Out of Order

Out of Order

Out of Order

I used to live in an apartment building on the 5th floor.  Both elevators in the building were out of order for about two weeks one time.  I got really sick of taking the stairs.

Anyway, I came home from my girlfriend’s place one night.  It was really late, about 3:00 am.  I was really dreading the walk up the stairs because I was so tired.  So I start up the stairs.  The heavy door shuts behind me and I started the climb.  As I am ascending to the third floor, I hear the door to the stairwell open and close.  I didn’t think too much about it since the elevators were out but it was late.

I hear this whistle and VERY heavy steps coming up the stairs.  I tried to look down and see who was coming, but I couldn’t see anyone.  I kept going and the heavy steps got really fast.  Whoever it was was laughing but not nicely.  I don’t know how to explain it other than it almost didn’t sound human, or maybe insane.

I became scared and started rushing also.  It felt like this person was chasing me and getting closer.  I was starting to panic as I ran faster up the stairs.  He was making noises that sounded maniacal or even demonic.

It seemed like those last two floors took forever.  I ran up and exited the stairwell on the fifth floor.  I ran a little ways, and then I realized, no one was chasing me.  The stairwell door never opened.  I recovered my composure and started toward my apartment.  I figured it was just some jerk kid messing with me.

I passed the hall where the elevators were located and made it to my door.  I started to open my door and I heard the elevator door open.  It took me a couple seconds to process the fact that the elevators were out of order.  From the elevator hall I heard the same whistle, then heavy steps coming our of the elevator.  I must have turned pale white as I actually felt the blood drain from my face.  I could not get that door open fast enough.  I took twice as long as I should have because I was panicking and fumbling around as I tried to get that stupid door open.

I finally got in and locked the door.  I heard some unearthly noises outside in the hall, growls and grunts.  I looked out the peephole for a long time but never saw who was doing that.

So much about that night doesn’t make sense.  How could this person have gotten on the elevator so fast?  Not to mention the elevator was out of order.  Was I just imagining it all because I was so tired?  The elevator made a very distinct sound when it opened, and I clearly heard it.

I lived there for over three years and thankfully never experienced anything like that again.

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