I Am a Witch

I Am a Witch

I am a witch.  I’m nothing like the Hollywood type of witch you are used to seeing on television and in movies, but a real life witch.  Do I have powers?  The answer is yes.  Do I worship the devil or summon demons?  No.  Can I cast spells?  Yes.  Do I expect you to believe me?  No.  Do I care?  No, I do not.

I am also very normal.  I work at a normal job.  I shop and interact with my neighbor’s.  No one would even guess that I belong to a coven.  The other members are also so called “normals.”  We don’t wear black clothes all the time or goth make up.  We are not silly teenagers dabbling in something we don’t understand.  We are adults and are growing in knowledge and power all the time.

My coven is somewhat skeptical, but I believe that we can actually cast spells over you through the internet.  A feat we can achieve through seemingly innocent sites.  We may not even have to physically own or run the sites.  I have talked with a few like minded people on the deep web whom also believe this is possible.  Hollywood has been doing it for years, now it is our turn.

Laugh and scoff all you want.  If we are successful, and early tests have proven exciting results to say the least, we will soon be able to change much of the world.  A change for the better and a long time coming.  You have now been warned.


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