Honey, I’m Home

Honey, I’m Home

So, one night my best-friend and I are having a sleepover. Nothing out of the ordinary, I’m a big horror geek so of course we were watching a horror related flick. Soon we would discover the irony of watching The Strangers that evening. If it matters this occurred maybe 3 years ago.

To make it brief, my friend was lying on my bed , it was around 11 PM, my whole family was home in their rooms. I get up to use the bathroom in my room and left the door open so I could see the film from in there (I know TMI but whatever). As the movie is playing my house alarm begins to count down, indicating that a door in the house is ajar. I have a back door in my room because it used to be a sunroom. I also have an outdoor cat.

It occurred to me that no one was upstairs, it couldn’t have been the front door… no. So was it my back door? I call out to my friend and ask if she had let my cat outside, only to receive no response. I quickly came out of the bathroom to see her staring in fear at the back door. I slowly turn my head in terror of what I was about to see.

In front of me my door was slightly opened and I moved closer and it began to open more and with all of this happening so quickly i saw a black gloved hand, the jeans and boots of a man. Before I knew what hit me I was flying up my stairs into my living room screaming, I had a bone chilling feeling that I had never before experienced. My poor friend stayed in my room just stunned, my father ran out of his room barreling down the stairs into my room, and conversely my friend came flying up the stairs. It became inaudible but my dad was running in my backyard furiously screaming.

My mom was immediately on the phone with 911 reporting a break in. In minutes the police had arrived. My family were all fear stricken. Stuff like this never happens where I live. Although I did not see the man I will never forget the foreign feeling of fear I experienced that night. My father saw the man hurdle over the fence by the time he himself was running out the door.

The police stayed in front of our house much of the night. They investigated my neighborhood and said there was no suspicious activity, however there was a party down the street. They believed that the intruder was a drunk from the party that had straggled into our backyard, unaware of his actions.

I will always believe otherwise considering it was a warm night and there is no obvious explanation as to why the man was wearing black gloves. Not to mention our backyard fence has to be open from inside the backyard.

I don’t truly know what happened that night, but strange drunken partygoer, or malicious man with dark intentions…

Let’s not Meet.

Let’s never meet.

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