Deep Web Animal Cruelty

Deep Web Animal Cruelty


The following content is graphic and may disturb some readers.  Please do not continue if you are sensitive to graphic violence and cruelty to animals.

Deep Web Animal Cruelty

I have found the one of the worst sites on the deep web.  It was all about animal cruelty.  People uploaded videos of themselves torturing all kinds of innocent animals.  I was shocked at just how many videos there were.  I would think no one would want to watch this disgusting behavior, but the site had dozens of videos available.

I was hoping it wasn’t real so I watched a few to see if it was maybe just a sick hoax.  it wasn’t.  Videos featured all kinds of animals but mainly focused on dogs and cats.  One of the ones that really disturbed me was about a beagle.  It was such a nice dog and so trusting.  It tore my heart out what these two delinquents did to that poor little animal.  They started by snipping off the pups toes with a bolt cutter or something.  One prick held it down while the other tortured the animal.  He then cut off the dogs tail.  They cracked its teeth with a hammer, and proceeded to beat the poor animal with a baseball bat.  The one guy then started to stomp on its head to try to get its eyeballs to pop out of the skull.  They actually said that was what they were trying to do.  It worked somewhat.

Oh and by the way, this was one of their neighbor’s family dog that they snatched off of its leash from their back yard.  These pieces of trash had a good laugh about that part.  Please watch your dogs closely when letting them out.

Another one of this deep web site’s videos featured a man who put a kitten in a microwave, a cute sweet tiny grey kitten.  The poor thing wanted out as soon as he put in the microwave and shut the door.  It pawed at the door and meowed like it was asking to be let out.  The disgusting punk just turned the dial on and giggled.  The sound of the kittens screams still haunt me to this day.  One of the worst videos I have ever witnessed.  I can’t imagine the pain this poor animal felt as it was being cooked from the inside out alive.  It was so horrible!  All the while this bastard was laughing like he was at a comedy show or something.  How could anybody be so cruel?

Another video I saw on the site was how to train dogs to fight.  They left these poor animals outside and wouldn’t feed them.  They continually punched them on the top of the head and hit them with sticks to make them more aggressive.  The fighting was just as horrible.  Those dogs just tore each other apart.  I hoped they would turn and tear the trainers to shreds.  Now that would have been a video I could really enjoy.

After watching the videos I was totally disgusted.  It took about 10 minutes but my stomach just couldn’t handle it.  My mouth watered as my stomach turned and I ended up losing my dinner.  I hope these people pay for their crimes against the innocent.  They deserve to burn in hell!

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