Dead Alien Hybrid?

Dead Alien Hybrid?

Dead Alien Hybrid?

This true scary story comes from recent news.

The dead body of a 60 year old man named Jeffrey Nash was discovered decomposing in a SUV on July 17th 2015.  From there the story just gets scarier and stranger.  His body had been decomposing for two weeks before police discovered the rotting remains in the SUV in a parking lot in Santa Monica, California.

Apparently, police were tipped off to the dead body by the deceased’s fiancee, a woman named Catherine.  Catherine and her employee, Dawn were with Mr. Nash when he died.  They tried to help him but he passed away and did not want them to call 911.

Catherine believed that Nash was an operative for a secret government agency.  Nash had told her that not only was he a secret agent but he was also an alien hybrid.  His fiancee completely believes this to be fact.

The two women did not report the mans death to authorities because they thought he would be picked up by the secret agencies he was tied with.  Instead, the two women fled the scene and left to Oregon.

Dawn who is 39 years old did not contact her parents or her children.  Her poor parents were so worried they filed a missing persons report two days after her disappearance.

The women have contacted the police through Catherine’s attorney but both are still missing.  Dawn did send a letter to her parents but has not called or even spoken to them or even more surprisingly, her children.

Now any reasonable person would just assume the man was lying to his fiancee and the two women just freaked out at his death so they “ran away.”  However, what police found at the home of Nash puts an entirely different spin on this story.

Police uncovered more than 1200 firearms along with over 6 TONS of ammunition.  That is millions of dollars worth of weapons.  They also found several SUV’s modified for negotiating different terrains.  One of the SUV’s was actually an amphibious vehicle able to drive under water!  $230,000 dollars of cash was also found in Nash’s home.

These facts tell a story of their own.  This was not simply a man who was lying to impress his fiancee.  There is much more to this story that meets the eye, or the ear in our case.  The fiancee is adamant that the man was indeed an alien hybrid working for the U.S. Government in some fashion.

Why would these women disappear and not come home?  Dawn has children and has not even contacted them since the incident.  Was Nash a drug dealer, or a gun runner?  Or maybe, just perhaps, in this case the truth is scarier than fiction.

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