Mistakes – A Two Part Deep Web Story

Mistakes – A Two Part Deep Web Story

Mistakes – Deep Web Story Part 1


Before I tell my story I would like to make one thing clear, by telling this story I do not encourage anyone to access the deep web. It is one of the darkest and cruelest places and should never be touched under any circumstances. I explored and my life will never be the same again.

I am a hacker; I have never done anything to hurt other people, I’m just interested in the concept of being able to get into the things that are normally locked off. You hear about these hackers like me that get caught, that’s not me, I’m not stupid I know how to protect myself. I do this by proxies and firewalls, I’m not going to get into them in this story, it’s not important, all you need to know is they protect me from being detected by police or FBI. Most of the time I used my hacking skills on the web to get free movies and check through hidden documents, nothing ever like what I was going to get into.

Of course, I had heard about the deep web but I have never felt brave enough to explore it myself. I know probably about 95 % of the content there is illegal, but it is too much of a temptation, with everyone talking about it I had to see it for myself. My friends at school told me that it was fine,none knew how to protect themselves online and they seemed to have no problems so I decided to give it a try myself.

That night when getting home I went into my room and shut the door. I was not going to do take it lightly; I have seen some of the stories of people being tracked or filmed and I made sure that this could not happen to me. I covered my webcam on my laptop and encrypted my computers files and internet data with many layers. By this point, I was an internet ghost; no name, IP, nothing, no data that could link to me or my family. I was ready to start. If only, I knew at the time that this would be the worst decision of my life.

I downloaded and opened the Tor Browser, Tor is a lot like internet explorer, chrome or Firefox, however, it lets you gain access to the hidden part of the internet. I opened it and nothing happened, there was just a blank, black screen. I was confused, I had been researching and this should have worked. I thought it must have had something to do with the firewalls I have put up.

After spending a fair amount of time trying to fix the problem, I gave up. I thought other people browsed with without all this protection, so why couldn’t I? I thought I was just being paranoid and overdoing the security. I then proceed to remove the firewalls and open Tor again. This time, a black page with a bunch of links popped up. I had heard of this, it is called the hidden wiki, you can think about it as the front page of the deep web with links to all kinds of things. After all of this messing around with security it was 12:57 and I needed to get some sleep since I had school the next day. I turned off my computer and went to bed.

It was Friday and I went off to school as usual. I was excited all day to get home and start browsing. Once finished school, I rushed home, went to my room and opened my laptop and began to search. Hours went by, of just me clicking on random links and overall I was unimpressed. There was nothing that interesting; documents, forums, drugs and gun shops, that is it. Nothing that surprised or shocked me, I had no idea what everyone was raving about.

After more browsing, I came across a site with a black screen and red text witch read ‘0.63 bitcoins’. Bitcoins are the currency on the deep web. This 0.63 bitcoins world have been worth around 470 – 500 dollars. I was curious to see what was on this website but not willing to pay for it. After a few hour of scrabbling through scripts I found a way around this paywall. This was the biggest mistake of my life.

Upon opening the website there was a black screen with a small chat box on the left-hand side. The back window had a loading icon in the middle. my gut feeling was to get out of there and never go back. I spent that much time getting into it I wasn’t going to leave without seeing what was going on.

A few minutes later then screen came to life, there was a man standing in front of the camera. Seeing him gave me a chill down my spine. He stood there with his lifeless eyes staring. I could now hear a scream coming from the video as another person in a mask brought in a man with a black bag on his head and a set of tools. I won’t tell you what happened after that but you can use your imagination. I felt my heart drop to my feet as the video continued. I realized it was not a video, this was live. The chat was full of comments that I cannot repeat in the story. I threw up on my floor.

Without thinking, I typed in the chat that they were messed up and I was going to report them to the police. A few seconds later the man stops and came closer the camera and says my name. The website and browser shut and I was left shocked staring at my now empty desktop. I was so scared; I could hardly move. There was one object file on my desktop named “Location.txt”, I opened it to see my address, name, names of my family, where I went to school, every personal detail about me.

Underneath all of that there was a message that read; “You made a mistake. Report us to the police and you and your family may end up on our website.” Once I closed the document my computer turned off and would no longer turn on again. Something needed to be done. I couldn’t report them to the police, or tell anyone else about it. They said they would only do something if I told anyone about them. They will still know where I live but if I don’t do anything I should be fine, right?

That night I could not sleep, I stayed awake all night with sweat running all down my body. Every little creek or wind noise made me jump. As the sun came up I was still sitting there awake. This can’t go on I need to tell the police. I thought they would put me and my family into protective custody. I got dressed, got on my bike and peddled as fast as I could to the police station. Once I got there I walked in, as I was walking in I saw a white van with blacked out windows drive off, this gave an uneasy feeling. Was it them? It couldn’t be, I thought to myself there is no way it could be. I thought it was just all the tension and stress making me think the worst. I couldn’t do it, not after what he said in that document and now with the car.

I decided that best idea would be to go back to the first plan of forgetting it ever happened and not reporting them. I thought I would never go on the deep web again. I knew the people who did it would still be out there but my family and I are fine that is all that mattered at the time.

