Living Sex Dolls – Deep Web Story

Living Sex Dolls – Deep Web Story

Living Sex Dolls

This deep web story is sick and disturbing.  It is not for the feint of heart.  If you are a sensitive person, you should stop reading right here.  Continue at your own risk.

This is a story from a supposed surgeon living in eastern Europe.  He sells something very peculiar on the deep web.  His product is living sex dolls.  They sell for about $40,000 dollars plus shipping.  This one is hard to get through.  He explains himself in writing.

He states that he is a prominent surgeon living in a poverty stricken eastern European country.  He makes donations to a local orphanage and adopts several young girls from ages 6 or so to early teens.  The orphanage is glad to be rid of the extra mouths to feed and happy to accept his donations so they don’t ask questions.

He takes these girls home and begins a horrible non-human transformation for a sick evil purpose.  He turns them into sex slaves.  He describes his methods for doing this in demented detail.

He removes all four limbs of the girls in one surgery.  Leaving only stumps which he fastens a steel rod for chaining them or as he suggests, hang them from the ceiling as a decoration.  The girls are only fed from a bottle minimum to stay alive and have to be placed on a toilet.  He says they are extremely easy to care for.  They have to eat from a bottle because all of their teeth are also removed.  He then places a rubber insert in their mouth to maintain beauty and to assist with fellatio.

The girls are then tortured physically and mentally to turn them into unquestioning, unfeeling slaves.  They undergo the worst kinds of torture imaginable.  He electrocutes and slices their genitals, cuts them regularly, beats them with almost anything you can think of, whips them mercilessly, squeezes their body parts with pliers and that is just to start to describe the sadistic things he does to these poor little girls.

The doctor destroys their hearing by playing extremely loud music and sounds from headphones.  He then uses a laser to mostly blind the girls.  He removes almost all of their senses to make them more docile.  All the while he performs any sexual act you can imagine on them to prepare them for their new owner.  He tortures them for months before they are ready to be sold.

This is perhaps one of the most horrifying and disturbing stories out there from the deep web.  Many people have claimed that this dark web story was fake because no one ever found the doctor’s site.  Then one 4Chan user did find the site and took screenshots to prove it.

All we can hope for is that this is just some sick demented hoax.

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