Grow a Pair

Grow a Pair

I am so sick of you and others who are like you trashing the deep web and other things that are cool.  Weird stuff happens, so what?  Grow a pair and be a man.  You little twat.

I love the deep web.  I want the bloodiest goriest things I can find.  I want drugs and guns and hot bitches.  I would buy a sex doll if I could.  Since I can’t, maybe I’ll just find a 16 year old blonde virgin with big tits and make my own.  How do you like that?

Animals being tortured is alright for a little while, but I want to see humans tortured.  That would be worth paying for, especially kids and babies!  I’m not really into the child porn thing (11 or 12 and up is okay,) but bitches getting beat and raped.  Now that’s entertainment!

You probably don’t like that.  Well too bad.  Go cry to your mommy puss.  I know you won’t have the guts to read this email on one of your lame videos, but if you do don’t give my name or email.  You are lame, boring and you suck Midnight fears.

Submitted by An Anonymous Hater

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