Never Trust a Pretty Face

Never Trust a Pretty Face

Hey Midnight. I hope you read this story. It is about this sick girl I met in a bar. When I first saw her I was in love. She was so beautiful and graceful. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me, but I was wrong. She actually came to me! I felt so nervous and said all the wrong things. I was a complete mess. She didn’t seem to mind. We talked and as the night went on I became more comfortable and we really hit it off. I was really hoping this was the one for me. She really seemed into me as well. All of her attention was focused on me. My buddy’s were loving it as well. Making faces at me when they thought she couldn’t see. Honestly I’m the last guy to pick up a girl in a bar. It just never happen,s but this was my night. We ended up leaving together and taking a walk. If I was smarter I would have recognized a subtle warning that I had missed that night. When we left her friend looked at me and gave a sympathetic smile. We ended up sitting on a bench and held hands but did not kiss. She asked if I lived nearby and when I told her that I did, she suggested we go back to my place. I wasn’t going to put the moves on this girl, I really liked her.


We went to my place. My roommate was fast asleep on the couch. I got us a couple of drinks and we went to my room to listen to music. Seriously that was all I had planned. She had this big bag purse that looked empty because it just flopped everywhere. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I was starting to get real tired and the last thing I remembered was her going to the bathroom and taking her purse. I blacked out and didn’t wake up until the next afternoon. When I sat up, I noticed blood on my sheets. My hand was sliced right under my thumb. It really stung and was pretty deep. I felt horrible and ended up calling in to work. My roommate said he woke up when she left some time really late he said.


He teased me about having a girl over and made a comment about her red lipstick smeared all over her mouth. I told him it wasn’t lipstick. I didn’t even kiss her. I showed him the cut on my hand. It was my blood on her mouth. As weird as this sounds, I think she cut me with something and drank my blood while I was passed out. She also stole all of my money, my phone and laptop and even my video games. So much for love huh? That and never trust a pretty face.

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