Flash Mob – Creepy Pasta

Flash Mob – Creepy Pasta

Flash Mob – Creepy Pasta

By Dakota Priest

There’s no need to post this as an online status; it’ll only serve to start arguments and make people lose focus and pick factions on a matter about which they know next to nothing. There’s no need for me to waste money on buying a billboard. I don’t have money to fritter away while it’s still worth something. There’s no need for me to post this in forums that specialize in it—if they’re legit in the first place, they know it already anyway. So the only thing left for me to do is document it for myself to put in a place to be discovered only after it’s already too late. People just don’t listen.

I have never been any kind of government insider. I’ve never worked for the FBI or been personally close to anybody in any alphabet agency. I am not pretending to have credentials I have never earned. My highest security clearance is Title XIII from working with the US Bureau of the Census. I am such an average Joe that I am the most average Joe there is. My name is not Joe. My name is not important at the moment. I could be anyone at all and it wouldn’t matter. What matters is what I’m writing.

There is no beginning from which to start, so I’ll just start with some questions I had that started me on this journey. I was watching a debate some years ago, really trying to do my due diligence as a citizen of this country and vote for who I thought would run it the best…and then after a while, I realized that all the candidates were saying the exact same things in different words. In fact, the only thing that was different was the colors of their neckties. At this point, I wasn’t flabbergasted, not appalled, not shocked. Just a little confused. I wondered how I was expected to cast an honest vote if all the guys on the stage were saying the same things! Not only were they saying the same thing, but what they were saying tended to dodge the questions presented them altogether. So here we had several candidates spouting the same empty words and saying, “Pick me!” I asked myself how this could be presented to the American public as a participatory event.

Have you ever wondered where wars come from? Have you ever stopped to think about how the government can just create money, give it out to citizens, and still be in debt? Have you ever tried to understand why a select group of people is able to pull all the strings of society, but you are just unable to raise that glass ceiling and just barely scraping by? Well, good. Let’s start with war.

A year after the drafting of a document from a think-tank called the “Project for a New American Century”, we were told that several men of Arab/Punjabi descent were sent around the world to infiltrate an airport by acting like everyday people, then leaping out of their seats with razor blades and taking over jetliners , flying them wildly off course and navigating them—in a strange country—to two specific buildings in a specific section of a specific city to strike specific points in such a specific manner that the skyscrapers would come crashing down, destroying everything inside. They were sent to do this at the command of a man who lives in Goodness-knows-where Afghanistan, the greatest player of “Where’s Waldo” of all time. They (and by “they”, I mean the military and government agents) could literally not find this man for ten straight years, which they are said to have spent combing the entire middle Eastern region for him. Now I have several problems with this…but for the sake of education, we will stick to facts.

Many people died on September 11, 2001. About three thousand known lives were lost that day in the calamity in NYC and other reported areas of attack. My heart goes out to those innocent victims, their families, and anyone else who held pride in that beautiful New York Skyline. Their memories will forever live on in many honorable memorials and I pray they, with others who have died needlessly, are never forgotten. However, the story that you were force-fed has several holes in it. Now, just pay attention. It didn’t take me becoming obsessed or crazy about the subject to notice the slant-cut steel beams at the base of the building or the molten iron at Ground Zero beneath the rubble testimonies. Even when smothered in dust and doused with water, fires still burned. These are real facts. By the time you read this, it will be too late to look them up. What kind of fire burns underwater? Let’s set this point aside for now.

The pentagon was also hit with an object at 9:43 a.m. EST on September 11, 2001. There was a camera aimed directly at the impact zone that did not manage to catch an airplane flying straight into a wall at ground level. Of course, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. So the fact that we did not see the plane is not what I’m riding on here. What is puzzling is why a terrorist would hijack a plane and execute a corkscrew landing instead of a dive-bomb into the building, the idea that a plane crashed headlong into a building and the roof remained intact for minutes, and why it seems so impossible to find plane wreckage in any footage or photographs of the scene. But I digress. I’m not writing this to debate theories. I’m writing to inform. There is video testimony from Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta that consistently states where he was and his experience from the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center). This insulated, glorified conference room is a nuke-resistant bunker located six stories below the east wing of the White House. Norman Mineta was there, and he gave his account of what he heard the morning of 9/11, just before the Pentagon was hit. There was a sentence shouted by Vice President Richard Cheney: “Of course the orders still stand! Have you heard anything to the contrary?” This retort was in response to a “young man” who was counting down the distance from the airplane to the Pentagon, and asked the Vice President if “the orders still [stood]”. By the time you read this, it will be too late to look it up.

This plunged all of the USA into a panicked, paranoid frenzy, and understandably so. After decades of toting around banners and representing the impenetrable land of the free, we are attacked on our own soil? The fear, the turmoil, the chaos, all justified. Our paradigm had shifted. We had no idea of who to trust in public anymore; another attack could have happened in any place at any moment. Even a field in West Virginia was not safe. Our fears were quelled with two simple words over the television from our leader, our president:

“Go shopping.”

