This has all happened over the last couple of months.  To give a little background, I live by myself.  My husband passed away years ago, my children are all out of the house and even my dog has passed.

Life has been quiet and mostly uneventful.  I am retired and spend my days being quite active within the groups I belong too, playing cards with friends or just resting.  I have earned that right.

Recently, I had a dream of my deceased husband.  i was sleeping in my chair, both in real life and the dream.  He walks in like nothing, mind you he has been dead for 16 years, and tells me to follow him.  He looks young and is dressed in his uniform.  I tell him how old I am and he nods and says, “I know.”  He gestures for me to follow him and I am happy to do so.  We walk out of the house and down the street.  I ask where we are going but he doesn’t say.  He just flashes that charming smile of his.  I notice there is a light in the distance which is getting brighter.  Then I wake up from a huge bolt of lightning causing extra loud thunder.  It was a terrible storm.  I was disappointed and tried to go back to sleep to continue the dream, but it was ended.  After I was more awake the dream frightened me.  I was happy during the dream but my conscious mind became fearful.  Was it a premonition of something bad, or even my own death?

Anyhow, I’m not sure if the dream ties in to this but several strange things have happened around the house lately.  I have begun to hear strange noises, unexplained sounds that I have never heard throughout the house, which I have occupied for 15 years now.  I’ll hear booms and things falling and cracking, but nothing is ever there or had fallen when I enter the room to check out the noise.  Sometimes I hear whispering or low talking in like a slithery voice, almost snake like.  It will get louder as I approach the room I think it is coming from, but when I enter; it stops and nothing.

One Friday I came home after a particularly busy and tiring week.  I am going to rest and just watch TV all weekend.  I am not going anywhere.  I came home and put my keys where I always do on my dresser.  The weekend goes by and I am ready to go out Monday morning.  I go to grab my keys and the key ring is bent and the key is off the ring and under a jewelry box partially sticking out.  Now this was a extra thick ring.  I couldn’t even bend it back with pliers.  It wasn’t just a little bent, it was bent in half!  Nobody was in my house all weekend.  It may seem like a small thing but it was impossible.

Another time as I slept.  my wedding ring which I still wear was off of my finger.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It just seem to disappear off my finger while I slept.  I searched the whole house and nothing.  I knew I went to sleep with it on and when I awoke, it was gone.  A few days go by and I get the urge to check a plastic bin.  Now I had looked in this bin several times, emptied the contents and shook it out.  There was no ring.  I almost didn’t even bother to look because I was sure it wasn’t in there.  My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.  The ring was sitting on top of the papers in the bin.  It was just sitting there.  I didn’t have to look, it was just in plain sight.  I know it was not there before, but there it was.

Similarly I lost a bill that was due.  I looked for two weeks or more for this bill which should have been on the desk where it belonged.  I finally ended up going to the office to pay this bill.  After it was paid, I found it lying right in the middle of the garage; right in the open!  I had walked through that path multiple times over those weeks and it was not there until I didn’t need it anymore.

Oddly, my neighbor told me she experienced a similar occurrence during the same time.  She knows nothing about what I am going through, she just volunteered this information.  I wanted to tell her my stories but thought better of it and I did not tell her.  She said she had several papers in one envelope which she addressed and was ready to mail.  The envelope disappeared and she couldn’t find it.  Then weeks later all of a sudden there it was.  Only now each of the items contained within the envelope each had their own envelope!  She now had several envelopes each holding one of the papers that were all in the original envelope.  What was even more bewildering to her is that each of the envelopse were also addresses properly and every one of them was in her own handwriting.  Weird right?  She is not crazy or even eccentric for that matter.  I think the only reason she told me this was because it was bothering her so much.  I can understand that.

I have an antique mail desk which sits by my front door.  It has a compartment with a door that folds down.  I use it to keep odds and ends in there to keep the house looking tidy.  One day I go to get a pen and the door is unhinged on one side.  The screws were completely removed from the hinge.  Not one of the three screws were anywhere to be found.  Sawdust remained behind like they were unscrewed but the screws were gone.

There is much more to this then I am telling you, but I am too afraid to even recall a couple of the other things which had happened.  I don’t know if someone is somehow getting in to my house or if it is paranormal or what.  I just know that I am in my right mind and something external is going on here.  It has gotten so bad that I am putting my house up for sale and am leaving.

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