Hell’s Prison

Hell’s Prison

I’m  a 52 year  old  male  but  still  very  youthful, I am blessed that way. I also know things and sometimes I see visions. I believe God allows this at times, by His Grace.

When  I was  21, people did not have the internet. I fell on very hard times at this point in my life. I had no phone and I didn’t even see a TV in months. Back then my great  grandmother, God rest her soul, used to always send me gospel tracts about hell and even people’s visions of it. Some people even claimed to have had near death experiences and visited hell. I was always curious about what hell would be like. Little did I know that later in the year, my curiosity would be satisfied.

I had my own vision, and that one and only vision of hell is permanently burned into my memory. It will remain there until I die.  There are many  different visions of hell, but what I saw was a very dark and dingy but huge room filled with endless aisles of neatly lined rows of cages, crammed like sardines with suffering condemned souls.

The cages were like jail cells with flat iron bars and about  3 or 4 maybe even 5 stories high. The bars of the cages were spaced large enough so that even a large man of my stature could easily squeeze through the spaces. They had no doors and the occupants were all crammed in but not too tightly at the bottom of the cells. They couldn’t  get out. They were all standing up crying and wailing in a terror. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, if they were saying anything.

Most alarmingly, there were also huge dark figures scattered around strategically. There were no more than 6 or so, but they were giant and very dark and terrifying. The head and eyes of these creatures were perfectly round the eyes had a dull yellow orange fire look with no expression or life in them at all. Their mouths were very wide and filled with perfectly squared teeth.  The teeth looked to be like very sharp cast iron, very sharp and the same color as black cast iron.

Their bodies had no real width, just plain up and down, but they were still  huge and  looked to be very strong. The head and body were a cross between wicker and a hard baseball without the leather covering. I could see right through them but to my horror, there was a fire in the middle of their bodies. The fire burned a very dull yellow inside their rib cages. They didn’t necessarily look dead, but appeared completely devoid of any life. They were as tall as the cage cells.

They would walk into the cells with the people straight through the bars and tower over the occupants.  The giants would pick up a half  dozen or so of the poor souls in the cages while they screamed and yelled. The they would drop them right into their mouths with those terrible teeth. It was like us eating french fries or gummi bears by the handful. Then those creatures would chew them to pieces with those cast iron teeth.

The most horrible thing was the people couldn’t die, they could only suffer and scream in agonizing pain. I watched this happen and saw some of the people looked at me. They yelled and waved for me to leave. I was taken out of the vision just as one of  those giant dark figures saw me and began to walk towards me.

My interpretation is those cells were not there to imprison the people, but only contain them. Those dark figures were not there to guard them so they couldn’t escape, but rather torment them until the time of their judgement. That is one place I don’t want to be  caught dead in, no pun intended.

As for the facilitators of all of the vile evil going on in this world, that place will be their home. I wear my religion on my sleeve now, and I believe Jesus can save anyone from going to that horrible place, that is if we want him to.

I can not speak for  anyone else, only for me and nothing that exists in this world is worth me earning a home in that terrible place. All the evil and terror you could imagine, even those horrible deep web stories, everything combined only pales in comparison to the suffering I saw in hell. Once you are there, you have no hope of escape, EVER!!!!!!

Submitted by Eddie

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