How Much for Baby?

How Much for Baby?

I have read many of these Lets not meet stories on reddit, and I have always been lucky that I didn’t need to write my own until now.

My wife and I welcomed our son Lucas (not his real name of course) six months ago, its been a learning curve and this having babies thing is not for the birds but things are finally starting to go smoothly. He is finally sleeping through the night, and that nasty colic he had is gone. I am very lucky that I get to work from home, even luckier my wife owns her own business (photographer) She is home whenever shes not shooting a wedding, or at her studio. Most mornings we take a six and a half mile walk, and Lucas is strapped into his baby carrier and we take off.

We usually make it around half way before we need to stop to give little man a bottle so he will pass out and let us finish the walk in peace. So like usual we are about half way done with our walk and the baby starts cranking up for a massive squall. We usually normally stop at either a park or this nice fountain area with a coffee shop and grocery store attached. We both wanted coffee in the worst way so while i sat with the baby, wife went into the coffee shop for our caffeine.

I am slowly rocking Lucas as I feed him, when I hear someone sit on the bench next to me. I smell her before i see her, a heavy cloying, perfume. Shes dolled up to the nines, an older woman, between her late 30’s to forty’s she has that hard look that makes her look older than she probably is. “Vat Kind of baby is dat?” she inquires in a heavy Russian accent

I have a propensity for being a smart ass so i reply, “a baby”

“No vat kind, boy..girl?” she asks as she starts smoothing out the romper we have on the baby.

“He is a boy..six months old” I add, a little freaked out this perfect stranger is touching my kid. “Looks healthy, how much he weigh?” She asks trying to pull the baby to her to get a good look at him. Now I am hoping that my wife will come out any second but of course shes in line waiting for our Cappuccino’s . “Um i think 18 pounds, he was 9 pounds at birth.” I ramble on, hoping she will just go away. Lucas is drifting off to sleep, when she leans over and just snatches him out of my arms. “Ahh let me see big boy, big frame like papa, will be big boy no.” Now I am pissed, I ask her for him back, while I glance in the coffee shop, my wife is at the counter at this point. “Hand him” I ask firmly, not to mention he is now awake and he is totally in that stranger danger stage so he was pissed. She reluctantly hands him over, I try to began to try to calm him down so at first I do not hear what she asks. “How much for baby?” I hear her the second time. “He’s not for sale!?!” I am incredulous and thankfully I see my wife get our drinks, and grab napkins and creamer

“How much you want? I pay high price for baby.” She starts touching him again and I yank him backwards.

My wife finally comes out, and sees the lady touching our kid. My wife is a total mama bear so she gives the lady dagger eyes, so she gets up and before she goes she looks at me and says, “You think about it da? ” then she walks away.

I tell my wife everything, and of course shes as freaked out as me.

Luckily its been a week and a half and we have yet to run into her crazy Russian lady who wanted to buy my kid..lets never meet again

Edit: Just to clear some things up. We live in Canada, there are a lot of Russian tourists that come through this part of Canada. We did alert the authorities and no one had reported a woman prior to us calling asking to buy babies. How ever today we found out at the supermarket this takes place (well technically outside the market) that this woman was in the store last night and made a few families feel uncomfortable (following them around, touching the kids) cops were called but they let her off with a warning and she was kicked out of the store. Police are now aware of her but unfortunately unless she takes a baby or hurts someone they cant do diddly squat to her. We still haven’t run into her supposedly according to the staff at the store she lives lets hope we don’t run into her again. I wont ever hit a woman as was suggested to me by a few readers but my wife will not hesitate to knock a bitch out and trust me my wife is scary when she’s angry

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