Never Trust a Guy in Chat

Never Trust a Guy in Chat

Never Trust a Guy in Chat

Everyone at school was going on the deep web.  I didn’t think there was too much wrong with browsing it because everyone did.  I heard the deep web horror stories but thought they were mostly fake creepypasta stories.  I still think that actually.

One of my friends had bought some pot off of the Silk Road site before it was taken down.  He had no issues so I decided to give it a try.  I was going to a party and I wanted to get some.  Our friend who normally supplied everyone had moved away and things were kind of dry for us, so I figured I’d get some off the deep web.

It didn’t take long to find a silk road copy site that sold everything illegal.  I wanted to double check them before I bought though so I went to a chatroom and asked if anyone ever purchased from the store I found.  More than one person responded with they could sell the weed for less.  I talked to a couple of them and decided to go with this one guy sayso389, whom I liked, instead of buying from that site.  I didn’t have to buy as much and it was less per gram.

He told me I could even get a discount on the blueberry or white widow.  I said yes and asked how to send him the payment.  He directed me to a site address and told me I could order it from there.  The site address was just random numbers.  I wrote it down in case I needed it later.

It took forever to load this site.  When it finally came up, there were only a few pictures of different drugs.  I clicked the pot picture and began to wait again.  A page loaded with a chat box that asked me to fill out the details of what I wanted, weight and type.  Then it asked my address for shipping, they needed it to determine total price because shipping was included.  I hesitated but figured it was okay because I was only giving my temporary address.  I then had to send bitcoins.  I did this and logged off.

The party was a week away so I figured I would get my package by then.  Much to my frustration it did not come.  I was telling someone at the party about my experience and he said I probably got ripped off.  I secretly was suspecting this also but when he said it out loud I realized that it was probably true.

The day after the party I went back to the chatroom to find sayso389.  I couldn’t find the site again.  I did write the address down but it was gone when I tried to pull it up.  I had hoped I just wrote it down wrong.  No one ever heard of sayso389.

I tried for a few days before I finally found him in the chatroom.  I told him what happened and he pretended that he had never heard of me and I must have been mistaken.  I got mad.  I told him I wanted my $250 back and he better send it because I had his user name and the site address.  He sent me a private message that set me straight and proved he did remember me.  He said that he had my address and if I did anything he would send heroine to me and have a swat team there to break down my door and drag me out of the house.  I knew I was beat and slammed the laptop shut and kissed my money goodbye.  I will never buy anything from the deep web again.

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