Four True Horrific Child Kidnapping Stories

Four True Horrific Child Kidnapping Stories

Four True Kidnapping Stories

Jaycee Dugard

The year was 1991 and 11 year old Jaycee Dugard was walking to the school bus stop is Lake Tahoe, California.  A car pulled up and rolled down his window.  The trusting pre-teen thought the driver was just going to ask for directions, so she approached the car.

Phillip Craig Garrido was the driver of the car and a convicted sex offender.  He zapped the little girl with a stun gun while his wife Nancy Garrido dragged the girl into the car where she proceeded to hold little Jaycee down for the entire two hour drive back to their house in Antioch.

She was then locked in a soundproof shed in the backyard of the modest home.  Phillip threatened her with attack dogs if she tried to attempt an escape.

The 11 year old was repeatedly raped by Garrido during her 18 years of captivity.  Jaycee bore two daughters during this time.  Garrido fathered the first daughter when Jaycee was only 14 years old and a second in 1997 when she was 17.  After the birth of the second daughter, Garrido sometimes would allow the three to sleep in a tent in the backyard instead of the hot storage shed.

Garrido renamed Jaycee Allissa and she was only allowed to respond to that name.  Eventually Garrido trusted her enough that he would allow the girl to work in his print shop.  She never asked for help during this whole time.

Her ordeal finally ended in August of 2009 when Garrido tried to hold an event on the campus of University of California Berkley.  The manager had noticed the girls were very pale and had acted robotic.  She ran a background check on Garrido while he filled out the necessary paperwork.  The background check returned with Garrido’s status as a registered sex offender.  The astute manager called the police and Garrido was arrested along with his wife Nancy.

On a positive not both Garrido and his wife were sentenced to life in prison and Jaycee was awarded $20 million by the State of California for mishandling her case.

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Colleen Stan

Colleen Stan was 20 years old when she decided to hitchhike from Oregon to California.  Hitchhiking was more common in 1977 when she accepted a ride from a young couple with a baby.  Colleen got into the car with the clean cut couple when the driver, Cameron Hooker pulled the Dodge Colt over on a dirt side road.

Hooker then pulled a knife and placed it against Colleen’s throat.  He commanded her to cooperate while his wife Janice conveniently stepped out of the car with their baby.  Colleen was then handcuffed and Hooker pulled out a special plywood box he had made prior for his unlucky victim and placed it over her head.  Colleen could hardly breathe in the heavily insulated box, much less see or hear.

Once they arrived at the Hooker’s house.  Cameron threatened to cut her vocal cords if she screamed.  He then hung the poor girl from the ceiling in his basement by her wrists and began to mercilessly whip her dangling body.  The couple then had sex on the floor while Colleen cried and whimpered in pain, hanging above them.

Cameron had read an erotic novel and decided he wanted his own sex slave.  His wife Janice went along with his plan to appease her husband.  He forced colleen to sign a contract that stated she would agree to become his sex slave and obey his every whim.

Over the course of seven years Colleen was tortured by Hooker.  He would beat her and punch her constantly then rape her and use her as his own personal sex toy.  She was forced to stay in a small wood box that Hooker constructed to constrict her ability to move.  The box was slid under their bed and he would only bring her out when necessary and in the evenings for his depraved torture and sex sessions.

Janice released the slave when she became jealous that Cameron wanted to have a baby with Colleen and possibly acquire more slaves.  Janice became a witness for the state and received total immunity for her part in the crime.  Cameron received 104 years in prison.


Tanya Kach

13-year-old Tanya Kach was troubled when her mom moved out of her house and her father decided to move his new girlfriend into their family home.  Tanya began to talk with a 37-year-old security guard who worked in her middle school.  Thomas Hose provided an ear for Tanya and a shoulder to cry on.  Tanya thought he was cool because he would give her candy and cigarettes.  Before long the two were making out when know one was looking right on school grounds.

Early 1996, Tom convinced the naive 13-year-old to run away and come live with him in his parents house in Pittsburgh.  However, this wasn’t exactly the romantic love birds nest picture he painted for her.  She was hidden away from her parents by locking her in his bedroom’s closet.  She was given a bucket to use as a toilet and hose threatened to kill her family if she called for help.  She was allowed to shower one time per week when his parents were sleeping.

The poor girl survived like this for four years, when Hose introduced her to his parents as Nikki and they allowed her to move in.  Overall, her captivity lasted for 10 years.  Tanya was trained by Hose not to speak in public and always have her head down.  Her timid demeanor aroused the suspicions of the local deli owners that Hose would often frequent.  Tanya finally seized an opportunity to speak to them privately for a few minutes.  She told them her real name and begged them to help her.  The owner called the police and Tanya was finally rescued.

Hose received a sentence of five to 15 years incarceration and was denied parole in 2012.


Steven Stayner

Even at seven years old Steven Stayner had a generous nature.  In 1972 he was approached by a minister while walking home from school to help a church by donating some items.  Stayner agreed and then got into the car with Kenneth Parnell to be driven home.  The only problem was that Parnell was no minister, he was in fact a convicted child molester.

Parnell drove the 7 year old boy to his cabin in Cathey’s Valley, California.  He then proceeded to molest and brainwash the young boy.  He told little boy that his parents could no longer afford him and and his four siblings so they appointed him his new guardian.  He told him it was all legal and he better obey him.

Parnell began calling Steven “Dennis,” and told people he was his son.  Parnell moved the boy around often and gave him alcohol to keep him numb.  He constantly tormented and sexually assaulted young Steven for seven years.

Parnell decided Steven was getting a little too old for him when he reached 14, so Parnell kidnapped a new younger victim, five year old Timmy White for his sadistic sexual desires.

One evening while Parnell was at work, Steven grabbed little Timmy and escaped.  He went to the local police station and told them, “I know my first name is Steven, I think my last name is Stayner.”

Stayner got married three years later in 1985 and had two children.  Most unfortunately and sadly, he was was killed after a motorcycle accident in 1989.  Astonishingly due to laxed California laws at that time, Parnell was only sentenced to seven years and gained parole after five.


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