ways, pushed my sister to take her own life. My path has lead me to seek revenge for her, Marsha took her own life after the embarrassment she suffered from those pricks on that site. I now take their honor and leave them with no knowledge of just why I treat them as I have over this time.

Obviously I’m no longer in the lone star state, as when you first read these stories, I am else where.

The skies, as I recall are big and bright, so is this story. I know men think how delightful it would be to do sick things to twins. Why should it be different for us girls? These 2 men, were registered sex offenders, and had my sisters photos plastered not only on their boards but even on free porn sites. Lester and Pauli, let’s just call them that,  then sent the url to our oldest living Aunt, and then after years of mentoring and giving support to Marsha, she stopped taking her phone calls.

I found them from the channel and read how they loved taking turns with girls, and age was of no matter to these sick s.o.b.’s! They would run a game system and troll for girls who seemed too naive to know any better. They would get these gals in their guild and gain their trust. Once established as just good old boys, the ladies would open up and maybe send them one or two photos. This would just pave the way for their black mail games. I couldn’t take the risk of them doing this to any more girls.

Four months of my life I spent playing this video game, bored to tears, but didn’t want to rush and give myself away. I teased the hell out of them, and finally told them I just had to meet them!

Do you know about Sun Tzu and the “Art of War”, Midnight? Sometimes the best thing you can hope for is to get your enemies to fight one another.

I  told Lester and Pauli I would meet them at a gaming convention in a large city, and to please get a room at the hotel where the event was to take place. They sent me a copy of their room numbers as well as where they would hook up with me.

If they wanted photos of me in my cos play outfit, I would be happy to pose. I sent them my picture dressed as an anime character and told them I’d be there, and to each twin I sent a different time because I really liked “him” more than his brother.  I knew they would be treating each other poorly by the time we met.

When I got to the hall I sent a message first to Pauli then 30 min later to his twin. I had ask they leave a copy of their room keys for me at the front desk under my sister Marsha’s name.

She was so meaningless to them they didn’t even realize the significance. Which was proof enough for me they were the lowest scum around. I might have taken it easy on them but now they had to get it.

Pauli’s room smelled of that man spray and it almost made me gag before I even knocked. He answered the door, there I stood dressed in my cos sailor outfit, looking too cute for words, and twisting my white knit hat. I even lied and told him I’d ran away from home and I was really only 16yrs old, knowing this would turn this sick fuck on. That yellow toothy smile is an image I wish now, I could erase from my memory! He asked me if I really liked him more than his twin and I smiled and licked my lips, “Yes you seem to be more down to earth than him.”

“What would you all like to do sweet thing?” Pauli asked in that long lone star state drawl. “Let’s play a trick on your brother.” I answered. I’ll go to his room and while I’m in the bathroom I will text you, once you come in you can swoop me in your arms and carry me back here and we’ll have us a time!” Of course he agreed.

20 min past and I went to Lester’s room. Once I got there I laid out the same plot only he was to kick Pauli out.

Let the fireworks commence!

In some strange way this let me still hear Marsha’s laughter once again. I went just as promised, to the powder room and sent him a text.

Not even three minutes and they rolling on the floor. Have you ever noticed when an image of men fighting can look so so sexual? I took out my phone and put out a nice 5 minute video with sexy jazz music and in slow motion. Very erotic stuff. It went right to Pink Meth, with their names of course. I left the convention full of satisfaction.

Sick twins had doubled my pleasure. I love recalling the smell of their sweat, their pong of aftershave and the copper ol’factory which was the blood spilled from brother to brother.

Nighty Night Midnight Fears..I guess I could mention where I will be next…ha no I think not….u n t i l

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