Debbie and the Little Girl in a Blue Dress

Debbie and the Little Girl in a Blue Dress

Debbie and the Little Girl in a Blue Dress

Since I was nine I had always seen things a little bit differently than the other kids in my neighborhood. I was the fat, dorky, weird kid that people thought was creepy.  The reason for this is because I could see things or at least thought I could see things, honestly now thinking back on it I could of just been imagining things. Anyway, I had always seen this little girl in a light baby blue sundress. She was around my age I think and was more or less pale in the face. I remember she was always silent but once in a while she would smile at me.

I told my parents and they didn’t believe a word I told them. My dad was a hardcore Baptist to my step mom was Catholic, so you can imagine. As I grew up I started not to see the little girl as much. She would appear randomly until eventually, not at all.

Years passed and I had been introduced into pagan culture and learning about rituals and magic. A girl I knew, lets call her Debbie, she taught me a lot of things. She was a rather short and stout girl with a rather large chest and pretty green eyes. She had  a heart shaped face and big pouty lips.

Honestly, I was a little in puppy love with her.
Anyway, she asked me a lot of questions over the few years that we had been going to high school together. (I moved around a lot) She eventually brought up the topics of ghosts and I told her about my experiences as a child. When she heard about the little girl a wicked smile came across her face.

She asked me if I wanted to see the little girl again. Curious about how I said yes. She said she would meet me at my house around eleven that night. Honestly I had never stayed up that late before, I was afraid my parents might get upset but I would go through with it anyway.

After I got home I ate supper and waited till dark. My parents always passed out around nine pm, so it was just a matter of waiting. I had almost passed out when I heard something hit my window. I froze for a moment because I was tired and then got up to loom out the window. Debbie was waiting at the far left corner of the little storage shed we had outside.

I moved down the stairs as quickly as could making the least noise I could. I got to the front door without a fuss and headed around the house and toward Debbie. She had a rather large bag with her and a half cocked smile on her lips. She asked me if I was ready and I nodded.

We went inside the storage shed, she started setting up a little are in the middle. She moved a lot of boxes around and I was to nervous to move at this point. I hadn’t ever tried anything like this and was afraid of what could possibly happen.

Moments passed and she had set up a little area. There was a mat with some diagram painted onto it, would look like a small black pot (which I now know was a cauldron) she had filled it with a water bottle she had pulled out of her bag and then set it on top of a hot plate she had brought as well. I reminded perfectly still and silent As she did all these things.

She pulled out what looked like a few ingredients, random things you may find in the kitchen and others not so much, not for sure what all was there, but she had some wolf teeth and snake skin.

The last thing she did was pull out this big leather bound book that looked older than time itself. It just smelled like the leather had rotted or the pages or something about this aroma of just putrid wetness, I guess you could describe it as? She turned to a page she had book marked, she looked at me and started speaking in Latin or something.

Honestly at first I didn’t feel anything but her voice grew louder and more intense. As it did, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. It was getting colder and let me state it was mid summer in Texas so ya.

As the chanting went on, the over hanging lights flicked. The wind outside seemed to pick up and then she threw in some of the ingredients. As she did, the walls of the storage building started to shake violently. I started to freak out. Yelling at her to stop but she kept at it. Adding more stuff to the cauldron and chanting.

After a few more rounds of chanting, she stopped and the lights went out. I wanted to scream but before I could I was frozen in terror at what I heard. Demonic giggling filled the room and I bolted out the door and toward the house. That wasn’t the little girl, that was something else.

The rest of the night was in a haze. I don’t remember all that happened after I bolted. I was in such shock I woke up the next day in the living room under the coffee table.

After that day, I became a little more aware of the supernatural and learned to never trust an unskilled practitioner in the field of witchcraft.

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