Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

So everyone has heard some of those Craigslist horror stories.  You know, the innocent girl being lured into the rape dungeon of some lunatic; or the psycho serial killer who wants to dismember as many people as possible before hanging himself in the mall.  Not to make light of these things and they definitely do occasionally occur.  Something is sure to go wrong when strangers are invited to visit people’s houses.  But this story is somewhat different.

A man named Anthony Curcio utilized Craigslist, the world’s largest garage sale to pull off one heck of a heist.

Curcio was a football player in high school and college.  This background may have helped him strategize a plan to rob an armored vehicle.  Curcio who was injured playing football and consequently developed an addiction to pain killers.  He needed money.  So instead of knocking off a gas station or convenience store for a couple hundred bucks, he decided he was going to do it right and get a couple hundred thousand bucks.  Go big or go home right?

Curcio took eight months to develop the perfect plan.  He used Craigslist for one of the most important parts of the scheme.  He placed an ad for 10 day laborers to show up at the same location all at the same time.  They were to where identical looking outfits when they arrived.  Curcio was also dressed as the other unknowing accomplices to his crime.  Only his outfit was fitted with velcro straps so he could easily yank it off.

As the 10 individuals waited around to begin work, the armored truck Curcio was waiting for showed up as scheduled and Curcio blasted the guard with highly potent pepper spray in the face and grabbed two big sacks of money which held over $400,000 in cash.

Curcio ripped of his outfit and fled the scene leaving behind a huge commotion of chaos and confusion, not to mention 10 individuals who were dressed exactly like the perpetrator of the crime.  After fleeing the scene he actually made his get away on an inner tube!  The plan worked so far and he stashed over half of the stolen cash in a friend’s safe and took the rest to, where else, Vegas.

Curcio was eventually apprehended.  Police found the face mask which he used to shield himself from the pepper spray and a homeless man saw him doing a dry practice run before engaging in the real thing,  The man was able to provide Curcio’s license plate.

Curcio served his time and was released.  Now he spends his time working as a…wait for it… professional motivational speaker.


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