Me, Three Dudes and a Car

Me, Three Dudes and a Car

So let me start off by saying I’m 19 yrs old and at the time of my story I was 18.

I’m only 5’8 and I weigh about 160 lbs, so I’m not that big but I can defend myself just fine.

I have been boxing since I was about 12 and started training MMA when I was 15.

With that out of the way I’ll start the story. It started when I was at work. I was stocking shelves and a friend texted me saying his car broke down and he needed a ride. Okay then I texted him back that I was on my way. I told my boss that I was leaving and he was fine with it. I only had about 15 mins until my shift was over anyways. When I was walking out I saw 3 guys standing near my car and looking at it

Dude #1 was about 5,8-5’9 and chubby

Dude #2 was tall like 6’3-6’5 and real skinny

Dude #3 was about my height 5’8 and built

Now my car isn’t something special. It is a 2001 Monte Carlo. It’s got red body paint, tinted windows and blacked out tires. I think it’s cool but it’s not something that usually gets much attention. I walk up to the car and the guys look at me “hey you guys like the car?” Dude #2 the real tall one spoke up “it’s cool how much did u pay for it?”

I responded telling him that I bought the car for 3K on Craigslist and my brother did the customization and stuff on it. He just looked at me and said real quietly “that’s cool,” and they all quickly walked away. I didn’t think much of it. I drive over and pick up my friend and drive him home.

I drove to my small 1 bedroom apartment, walked in and almost instantly passed out because I was so tired. About 4 AM, I heard loud thumps at the door, not knocks. It was like someone was trying to break down the door. I got up and grabbed a machete I had in my closet. I snuck up to the door and looked out the peep hole to see the 3 men from earlier at my door. I decided against saying something or opening the door. After a while they finally left.

The next day I didn’t have work so I decided to do some errands and what not. It was about 7 maybe 7:30 and I got hungry so I drove to get some food but had to park a few blocks away since I knew traffic would be horrible in downtown Philly. After getting some food I was walking back to my car and I saw the same 3 men behind me. I quickly cut across the street and cut through some more streets until I found my car. I got in as fast as I could but before I could back out of my parking space, a car pulls in to the parking lot and blocks the exit. I pulled up thinking it was nothing, expecting whoever it was to move, but they didn’t. I saw the same three men get out of the black pick up truck and surround my car. I turned the car off and just bolted without even locking it. I just flew open the door slammed it and took off. I don’t know why I did that but it was either that or get jumped ( fight or flight.) You might think a boxer would want to fight, but I knew what I could handle. I took off. I ran far away from downtown and back to my neighborhood. After running for about a hour straight, I was just kind of speed walking. My apartment was only about 100 yards away now, but when I looked at the end of the street, there was the black pick up truck. I hid behind a garbage can and thought to myself “hopefully they won’t see me.” I was so tired from running and I knew I wasn’t going to put up much of a fight. They rolled past me, and I was finally able to get inside the safety off my apartment.

Now a rational person would call the cops, which I did, but the cops couldn’t do much. I was only able to tell them what the 3 men looked like and what kind of car they drove. The cop said the only thing they could be charged with was harassment. The cop left and I didn’t feel any safer now than before.

I barely got any sleep but it felt good to lay down. I called in sick at work and just chilled at my apartment. I figured I needed to get my car back, so I mustered up the courage and left my apartment to go to the parking lot. I got there and was surprised nothing was done to my car. I got in and saw a note on the steering wheel it read “We’re always one step ahead.”

I crumpled the note up and drove home. I ordered a pizza and stayed in the next day I went into work and did my job. My shift ended at 3:30. I drove home super freaked out because I saw a black pick up at a red light, but it turned the other way. I parked my car and was walking into my apartment building, when I saw the three men standing outside my door. I turned around and calmly turned the corner, but then I BOLTED. When I got outside I didn’t even grab my car. I just took off running. I heard the men behind me. One yelled, “split up!”

I was actually happy about that. I knew then I could have a chance to fight them 1 on 1. I kept running cut through some streets until I saw Dude #1. He was about the same height as me but he was chubby. He was about 50 yards away, walking slowly. He looked exhausted. I was behind him at that point and I carefully followed him. It was about 5:00, and the only other person around was some old man on the other side of the street. I snuck up on Dude #1 and I just went crazy. I first hit him from behind with a right hook. When he turned around I pumped out 2 quick jabs, BOP BOP and launched my right cross at him!

I’m not sure if I broke his nose or what but he started bleeding prfousely.  I didn’t stop though. I threw straight left and right punches at him as fast as I could. Eventually he dropped to 1 knee and I just remember pushing him over and holding him by the throat, “listen you mother fucker! I didn’t want to do this but you made me!” He laid there trying to say something but I took off running.

I was going back to my apartment, but about 2 blocks away, on the other side of the street, I saw Dude #2, the real tall one. We locked eyes and ran up on each other. He tried to swing a HUGE left hook, but I easily slipped under it and came back with a left hook of my own, catching him square in the face. He then grabbed me and attempted to pick me up, and I’m assuming was going to try to slam me, but I was able to defend it. I actually got him in a trip and he fell down. We wrestled for a bit and when I was inside I threw elbows like nobody’s business! I must have thrown about 8-12 elbows before getting up as I honestly thought I killed him. He sat up and said, ” you piece of shit cracker!!”

He reached behind his back and I didn’t need to look. I knew it was a gun. I took off running as fast as my legs could take me all the way to my apartment. I again called the police. When they showed up I told them the story. Much to my surprise, they were already aware of what happened. The old man from earlier saw the fight and called the cops. He didn’t see who had started it. He did see after I got up and took off, the man on the ground pulled out a knife. That’s why the old man called the police. Dude #1 was arrested and later so was Dude #2 not Dude #3.

One year after this all went down, they were both sentenced. Both of them had prior convictions and warrants out for their arrest, so they got some time. Combined they got 30 years. Dude #2 got 13 years and Dude #1 got 17 years. I almost felt bad because both of the men were under the age of 23. Dude #1 was 22 and Dude #2 was only 19 years old. But that quickly went away when I remembered what they had done to me. Or what they could’ve done if I hadn’t fought them off…

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