Get On

Get On

Get On

One morning I was waiting at my bus stop for the school bus to come and pick me up for school as usual.  I am usually there about 10 minutes early, depending on the bus driver, the bus could be a few minutes early or late.

It was drizzling out and that must smell was in the air.  A couple minutes after I arrive, a school bus pulls up.  It was old with chipping paint and the district writing was not on the side.  There was no kids on this bus either and my stop was one of the last.

The driver says, “Get in.”  I know this is not my bus or even a real school bus for that matter.  I just shook my head, no.  The driver was an older guy in his fifties maybe with messy hair and sunglasses.  At first he smiled and was more friendly.  After I had refused, he ordered in a loud tone, “GET IN.”

I was not going to get on that bus.  He asked me, “Do you want to stand in the rain all day?”  I said that there was no kids on the bus and no writing on the side.  He answered, “That’s okay this bus was going to get painted and I was the first stop today, just get in and you will see.”  I refused.

I could tell he got frustrated and said, “If you don’t get on I’m going to leave and you will miss school.  Do you want that?”  I quickly responded I was okay with that and I’ll get my dad to drive me.  Then he did something that I will always remember.  Instead of being angry, he gave a knowing smirk and an almost understanding nod.  It was almost like he was telling me that I gave the right answers and did the right thing not getting on the bus.  He shrugged and drove off.  My mom reported it to the bus company when I got home from school and I never saw him again.  I pray no other kids ever got on that bus.

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