Deep Web Luciferians

Deep Web Luciferians

Deep Web Luciferians

So there is this Luciferian cult who manages a website on the deep web. You can find it by just browsing around for awhile. It was kind of informative. Before visiting this site I would have thought “Luciferian” means Satanists or devil worshipers, but apparently not in this cult at least. The site explains that most of their Luciferian members don’t actually believe in a devil or Satan. They are in fact from different religions. They may be pagans, wikkins (I don’t know how to spell that and I’m just too lazy or disinterested to look, I apologize)or even from the more traditional religions. They do honor Alistair Crowley as a demi-god however. The site praised and sold all of his books and works. Crowley and some Russian lady I’ve never heard of.

The idea was to channel spirits and perform magic until you yourself become a god. There were all kind of rituals and ceremonies to perform. Most of it seemed pretty far out there like witches brews and spirit summoning, curses and power spells. Pretty ridiculous stuff like that, you need daggers and mirrors, candles and some other stuff to perform the rituals. Most of them needed the pentagram on the floor as well. The majority of it was just nonsense that nerds might do at a sleepover or something.

The thing that was over the top for me and definitely crossed the line was the advice on how to stay young. Most intelligent people would assume to stay young you should eat well and exercise. Nope, not according to this Luciferian cult. What they do is ubelievably disgusting and apparently much of it came from Crowley’s works. It was advised that in order to stay young that a person needs to have actual intercourse with children, the younger the better. To me that is encouraging them to become pedophiles and these people should be locked up for even suggesting this type of vile action. I mean how many people are actually committing these crimes because of dumb sites like this. They actually state that babies were the best source of their sick anti-aging solution.

Another aspect of staying young was to drink the blood of children to remain youthful. Again, they stated the younger the victim was, the more powerful the effect. Are you kidding me? These people want to have sex and drink the blood of our children! Crowley always did have that pedophile look to me but I had no idea what he was and how sick he actually was.

He channeled this demonic like entity named Lam, and it kind of looked like an alien to me. This made me think that people who claim to see aliens are maybe seeing demons from the spiritual world. Crowley drew a picture of his little friend, big head and little body. How could anyone follow this man knowing what he was?

These morons may not believe in the devil, but whether they know it or not, they sure are influenced and ruled by him.

Submitted by The Precise Prize

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