Horror On Chipman Street

Horror On Chipman Street

Hello Midnight Fears,

I absolutely love watching your Youtube channel! I actually just watched one of your videos about true crime and well, I have a personal story for you. What happen to a teenage couple here in my home town was and is still the scariest crime ever committed! I have attached a link to one of several news stories about this horrendous crime. Just google the names if you want to read more about it. Please read the article first and then I have a little story to go along with it.

I will summarize the news article now. Please be advised that the following true story contains graphic violence and extreme sexual assault.

In January of 2007 a young couple were carjacked, kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by five suspects. This violent crime was committed in Knoxville, Tennessee and still haunts residents to this day.

21-year-old Channon Christian was angry with her 23-year-old boyfriend Christian Newsom for being late to pick her up to go to a friend’s birthday party. She was waiting in her Toyota 4-Runner in front of an apartment complex.

Newsom was trying to make it up to her by hugging and kissing his girlfriend while he stood just outside the drivers door. Neither one of the happy couple noticed the car driven by the three would be attackers. Eric “E” Boyd borrowed a car from his cousin and went to hijack a car from someone with his friend Letalvis “Roman” Cobbins and Cobbins’ brother Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson.

Davidson was thought to be the ring leader of the evil group. Davidson was angry that his girlfriend had left two days prior to the crime. Cobbins was Davidson’s brother and had come to live with him from Kentucky earlier that year. He also brought his friend George “G” Thomas and his girlfriend Vanessa Coleman to live with his brother because the three friends were homeless. None of them had jobs so they all needed money.

A day after Davidson’s girlfriend left him, he concocted a plan to commit a carjacking with the help of his friend Eric Boyd and his brother Cobbins. Cobbins told law enforcement that Davidson said, “He like, man, I’m fixing to go carjack somebody, man, try and get me some money.”

The next day they came upon Christian and Newsom in the parking lot. Boyd and Davidson jumped out of the car and approached the young couple with guns drawn while Boyd remained in their car. The two thugs pushed the couple into Christian’s Toyota at gunpoint and drove off with Cobbins following behind in Boyd’s cousin’s car.

The couple were bound and Christian was thrown on the back of a face down Newsom. They were driven to Davidson’s house on Chipman Street. Cobbins told police he knew the couple were going to die at that point. He explained to police, “Two white people, white kids, this (expletive) fixing to get crazy, man, you know what I mean?” Cobbins said.

Hours after disappearing Newsom’s body was discovered by railroad tracks not too far from Davidson’s home. Forensic evidence showed he had been anally raped and had foreign objects inserted into his anus as well.

Newsom’s body was found with his ankles bound with his own belt, hands tied behind his back, gagged with a sock and a sweatshirt over his head tied around his neck with a shoelace. He was forced to walk barefoot on the railroad tracks to the place of his murder. Statements from the suspects detail Newsom’s demise. Davidson forced Thomas to fire the first shot, striking Newsom’s neck another shot was fired into his back. Davidson then took the .22 caliber revolver and fired the kill shot execution style to the back of Newsom’s head. They then wrapped his body in a comforter, doused him with gasoline and lit his body on fire.

Christian’s ordeal at the hands of the attackers was just as gruesome. She was told to comply with their demands and she wouldn’t be hurt. Cobbins told her if she performed oral sex, he would let her go. The 21-year-old blonde Christian was terrified said Cobbins. While she was alive she was repeatedly raped by the men orally, vaginally and anally.

There was no mercy for Christian. She hogtied and was raped so hard orally the police say a membrane in her mouth was severed. Her genitals were either beaten with a blunt object or kicked so severely that it caused a massive pooling of blood. It is believed by authorities that it was Vanessa Coleman who caused the damage to her genitals while the men raped and ravaged her. She then suffered two large blows to the back of the head and was dragged from the bedroom to the living room where bleach was poured down her throat in a failed attempt to destroy any DNA evidence left behind. After pouring the bleach down her throat, fingerprints showed Davidson and his brother wrapped her in plastic garbage bags while she was still alive and stuffed her into a trash can where she eventually died.

In a nutshell that was what happened on Chipman Street in Knoxville on January 7,th 2007.

Now our viewer, Kimberly continues with her story.

The very next day after this crime took place my husband and I went to visit a friend at his house who had just been released from prison like 2-3 weeks before. We had seen him earlier at a get together when he got out.

We got to talking and he asked us if we remember the guy who was also released from prison just a couple of days before my husband’s friend. Of course we remembered him from the get together earlier, he was a six foot tall muscular black guy. It was kind of hard not to remember him. Lol.

So our friend continued and asked us, “you know those two kids they are looking for?” We said “Yeah the two white kids who dissappeared,” we responded. He said, “Well The big guy from the party came by here last night with the girl’s SUV… UMMM, excuse me!!?? I said in disbelief. Oh, by the way this guy lived literally five houses down from our friend. So yeah.

It is so freaking crazy that I was at a party with these monsters along with my 2 children mo less just a few weeks earlier.  What they did to that couple for no reason is mind boggling. I then find out he drove the girl’s car to my friend’s house the night before. What if we had been there that night instead?

Oh and our friend was leaving the night they killed those two and he said that he actually saw their car by the train tracks that night with the lights off and the engine running.

Now all this was before anyone knew the young couple were missing.  The girls car was found a house down from our friends house.  This was a crazy event that still seems surreal to me to this day!

Well I hope you find this as creepy as I do and did.

Thank you for your time,


Just one of many articles about this horrid crime.



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