Some Murders Should Stay Unsolved Part 2

Some Murders Should Stay Unsolved Part 2

First off I’d just like to clarify that everyone involved in my activities over the past few weeks are safe, for the most part. For those of you who haven’t read -PART 1- now would be a good time to catch up. My initial investigation into this case had its thrills to say the least. However, the events of the previous couple of days have changed everything.


Two nights ago, I woke up in the early hours of the morning. As I laid in my bed I saw lights flicker over my window from outside and I heard the sound of a person or maybe a few people walking around. Ordinarily I might have dismissed it and went back to sleep but the footage from the asylum still had me on edge.

I continued to hear footsteps menacingly prowling the house outside. I slipped on my boots and followed the sound to the backyard. I opened the blinds and peered outside. Beyond my backyard was a bright light and standing in front of it was the silhouette of a tall man, not unlike the man Paul had seen at the asylum. Adrenaline kicked in and I rushed outside.

“HEY!” I called out to the figure in the most menacing voice I could conjure.

He quickly turned to face me; his arms long and outstretched in a threatening display. My bravery quickly turned to fear and I retreated inside to call the police. In the split second it took me to dial 911 I returned my gaze to the window and both the light and the man had vanished.

That night was my breaking point. I’d grown tired of questions I couldn’t answer. I didn’t like feeling threatened at my own home so I figured I’d get some target practice with my Dad’s firearm as per the suggestions some of you gave me the other day. I also decided I’d open the locked metal box I’d found buried near Empire Mine by any means necessary.


It might have seemed like an irrational decision but to be honest I was in an irrational state at the time. A stranger, one who’s face I am still yet to see, came by my home in the early hours of the morning with unknown intentions, a place my family and I consider to be safe. So, in a mix of anger and fear I took my Dad’s handgun, went somewhere secluded and shot the lock off the metal box.

At a glance of the box’s contents it may have seemed like useless garbage but as I looked closer their value quickly became evident. The first items I noticed were a journal, which I soon realized belonged to Jessse Hill, and audio tapes labelled: Taped Patient Evaluation #1, #15 and #29. I listened to them in the garage of my home away from my family and as I did I found myself with some answers but also some more questions.

Each tape was the recording of a different evaluation session Jesse had with a psychiatrist named King. In the first recording Dr King assesses Jesse’s lack of sleep and reluctance to take medication.

“The sooner you respond to treatment the sooner you can see them.” Dr King informs Jesse regarding her adoptive family, the Hills.

There’s a slight pause before Jesse replies in distress, “No! No I can’t. He’ll hurt them to make me weaker.”

“Tell me about this man Jesse? The man who wants to hurt your family and keep you awake at night?”

“He’s not a man.”

Those words formed a ripple of goose bumps across my skin but I kept listening to the tapes. In the next session, #15, Dr King reveals Jesse was discovered as an infant in Empire Mine. Suddenly the location of the metal box seems more relevant to the Jesse Hill case than just a hiding place.

Dr King adds, “In recent sessions Jesse has divulged details associated to a string of serial murders in the nineteen seventies. Details that have never been made public.” Jesse then enters the room and after a short session it ends with Jesse breaking down repeating the words, “Follow his lambs!”

In the final session, #29, Jesse Hill is five months pregnant, the father is unidentified. During this session Dr King reveals to Jesse that the Hills had perished two days earlier in a fire. Jesse sounds heartbroken and she blames the same man, or thing she’d previously mentioned. This last recording must have been made a few months before she died. I only wished I had more to listen to but the remaining item in the box offered quite a bit of insight.


Jesse Hill’s journal covered almost the entirety of her stay at the asylum, and her varying levels of sanity. The entries were like something in a horror movie; she refers several times to a dark man that visits her when she’s alone and the sound of babies crying through the night, keeping her awake. The last entry in the journal was written the night before her murder.

‘They won’t let me write alone anymore. I need a guard present since I tried to stab myself in the neck with a pen. The only reason they still allow me to write at all is because Doctor King insists it is beneficial for my mental health. But despite any doubts I may have had in the past I now know I am not insane. I have seen them, people in masks. A few of the orderlies are helping them. My baby is due tomorrow and I know they will come for it. I have tried to end its life and I have failed. But I will not stop fighting until I am dead. They have taken everything from me and left me to rot in this place. I no longer fear the dark man. I will not let him take my child without a fight.’

