Dark Being with White Eyes

Dark Being with White Eyes

So this is my first post and this is all real and has happened to me. I typed this in a word document before putting it in the text box to try and get all the spelling and grammar right sorry if its still messed up. If you want more I have more, a lot more about my occurrences.

A little background information, I’m not really religious, raised up that way by both parents, but some of the events make me at times and I do pray from time to time but I just find it hard to believe in the stuff I see with my field of work. I firmly believe there’s ghosts, spirits, etc but I just find it hard to believe even though I see them and with what have happened to me. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 3. My dad was a drunk and verbal and emotional abusive to my mom but never laid a hand on me or my brother or did anything wrong other than be a guilt tripping drunk asshole, half brother which is 8 years older than me and different moms. His mother left when he was 1 because they found out he has Cystic Fibrous.

So on with it now…It all started when I was little, little like really little. I was maybe 6 years old and I was at my dad’s and I was never afraid of the dark before but slept with the door open because I just didn’t like having it closed. I woke up randomly at about 2am because I had to piss and my brother was in the bathroom in the hall way because of the medicine and it didn’t sound like he was having a good time in there and so I went into my dad’s room and said “Dad? I have to pee can I use your bathroom?” He replied sleepy “Sure go ahead.” I did my business and say good night to him as I walked out and closed his bedroom door and I’m in the hall way and looking toward the living room and entrance to the kitchen, brother still in the bathroom being miserable and I thought I saw something in the living room or go into the kitchen.

A little house layout for you, the living room was the entrance to the house and it went straight to the kitchen but right before the kitchen was a hallway that on the right side down to the end was the kitchen, the bathroom, then my dad’s room. On the left side it was my room and at the end my brothers room.

I go to the living room and start patting the wall for the light switch for the hall light and flick it on and there is nothing so I rounded the corner and flip the kitchen light on and nothing was there, and go to the dinning room and see nothing but turn the light on and there’s still nothing. By now there are enough lights on to see completely in the living room and there’s absolutely nothing. I just got the weird feeling that there is something behind me so I turn around and there’s nothing but the sliding glass door with blinds still as ever. I think “whatever, I need to go back to sleep I have school tomorrow.” I turn all the lights off and about to walk in my room and my brother comes out of the bathroom and asks what the fuck I was doing and I tell him I thought I saw something and he grumbles and tells me to go back to bed. I say “ok, but I feel like there’s something in the backyard.” He grumbles some more and turns the hall light on and tells me to follow him and goes in the kitchen grabs a flash light and goes to the dinning room and moves the blinds and says “Do you see anything?” I said “No, but what’s that?” It was something about 6 to 7 feet tall but was darker than anything else out there and just seemed out of place. He looks and grabs the machete by the door and turns the outside light on and goes outside and it’s dead silent. He asks if I still see it and I tell him “Yes, but it looks a little farther away.” He hands me the flashlight and tells me to keep the light on him as he walks and I do just that and he starts to walk towards where I thought it was. After about five minutes but what seemed like forever he start walking back and he just seems mad and upset, which is normal but he tells me to go right to bed and close the door and say my prayers again and go to sleep. I complain about closing my door and he grabs my face around my cheeks and says very meanly that I will do as he says or he will make me do all his chores. So I do just that. As I lay in my bed I heard him making noises of messing with shit in the kitchen and locking everything up and turning the light off and go to his room. I say my prayers and try to sleep but I feel like there is something outside my window so I peek and I think I can see it outside by the mailbox. So I knock on the wall that separates our rooms and he says to go back to sleep. I say my prayers again and I can just feel it. I didn’t sleep at all. Go to school and come back home to my dad’s. That night I woke up again around 2am but with the feeling I’m being watched so I grab one of my toy lightsabers from under my bed and turn it on and stick my head out of my room and look down the hall and just see the red reflection in a picture at the end of the hall and look right and see the red reflection in the TV. I stand there looking because it doesn’t feel right. Then something happened and it instantly got lighter in the room, not so dark in the living room. The front door opens and I drop the lightsaber and my dad asks what I’m doing from outside. I jump into bed and the front door shuts and sure enough my dad comes around the corner and put the lightsaber on my dresser and turns it off. I tell him all that happened last night and that night. He gets in bed next to me and tells me that we need to make a prayer just for this. So we did and we pray and he goes to bed.

I laid there for hours I think and then I decided that I was going to play my gameboy and start searching for it in the dark. I get the feeling again and turn around to my open door and the hallway is darker than dark, Like the blackness just got darker. I just stand there scared with no other option thinking to scream and yell but can’t. Then these to white balls the size of eyes in place where eyes should be just form. These eyes are whiter than white and brighter than anything I have ever seen. I stand there scared shitless, and it goes to move closer but all the sudden it stops like it can’t get close enough. It started making rumbling noises, like thunder, and then it says my name. Then it feels like the whole house is shaking like it does when the thunder shakes so bad we lose power and says “Riley, I know who you are and where you come from. I know what you will be and where you will be. I’ll be waiting for you to slip and when the time comes you’re mine.” At that moment I felt I could scream and yell and I did just that.

