Deep Web Zoosexual

Deep Web Zoosexual

Deep Web Zoosexual

The deep web isn’t all about red rooms, killers and hitmen. It is also a place for communities, like minded people who have a shared interest, or in my case, a fetish or attraction that other people would disapprove.

When I was in my teens I found out about the darknet.  I have never cared too much about the law, mostly because of how I am. I am a zoosexual and I find the law is unfair to me.  I never chose to have a sexual attraction to animals, I just did. They are so much better than people in many cases. Animals are kind, loyal and trusting when they get to know you. They don’t act out of hate or anger, only in defense or self preservation. Animals are beautiful and perfect. This is why I have a sexual attraction towards them.

So I went to the deep web and found a few forums about zoosexuals. Communities where like minded people can connect and openly speak of our supposedly taboo attraction to animals. Even though it is not illegal everywhere, the stigma alone is enough to drive it underground. I have posted a ton of content on the deep web forums and shared much about my exploits. I enjoyed sharing everything and felt accepted by others in these communities. You would be surprised how many of us exist.

I met this one zoo that I connected with. After a while, we decided to create a website showcasing our mutual attraction to animals. We allowed other users to freely post videos and give out information without any rules except for animals being hurt or tortured. Those kinds of things are called zoo sadism.

In a few short months our website gained over 10,000 users! It was a huge success! I joined a few more networks on the darknet. Most were great with zoos who were caring and loving towards their animals. But then I found a video on this one board from a place called, “Animals Nightmare,” it was everything that a true loving zoo would absolutely hate. It featured several videos of animals being killed and tortured in the most gruesome ways imaginable. One extremely popular video which I vividly remember to this day showed this guy physically rip a small innocent puppy in half and then proceeds to stick his male organs in the dead carcass to gain sexual gratification. I was shocked and backed out of it immediately.

Not much later, many zoo websites were taken down with the big tor server bust. Good sites like zoo portal and some other zoo boards were shut down.

That was just the beginning of my experiences on the deep web. I ended up exploring more than just zoo boards. After a little time, I started to use dark net scams for profit.  I was a seller on one of the popular dark net sites called “Agora” that partly replaced “Silk Road” after it was shut down. I sold fake goods such as “Air Jordan” shoes along with some other luxury goods. I became a highly paid middle man in these ventures.

I made quite a bit of money from selling these kinds of fake products. You would be surprised  how many legitimate companies would buy my shoes to sell in their stores or stands at the mall. Even larger companies would place orders. They would retail the counterfeit items right alongside with their real goods. It is hard to believe because some of the knock offs are so poorly made and would never be confused with the real thing, but they were selling them for top dollar to many a sucker.  I would be willing to bet that someone who buys a lot of luxury goods has at least one fake in their collection. I will not tell you what companies bought the fake goods to retail, but many did. My profitable business venture ended when Agora was shut down by the feds.

Things have just gotten too tight on the internet and the deep web included. I have two friends who were working with me. One of them was actually raided by the FBI. Apparently he was hacking unsuspecting victims. His girlfriend included. My other friend was also raided by the feds about four days after that. I am thankful they are doing good now and aren’t involved in any darknet hacking anymore. I don’t know what all the details of what they did but it must have been pretty bad whatever it was.

This is my story. I hoped you enjoyed it. I am still on the internet and very much active, but I have curbed much of my actions as of late. I learned my lesson from my friends being busted and they were extremely were careful with their data. My advice to anyone thinking of running any kind of scam on the deep web is don’t do it. It isn’t as anonymous as you may think.

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