At this point I wished I could take back that bullet that broke the lock on the box and revealed to me how tragic Jesse Hill’s life was. I was both saddened and afraid of where this story would end. My gold mine very quickly seemed to be turning into a dark abyss but I still needed to dig a little further, I wasn’t ready to give up yet. There was one last location on the map that needed to be explored. The location of Jesse Hill’s murder.


The place where Jesse Hill was killed just so happened to correspond with a location marked on the map and that was my next destination. Though reluctant I convinced Paul to join me. When we arrived, we had an argument; he’d been watching my vlogs and knew that someone had come by my house the previous night. He wanted me to drop this but he didn’t understand, I couldn’t until I’d seen it through. We arrived to the location last night after dark, the field was private property so we didn’t want to get caught but it made it harder to find anything.

We both wandered through the dark, sharing the camera, filming whatever we came by. We crossed an irrigation bridge and then came to an open grass field. Paul wandered off with the camera as I began to recognise some of the terrain from the photo in the article detailing Jesse’s murder. As everything began to seem hauntingly silent, Paul’s trembling voice pierced through the quite of the night.

I approached him as he began to panic. He claimed to have seen a man who suddenly vanished. After the asylum, I wasn’t so quick to dismiss him but I didn’t have much time to think. Out of the darkness a figure approached us fast dressed in black and wearing a mask with hollow eyes. Shortly after another joined.

Paul and I fled. We didn’t stop, not even to look back over our shoulders. We approached the irrigation bridge and bolted across. Despite the fact we were running, the bridge seemed three times as long as when we strolled across it. Once we finally reached the other side we tumbled over each other in the dark. Paul dropped the camera in the fall and I quickly scrambled for it blindly in the dark.

Paul screamed at me, “LEAVE THE CAMERA OWEN!”

I couldn’t leave it, I couldn’t lose this night’s footage. My heart pounded heavily, it felt like it was going to tear through my chest. I scratched at the grass and the soil desperate to find it. I could hear footsteps pounding against the metal of the irrigation bridge, approaching us. Then I felt it; the camera resting in the grass. Without hesitation, I grabbed it and ran as fast as my legs would take me following Paul back to his car.

By the time my hand reached the passenger side Paul had the engine started. His headlights tore light through the darkness and standing right in front of the car was one of the masked men. Before I could fasten my seatbelt, Paul was speeding off down the road, both of us panting for breath, our hearts racing.


Paul hasn’t spoken to me since. I don’t blame him. My little adventure might have put his life at risk. All I know is that I’m done with this story. I’m going to hand all my Grandpa’s information on Jesse Hill over to the police. After the encounter with the masked men last night I can only assume they’ve been watching my vlogs and were waiting for Paul and I to arrive at the place where Jesse Hill was murdered.


I decided to review all the evidence I had compiled one last time and try to soak in as much of it as I could in case I needed to remember anything after I’d handed it off. Something that stuck out to me from reading Jesse’s journal and listening to session #29 from the audio tapes was Jesse’s belief there was no father to her child. She suggests the child is, “…unnatural…” and that the men that were likely responsible for her death sought the child.

If she was right, then there’s a good chance her killers took her child after killing her. Something that disturbs me, above all else, is the fact that her child would not yet have been born at the time of her death. What would her killers have wanted with an unborn child, one that Jesse believes was inhuman?


I can’t help but believe Jesse’s killers were involved with the same men we encountered last night. Perhaps they were even the same men who killed her. What unnerves me the most however is that they know where I live.


Thank you for your concern everyone. After the events of last night I’m still pretty shaken up, but I’m unhurt. I don’t think I’ve ever been this scared though. I’ve got my phone on standby to dial 911 if anyone comes by the house again tonight and I will be going by the police station first thing in the morning. I’m not really sure what to tell them, but I guess I’ll start by handing over all the files and evidence my grandpa had stored away.

I haven’t heard from Paul, and he won’t respond to my messages. I still haven’t told my family what happened. I just don’t know where to start.

I’ll keep you guys updated on any further developments.


By: Owen_Hayes

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