My dad and brother start making noises like there crawling and running out of their beds and the shaking stopped and it disappeared. My dad runs into my room and starts asking what’s going on and I start crying. My brother walks in complaining about me being a little girl and needing to grow up. He tells him to go back to bed and I tell my dad what happened. He picks me up and carries me to his room and we kept praying till I fell asleep. From then on I slept with a night light.

Years go by, I forgot about this. I start living with my mom; she’s extremely religious and spiritual and has crosses everywhere and other things all over the house, and spending more and more time with her and my step dad. I’m about 13 or 14 now and at my mom’s house. My mom asks me if I see things, things that aren’t there. I tell her I saw my great grandmother the night she died, I found out the next day from my brother that she did when I called him and asked if she was ok. My mom then asks if I’ve seen anything else, anything that wanted to harm me. I tell her no, I couldn’t remember that event at the time. She says good and gives me breakfast and I go and play paintball.

Few months later I was lying in bed tired as hell but couldn’t sleep. I start to feel like I’m starting to finally fall asleep and I look at the clock and its now 3:30am. I turn over on my stomach and there it was something blacker than black. Darker than dark. Just staring at me from the corner, the corner where my night light was, the light seemed to do nothing but disappear into it. I just stare back; I did the only thing I thought would work after watching scary movies and paranormal shows. I say to it “Leave this house; you have no power here or over me. Leave me alone, leave my family alone.” It just stood there and appeared to be slightly laughing at me and says “No” Calmly and flatly back to me. I repeat it but being a teen and being one of those bully children I added “pussy” at the end of it. That’s when the eyes came back and the house started shaking, everything but the bed and I could no longer move. I tried to talk but couldn’t. I tried to scream, yell, move, couldn’t even turn away.

It started laughing audibly, the deepest most evil laugh I have ever heard. It seemed to be what was making the house shake. It continued for what seemed forever and it seemed too reached into its blackness and pulled out a pure white knife, looked exactly like a video game dagger but pure white and seemed to glow. The shaking and laughing stopped as it advanced and I still couldn’t move, look away or close my eyes. It said “Am I the pussy now?” It begun to stab me all over, I could feel it enter and leave my body and I could see and feel the blood all over me. It stabbed my heart and said “You’re not allowed to die yet; you still have a purpose for me. For the one above and the one below. You are you going to serve? Serve me? Serve the one in the sky? Serve the one in the ground? Tell me!” I started hearing running footsteps across the house. It turns and says “I’ll return but you won’t be happy because you’ll be alone.” And it disappeared. My mom comes running through the door asking if I’m ok and what happened and where did it go. I start crying and so is she my step dad comes around the corner and asks what happened. I finally stop and my step asked the question again. My mom starts explaining the whole thing like she was in the room with me…Explaining everything like she was standing in the room and heard and saw it all. My step said “Impossible.” I told him its true and that is exactly what happened. He goes to bed and my mom goes and grabs the cross from above her bed and puts it above my own. And the ones I have she put in my dresser where I placed just a bunch of random stuff and explained not to touch it ever or that drawer till she says its ok. And lies down with me in the bed.

I didn’t sleep for a few days. And finally started sleeping again, and my mom stopped sleeping with me at night and back in her own bed. I started having the most terrible feelings in my room when I was alone. I would wake up with the worst feeling on dread and unhappiness and sadness. To the point I’m already crying when I would wake up and go to my mom’s room already and tell her there was something wrong. That happened for about a year. I was laying in my bed texting a girl from class that I was extremely fond of. And I got the sudden feeling something was wrong. I looked around and saw nothing weird or different and texted her that I had the weirdness feeling that something bad is going on. She texted back “What do you mean?” I tried texting her a quick explanation about it and it wouldn’t go throw even though I had service. And then my phone shut off and I heard what sounded like my step dad running through the house. He bursts through the open door and asks if I’m ok. I tell him yes. He asks what just happened. I said “Nothing just can’t sleep. Why?” He looks terrified, I only saw him like this after our car accident when I was 10. He said he saw what my mom and I saw standing in the hallway in and flick what looked like a match into the room and it went up in flames in a dream. He tells me to go get in bed with my mom and he will stay awake. He goes and sits on the couch in the family room which looked directly into his bedroom and just sat there with the table light on. I fell asleep and woke up and he was asleep with a street import magazine in his hands. My mom was in the kitchen making lunches for work and school. Asks what happened and why he was out here and I was in there I explained what happened including the phone thing. She scolded me about the phone part and glad everything is ok. I go to the bus stop. While at school she texted she took clothes to my grandparent’s house and that they will pick me up early from school and if there is anything else I need to get it from a friend or the store. They picked me up and there was a whole new set of clothes for school and to wear for what looked like a few days. My grandmother told me to change in the garage and to put the clothes in a paper bag.

