My Mom’s Creepy Boyfriend

My Mom’s Creepy Boyfriend

Dear Midnight Fears,

First just let me say that I absolutely LOVE your channel. Ever since my good friend introduced me to you, I am addicted to your videos and am in love with your voice. Now understand I am probably not your typical viewer. I am a married woman in my forties. I have never emailed someone from Youtube like this before, but thought you may be interested in my story. It is not as violent or scary as some of the stories you have told, but it may interest your viewers none the less.

When I was about 11 years old in the early 1980’s. I lived alone with my mom in an apartment. My parents divorced and my dad moved out of state. It was probably for the best but I really missed him. He was everything to me. You know, how a little girl looks up ┬áto her daddy. I wanted to believe all men were like him and would care and look out for me like he would. It didn’t take long before I learned the truth that this was not the case.

Anyways, my mom eventually started dating and before long she had this boyfriend. He wasn’t too terrible, but looking back now I can see some of the disturbing behavior on his part. For instance, he would always wrestle with me and give me tickle sessions. At the time I didn’t think much about it, but now I realized he was too grabby and touchy with me when we played. He would always barge in to my room while I was changing or going to the bathroom, he would just walk in if I was taking a bath and so forth.

I didn’t realize that he was creepy until I got older and knew better. I remember thinking, “why does he keep grabbing my rear when we wrestle” or “why won’t he leave, he knows I’m in the bath?” It just didn’t occur to me to be alarmed as a child. Now I don’t remember him doing anything overly sexual to me and he never assaulted or hurt me in any way so I have that to be grateful for at least.

When I got older, I told my mom and she pretty much just dismissed it as me having an overactive imagination. Deep down I think she knows the truth but won’t admit to it because then she might feel guilty or something like that.

Well one time my mom and her boyfriend got into a fight. I guess it was a pretty bad one. I wasn’t aware of it at the time. So he decided to get to her by abducting me. I didn’t know it but he picked me up at the bus stop in his car and said we were going to go for pizza. I loved pizza and still do, so I happily jumped inside.

I had no idea anything was wrong until I heard him talking to my mom on a payphone and he told her I was with him and she needn’t worry. I could hear her screaming over the phone and he replied if anything were to happen it would be her fault. I knew something was wrong and the feeling of dread in my stomach told me I needed to go home. I felt as if I was in danger.

I could tell he was lost in thought and wasn’t really paying attention to anything else. He was nervous and jittery. I was as nice as I could be at this point and subtly tried to convince him to take me home. We got pizza and ice cream at the mall. Something else that I didn’t think much about at the time but today makes my blood run cold. We went into Sears and he bought duct tape, rope and Polaroid film for his camera.

To this day my mom thinks I’m crazy, but I believe he may have been up to no good. I don’t know this for sure but I just have a feeling that I barely escaped a horrible fate at the hands of this guy.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, he brought me back home and my mom screamed at him to leave and never pick me up again. He didn’t argue and just left. My mom did make up with him after this and even dated him a little while longer before they broke up for good.

One more thing that makes me suspicious is he had a son of his own, but we never met or even saw him. I’ve often wondered if anything happened to him. Again, I have no proof or reason to even suspect that anything bad or sinister occurred. It is just a feeling…

Even though this happened over thirty years ago, it changed me. I became not as trusting but also determined to make my own marriage work. It hasn’t been easy, but I make sure to work through our problems and I watch my children like a hawk. So just a friendly word of advice to all the parents out there. If at all possible, put your differences aside and try to work through them for your children’s sake. Don’t give up so easy. You never know what may happen down the road.

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