I peddled home and opened the door and walked into the living room, there was nobody there. This was strange, both cars were still in the driveway and it was Saturday. I walk down the hall to see if they were out the back. Then I could see them, dead, stacked in the bathtub with a camera pointed at them. I looked in the mirror to see that same man from the video standing behind me. I screamed and ran down the hall with the man chasing after me. I kept running, the man fell down the front stairs. I didn’t dare look back I kept running and running for what felt like hours, in reality, it was actually only a few minutes. I hid for days, not knowing what to do, I couldn’t go back, not after what happened.

That was 5 years ago, I have now got a new name and am living in a new country, which I am not going to say in this story in case they are still looking for me. I have nightmares about that day, about the eyes behind me. I will never feel safe again. I have made the story to warn you. You will never be safe on the deep web, however, much protection you have. If you are curious about what goes on below the surface don’t be, your life may depend on it.

Mistakes – Part 2

I’m writing again because it happened once more. They found me. Before I tell you my story I need to give a little bit of background about what has been going on since those terrible two days.

The funeral for my family was hard. It was about a week after the killings. I didn’t go, I couldn’t I was not ready, it was my fault what happened. I would just like to point out at the time, not the police, my family or anyone else knew where I was or even if I was alive. I would like to keep it that way for their safety and my own.

In that week, I had not touched technology, I was too scared to. What if they tracked me, they were able to get my details with so much ease they might still be trying to find me. After changing my name and moving to a new country, I felt that my life was going to get better, and it did. 5 years passed and I still had not touch technology. I was working in a wood mill and my life seemed to be going well.

I was living with my wife that I met 2 years ago. The thing is I have never told her what happened in my old life, in fact, I never even told her that I went under a different name. She asked me why I don’t like using technology, I tell her I don’t understand it but really I was too worried about what might happen to me If I went back on it.

It has been 5 years and this event was still effecting and controlling my life and it had to stop. I decided that I was just paranoid. I have always been one to over-think things where there is nothing to worry about, that is just the way I am. It was the time, I went out and bought a new phone and sim. I destroyed my old one years ago after I thought they may be tracking me with it.

I went home unpacked the new phone and charged it. I decided that the best thing was to try and get in touch with my family. I downloaded the Facebook app and search for my cousins. As I look through the photos I saw one of the funeral for my parents and sister. The picture brought back memories that I never wanted to relive. In the photo there he was, standing in the background with those same dead eyes and smile. He was just standing there looking at the camera. I had a shiver down my spine as the memories of that day came to my head. Why was he there and nobody was doing anything about it?

Suddenly I got a message from my cousin, saying Hey Mark. I responded by back saying hi wondering how he knew it was me, ‘How have things been’ he responded. He seemed so normal, he thought I was dead, everyone did.

Next, the phone rang. Should I answer or not? I thought to myself. I picked up, “Hello”, I said in a quiet voice. “Hi Mark it has been a while, how are things going”, “How do you know my number I just got it, and my name how do you know it’s me”

Then it hit me this wasn’t my cousin, He continued by saying. “Did you enjoy killing your family?” followed by a laugh. I instantly turned off the phone and smashed it, how did they know, how did they find me?

Ideas and fears were rushing through my head, my wife and I were not safe. As these ideas rushed through my head my TV turned on with a message on it. It read; “We know that you didn’t tell the police about what happen, but you tried which means you can’t be trusted, your life is in your own hands”. After that, there was instructions about how to get back onto the website and the text saying “Come back to the website, we want you back. Also, don’t worry about your wife, I’m sure she is fine”.

I realized it was 8:46 and she was not home, she was meant to get back at 6:30. I had to do what they said. I jumped on my wife’s laptop and downloaded the Tor Browser. I never thought that I would be going back to this but the life of my wife and I may depend on it.

I followed all the instructions and ended up on the website. The look of the website gave me an intense feeling of fear and hatred. last time I was on this I ended up killing my family and I am back here again.

The screen came to life to an all too familiar sight of the man looking into the camera. My heart sank to see my wife sitting in that same chair I saw the person in 5 years ago. I knew what was going to happen and I couldn’t do anything about it. I shut my eyes and hoped it would go away. “Open your eyes Mark”, the webcam was on. I quickly covered it and a man said: “Uncover your webcam now or you might not like what happens next”. I uncovered the webcam and looked at the screen.

“Please don’t hurt her she has nothing to do with it, she doesn’t even know that you killed my family, Please let her go.” I was pleading as the man stares. “Well, that is where you a wrong” he went over and untied her. She got up and stood next to the man. I thought to myself, what was she doing? It all hit me at once she knew him, she was working for him.

My life was a lie, what was real and what was fake. I slammed the laptop and ran. I couldn’t stop. What was my, life what has it become. That is that. I needed to move to a new country and get a new name once again. I’m not stupid now. I will never trust anybody again. There are still questions going through my head, how did they get my cousins account, why would my wife spend 3 years with me and suddenly turn, or was she like that the whole time? These are questions that I would like to leave behind and try to make something of my life.

This just pushes the fact, nothing good ever comes out of the deep web. It is the most dangerous, screwed up place and should never be seen by anyone. I have ruined my life and everything I have ever cared about. Please listen to me

Submitted by: Sam

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