My mom came by a few hours later and told me she didn’t want me in the house for a few days and that her and my step where going to be doing things with the house. I said ok. The next day was suppose to be the day all my friends and I where suppose to play Call Of Duty over Xbox live and wreck shit so I told texted my mom telling her I was going to my friend’s house after school to do homework and play video games but went home to play Xbox. I walked in and it felt weird and the cats where all in the garage hiding it seemed. It felt depressing and sad there, and like no one has been there in days but the litter box was clean and their food dishes full. I picked my cat up and tried to bring him in the house but he wouldn’t have it so I let him be and went to play Xbox. So I started it up as it started to rain and played a handful of games and got hungry so I said I’d be right back and went to the kitchen hungry as hell. And came back with a bunch of grapes but my TV and Xbox where off. Completely off and everything put away. I didn’t do that so it was weird, but turned it back on and pulled my controller out and went to go get more Kool-Aid and turned from the kitchen to go back to my room and stopped dead in my tracks. It was standing there in the hallway coming out of my room. It just stared at me, its eyes opened. I dropped everything I had run to the closest door being the sliding glass door unlocked it and it wouldn’t budge. Not at all. It slowly walked down the hall. I gave up on it and ran to my parent’s bedroom and tried a window. It was now in between the kitchen and the hallway so I couldn’t make it to the front door. The window wouldn’t budge either. I just stood their standing and crying as it came closer and closer, so slowly it walked closer to me. It stood now in the middle of the floor with a gap between it and the couch. I took off toward it and jumped onto the couch and stepped onto the kitchen counter and jumped off and ran to the front door. I unlocked it and kept trying it and trying it. It wouldn’t move. I sat down back against the wall as it now moved like a normal walking pace towards me. My cat was hiding under the end table just watching me and I grabbed it with the only thought being if I’m going to die I don’t want to be alone. And It came running and pulling the blade out and stopped right as I turned back to face it. My cat started hissing and growling and it stood there. My cat wiggled free and stood on my lap doing the same and the thing backed away slightly. I grabbed for my phone in my pocket. Tried my mom, tried my step, tried my grand parents and it wouldn’t go through. The thing stood there and just stared at my cat. It said “Thissss issss foolisssshhhhnesssssssss.” It turned away and slowly walked away and disappeared at the same time. My cat stood there on my lap hissing the whole time till it was gone and then ran off towards my bedroom. I called and called my mom. And no calls where going through. I tried the door and it still didn’t work. I called my grandmother and it didn’t work. The next I know there’s knocking and the sound of keys going into the door. I yell it’s unlocked but not opening as I stand up and in comes my grandparents.

They claim they answered every time I called them and my mom called them and said to go to there house immediately because she had a bad feeling I told them what happened. About 30 minutes later my mom came into the house from work and told me there was a reason she didn’t want me here. And yelled at me and scolded me and thanked god I was ok. I explained what happened. She sent my grandparents home and told me she was having the house blessed tonight but it sounds like it’s a good idea to get my blessed as well.

The person showed up, just said his name was Michael and to only calls him that and if he could get to work. My mom asked him if he could bless me to he said that everyone and everything that live in this house will be blessed but that’s last. He said he needs all our help since we are here so we help and say what he told us to say. “This is the lord’s house, this is god’s house, this house is in god’s protection and if you don’t belong to god leave. You are not welcome here. Leave and go back to where you come from you are not welcome.” Did that through the house, he blessed the cats and my mom. My step got home right after he blessed my mom so he blessed him too. He got me setup in the chair and started and the voice came out of no where. Sounded like it was behind me but he said not to turn around. The voice was the same and it said “This one has sinned before, sinned when he already had many chances. He has another so why let him become a sinner. That is what he was created for, sinning!” Michael continued on, I think it was Latin because of religious stuff I’ve read but afterwards my mom said it wasn’t but something else old like it. The voice started again and stated the same thing but added “This one may not be a sinner but you let him live and he will become one. You know, you all know it. Let me have him, let his power be my power and I shall leave all of you alone. Quit protecting him idiots and just give him to me and I’ll let him at least deicide where he will go when it’s over.” Then it screamed “No matter, I will return to him. I have others that aren’t so smart.” And stopped and the feeling left immediately. No more bad feeling around or sadness or dread. Michael finished his blessing and said that he has only ever seen this once before but said that he was called to late and found nothing but evil in the house when he went to bless it.

It’s now 6 years later that I type this because I think I’ve been seeing it around for the past year and a half after 5 years of not having it bother me or be around. If you want to hear more let me know because I have about 12 more occurrences dealing with this thing up until yesterday and can’t find any information on it. Any information you might have on it will be helpful because I want to know what I’m dealing with.

For everyone commenting and asking for more:

I hit a very rough spot in my life back and March, my car being my pride, joy and only thing to not leave me blew up in April. A really good friend of mine confessed her love for me, and then she left me when she found out I was reenlisting. Some family health issues popped up then. I got the car back and blew it up again two weeks later. Two different gals tried playing the you got me pregnant thingI’m moving now, and moving again in four months. Then this hurricane hit and my parents have been displaced and so was I but 14 hours apart. So I will post another one shortly, maybe in a weeks when I get settled somewhere.

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