It was at this point that I began to dig around. I started internet searches. I began hitting the library, despite loathing reading books. I vastly expanded my knowledge of history and political/military/industrial relations, and stumbled upon a few enlightening facts. Not only did that single event send our boots into Afghanistan, but also Iraq, which was reported to have some roundabout involvement with the attack, and “reliable sources” indicated the possession of “weapons of mass destruction”. I’ll bet that sentence rings a bell in your head, doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that, but I digress. We occupy Iraq to this day, more often by private military contractor companies like Academi LLC (formerly Xe Services, formerly Blackwater Worldwide), Triple Canopy Inc., and the infamous Halliburton. Former CEO of Halliburton with stock options? Richard Cheney. Imagine that.

In my research, I came across a video on YouTube that presented a man who claimed to be former Secret Service talking about being prepared for an event. I won’t give his entire name, but his initials are D.B. I was not certain of his legitimacy, with all the disinformation being spread about, especially on this subject, so I committed to the idea of contacting him. I didn’t immediately believe a word he said, but I sure wanted to know how he was convinced so much of things as far-fetched as the concepts he claimed in his speeches. I sent him an email and waited. Meanwhile, something else caught my eye. I got back to researching facts and taking thorough notes.

Let’s pick back up that “underwater fire” story again. Remember how there was a number of people claiming to have seen molten iron and melted steel pouring out of the building and the rubble? There was a group of people gathered together to give the entire ordeal a good “comb-through” and produce a whole report, from start to finish, on the official story of what happened that fateful morning. That group was called the “9/11 Commission”. They gave us back a 1,000+ page document. In this document, not only were there blatant lies contradictory to video, photographic, and scientific evidence, but there is also not one mention of melted/molten steel or iron. Now, you may think that this is splitting hairs, but it’s important. Not once, in history, has a structural steel framed building ever collapsed due to fire. Many skyscrapers have burned, sometimes even for nearly a full day or longer, but have never ever collapsed due to fire. To execute such a task, once would need to heat structural steel to a temperature of over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately for the commission reports, that office fire would have topped out somewhere around, liberally, 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit…these numbers are clearly not the same. To get metal to that temperature, hot enough to warp, bend, sever, and melt it, one would need an incendiary device or substance. There was talk of dust samples online. Independent scientists collected and purchased dust samples from ground zero and tested them for chemicals, accelerants, and traces of explosives. What they found was a combination of all three: military grade Nano thermite. The super small chips that they found were scattered throughout the dust and were particles themselves. They were very tiny and multicolored. One of the most reliable tools that were used to measure and test them was called a Differential Scanning Calorimeter, or DSC. The chips were laid on a platform that was very slowly heated. At a certain temperature, they flared up and created a quick, but wild flame, indicating explosive capabilities. Nano thermite was found in every single WTC dust sample.

Thermite also provides its own oxygen during detonation and produces a molten metal substance that is so high in temperature, it can burn underwater. Real facts.

About half an hour after I emailed D.B., I received a response. D.B.’s story continued in the very same fashion from the video, so I began something of an impromptu interview, in an attempt to throw off his game. His story remained very consistent, down to the minutes he recalled to me. Then again, I guess anyone who rehearsed the story enough would know it back and forth. I was kind of convinced, seeing as if he dedicated himself to memorizing the story it would be a lot of extra work and would eventually fall apart, but I still wanted to know for sure. So I asked him for some sort of proof, something that would somehow corroborate his story about domestic espionage, classified technology, black operations, and hidden objectives. He sent me a link to the Terrorist Security Administration’s No-Fly list…and a page that held my name. Husayn O’Brien, clear as day. It was at this point that I was genuinely shocked. I started tuning in. I started to cry. I started wondering exactly what was in store for me. Well, he had the answer for that, too.

While the world’s oldest profession may be prostitution, and the most fun one might be movie star, the most lucrative is war profiteering. The Iraq war has generated billions on billions in revenue, much of it going to private military contractors and weapons engineering firms. Those who make the best grenade for the best price get very lucrative contracts to keep pumping out those weapons to lay young soldiers and poor civilians to rest in very painful and unseemly ways. I’m not standing on one side or another of whether war itself is right or wrong, smart or stupid—what I do think is wrong is profiting on war when it’s based on lies and deception…like Iraq. As it turns out, Iraq has not been our main target for years. It’s been Iran. And the US has not been able to garner public or international support for an occupation or intervention of any sort. Well, according to D.B., all of that will change very soon. If 9/11 was full of holes and still got us slid into Iraq like butter, why would a bigger, better planned event not knock down the last walls between us and our desired objective? To a population of sheep, any word that comes from above is law.

D.B. emailed me blueprints, classified documents, over an encrypted connection in a compressed file. These blueprints detailed the layout of an improvised tactical nuke built into the wall just below the seat at the Lincoln Memorial. He told me that the next plot is called “Operation Tabletop”, and will involve some sucker, who thinks they’re getting to lead a gigantic flash mob in metropolitan D.C., running like a crazy person up the stairs of the monument and slapping one of the posts, which contains a vibratory trigger. This person will also be carrying a strange cell phone-looking device out for all to see, as this plan is to be secretly marketed as the development of a live action advertisement for a cellular service provider that is releasing a new phone.

Then he sent me the casting call that was posted on BackPage. The flash mob is to take place in April of 2017. There will be no flash mob…just the one guy who thinks he is about to start one.

I live in FEMA Region III–Washington D.C. is right around the corner from me and my family, my friends, my entire life.

We are headed toward disaster.

I am leaving this where I am sure it will be found. By the time you read this, it will be far too late to stop. The people…just…don’t…listen.

Please. Brace yourselves.

Dakota Priest

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